Scammer Samoylova Snejana

Luhansk Ukraine

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4. letter

Dear ****

Thanks you for your letter... Honey, I don't even know what to say
now.. I am also very confused and I have not words to describe my
feelings at the moment.. When I got your letter and started to read it
I was really frustrated.. I was going to tell you everything in this
letter myself because I felt that you are my man and I really want to
be with you.. But you have discovered the truth before I managed to
tell you my story..

I am not sure if you will reply me but anyway I would like to tell you
everything I have in my mind now.. I am so confused now and I don't
even know where to start.. I really need you, no matter what you will
think or say now.. And if you come here you will not regret.. We can
have wonderful time together.

Please at least give me a chance to explain you everything.. I am not
sure if you understand or forgive me but I want to be honest now.

I don't know maybe you hate me now.. Maybe you think that I am an ugly
girl who is in despair. No. I am good-looking young girl and if you
want I can send you my real photos. But if honestly I think you will
not write me anymore..

Oivind, I liked you....I am not trying to use my last chance by saying
you all this. I have nothing to lose now and I am not lying to you. I
just tell you how everything is. My real name is Cassandra Lynn and I
used to be a Playboy model. I live with my parents, and everything I
was writing you in my letters was true.. I don't know what will happen
tomorrow, but you must know that I need you and I don't want to lose

With hope in heart waiting for your answer,
Yours Cassandra
Third letter

Dear ****

I am glad that I was not mistaking when I thought you were a
gentleman. No, really, I am glad that youhave paid attention to my
current problem with translation fees. So I really hope that we will
continue our correspondence until personal meeting. Oivind I think
often about you and I want to deepen our relationship. I am open and
honest with you and I want to share all my dreams and emotions with

I just hope, my dear that you will be serious with me.. I have never
done this before but I was told that I can get your help via Western
Union or MoneyGram. I am not sure what MoneyGram is but I heard that
Western Union can make money transfer from you to me so I can pay for
the translation of our letters.

the name of receiver SNEJANA SAMOYLOVA
the address Kurchatova, 19
zip code 91000
country UKRAINE

I know only a couple of words in English and it is my biggest dream to
start learning it.. So I pay 5 USD for translation of a single letter.
Also I pay 3 USD if I print off your photo and I pay 2 USD to send a
photo to you. Also I know that of we would like to have a phone call
with you, translator will help us to understand each other. Also I
know that my translation agency offers unlimited service. And you are
right, 220 USD for one month and 350 USD for two month. I would be
very glad to write you in Russian but I told you that I don't have
computer at home and I type with the turtle speed and with a great
number of mistakes!..

Oivind, unfortunately my phone number was cut off a couple of weeks
ago because I didn't have enough money to pay for it... So for now it
is impossible for us to have a phone call. . But as you have said we
will be able to talk on the phone because our agency can provide us
with this service. And as to private address I will tell you why I
can't give it you at the moment..

Oivind, of course i would like to keep our correspondence until our
meeting (which I hope will be soon) so of course only you are in
charge to decide how much to send.

Well, I am not sure if I am able to answer your next letter so I will
wait for your help and letters.

With hope again..


Dear ******

Thank you for your letter. I again was very glad to get it. How are
you? How was your day? Hope everything is fine. I am sorry for the
delay in answering.. I was a bit ill and was not able to get my letter
translated from Russian into English.

I support your wish to live together when you come to Ukraine to see
me. But as you know I live with my parents in one roomed flat so I am
not sure if we will have enough space there. But still I believe that
we will find you nice apartments where we both will be able to stay.

Oivind, I will be frank with you. I love sex especially between 2
people who are madly in love with each other, and I love to make sure
that my man is pleasured before me and he will be treated with great
respect. I prefer a man who's heart is real and that he can share
everything with his wife, friend & lover, intimate secrets or thoughts
and is not afraid to speak his mind and tell me what he likes done to
his sexual or in any other aspect of life. There is nothing in this
world that I dislike except dishonesty and unfaithfulness. I will be
true and faithful to my sweet life partner for ever. And what is your
attitude to sex?

I send you 2 photos which I took recently myself. You should see me
trying to stand in front of it before the shooter snaps into action!
:) By the way, I was very glad to get your photos! And I am so happy
that you are serious towards me and that we are going to continue our
correspondence just until personal meeting.

Waiting for your soon reply!


Second letter


I was very glad to receive your letter. I think that it is such a
wonderful thing that we have met the way that we have. And of course
only time will tell, but I think that you and I will be very
compatible. I am very serious towards you so I hope you will be
serious too.

Oyvind I am not sure how much that you know about me, so I will tell
you. My name is Snejana and my last name is Samoylova. I was born on
the 12th of December 1978. So I am 28 years old and I am Sagittarius.
It may help you if you believe in astrology and things like that. I
live in Ukraine. Sometimes people mix it up with Russia, but I want to
say that these are two different countries. My city is called Schastye
and that means "Happiness" in English. I like it and I think you would
like it too if you see it one day.

I work as a saleswoman at a grocery store. It is a kind of job that I
don't like very much but unfortunately I don't have any better
suggestions so I had to take this position. I have graduated from the
Art college so I hope that in future I will get better paid and more
interesting job.

I am really sorry that you are not able to see your kids.. I believe
it is always very painful.. And I have never been married before. I
think it is because I didn't meet the right man for me yet. I don't
know what he should be like, what colour of his eyes or hair should
be. I will listen to my heart only. I know, it will recognize him the
moment we meet. He will become my second heart, my best friend and
confident. I value faithful, reliable and strong men. Oyvind, I want
to find the rock that would be my basis in life. He should understand
me and not be afraid to show his love, his tender feelings to me. I
would like him to live in harmony with his inner self and the world
around him.

Oyvind I will be finishing here.. (And you are still reading?
-Great!!! :-) Now you know what kind of person I am. Also I send you
one of my other photos which was taken recently. I hope you'll like
it. By the way I liked your photos very much and I think you are very
attractive man and I like you.

Waiting for your reply,

Best wishes

First letter

Hi *****

Thank you for your interest in me. I am glad that you paid attention
to my profile. Hope it also means that you liked my photos and that
you liked my description of myself. So the first step is made and you
like my appearance. Now it is getting more difficult as we are going
to tell more about our feelings, hopes, likes and dislikes. I hope
that in your next letter you will tell me more about you and your way
of life. In my turn I promise to do the same.

The same as you I decided to find my special one with the help of
Internet .I think that the time, we will be in correspondence with
you, will give us the chance to learn each other. And in personal
meeting we won't be disappointed. Of course I understand that the
Internet is not quite usual way for acquaintance, but I know that all
I dream is to love and to be loved. And I believe my dream will come
true. Tell me something about yourself. I would love to know you.

If you are still interested in me, I'm waiting for your reply and more
of your photos.

Write me to my e-mail address:

Best wishes


Letter 2

Here you will find out why Snejana has profesional photos. She contacted me first at DateMeFree, and after some time at, My After some letter she askes for monye to pay for the translation and scanning of photos. And When I tell here about"Casandra Lynn" and the modeling fore Playboy, I haven't hered a word since from here.