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First of all she got me from a somewhere site. Told me always she had to go to the internet-cafe to read and write after two letters so was hopelessly in love with me and in the 4th letter she asked me for the money. I shall send you the pictures i got from her, and you will see, this are pictures of diferent girls. She is not in your scammerslist and i guess it is better to put her there. When you are google-ing a little bit on AAA111 you can also find her on friends4all.

This is the last letter i recieved from Ëkaterina". I got also her e-mail adress, here it comes [email protected]
"She"told me her city of living was Zvenigovo. Hope I have some good information given with this (5th letter) Best regards Ernie or Henk
Hello my dear Henk.
It is so pleasant to come from work and find your
letter in my mail box. I went to travel agency today. I found out
about documents For arrival in Poland. I need in the international
passport, medical The insurance, and the visa. I can conclude the
contract with travel agency For registration of necessary documents.
Registration of my documents costs 215 Euro. This sum includes cost of
trip up to Moscow. I should pass Interview in the Polish embassy in
Moscow. But, my honey Henk, it Very dearly for me. I have no such
money. Sorry! I did not think, that Registration of my documents costs
the big money. Sorry! Sorry my love! I do not know as me to be. I have
only one hope. It you Henk! My lovely Henk, you can help me with
money? Please think About it. I want to know your opinion. You will
help me? I am so tired I had a long working day. I've made the quarter
balance from the beginning of year. Due to the new requirements in
registrating official papers I had to rewrite many documents and to
recount the figures. Now it's just the figures and tables in my head.
More than that I had to finish this within one day because tomorrow
there comes the tax commission. I wonder what for they issue
constantly new and new policy? Why isn't it impossible to adhere for a
long time to the old rules??? But unfortunately I can't do anything
with this. I have to obey to this system. Only one thing makes me
happy, that everything is ok with you. It is so pleasant to read your
letters when I reread them I come over all the troubles and
difficulties so easy. It is very easy for me with you. I am so tired
now so I'd better go to sleep and on my way back home I will think of
you and it will give me new energy to spend tomorrow's day and write you again!
Hugs and kisses, your Ekaterina.