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I was recently contacted by a person claiming to be a woman from Moscow, Russia. She found my profile on yahoo personals. When I received the e-mail from Yahoo personals that I had a new message I clicked on my mail to read the new e-mail. This person left me a
message to contact her at her private e-mail to know more about my self and her Yahoo personals account was already deleted. I know it cost money to send a message on Yahoo personals even though setting up the account is free. So I wonder why a person would send a
letter and pay for it and then cancel their account if they were honest and looking for a man? I will send you a copy of her letters and if you have the time you can read them and tell me that I am most likely right about this scam. She mentioned that she cannot talk to me because she has no home phone and used to have a cell phone but it was taken from her in the under ground by a gang or child thieves. I was not thinking with proper judgment and gave her my home phone
number. I then received a phone call from her after only 1 week of correspondence. I was of course stunned that she called me at 4:00am, but with out sending me an e-mail to try to arrange a time that was mutual first. I am sure I already know what you are going to say, but I figured since I did not see any of her pictures on the black lists that this was a new set none of the black lists have and thought I'd try to get your thoughts and maybe protect others. One final note: I did some reading and I checked on her IP: address in my Yahoo mail. It seems that her e-mails
are coming from which is obviously not Moscow Russia which she claims to live. After the 8th letter is when she called from a blocked number and left her message on my home phone at 4:00am.

She is supposed to be the same as Tatyana Vohmintseva (a notorious scammer), who appears in this story as her sister Tatyana.

Her 1st. letter:

Hello my new friend Paul!!!

I was very glad to see the letter from you in my e-mail. Thank you for the time that you have found to reply to my message in spite of all the work. Today I would like to tell you
more about myself. My name is Ekaterina Vohminceva. I was born in 1974 in small town Kolomna. My town is situated in Moscow region (Moskovskaya oblast). It is 100 km away from Moscow - the capital of our country. I finished high school with the honors and then I entered Pedagogical Institute, the history faculty. I graduated from the Institute and then I began to work. Several years I taught History at school. All that time I lived in my small Motherland - in Kolomna. Then my friend offered me to go to Moscow and try to find the job there. I agreed and now I live and work in the very heart of Russia. My job is very modest. I work as a science collaborator and a guide in the Old Russian culture museum after Andrey Rublev. Our museum is not very big; the majority of our exhibits are icons and church sculptures. So the exposition of our museum is concerned to church subject. I like my job, it is interesting. I always learn new things and try to perfect myself. The stuff of the museum consists of women mostly but the atmosphere is very friendly, kind. I go to work every day with the joy. Also I earn some extra money sometimes -
I teach pupils of the last form to prepare them to enter the university and institute. It takes me much time and forces but I have no choice. I rent the flat where I live and the owner of the flat raises the price for the rent. I have two days off every week and vacations once a year. I would like to know about your job. In what sphere do you work? Do you like your job? Why have you chosen that job? By the way, I wanted to be a teacher since my childhood. Even several years ago the profession of the teacher was considered as a respectful and prestigious one.
When I began to study History, I understood that it is my vocation. Also my teacher of that discipline influenced on my decision. He explained us the great role of history in the modern
world. He explained us that it is very important to know the history and the past not only of our own country but of the whole mankind. When I was a teacher at school myself, I understood that this profession is not only important but also very difficult. The first period of my
teaching was especially difficult as I had to prepare to every lesson and read a lot of new literature. Checking of pupils' exercise books and their home tasks took me also a lot of time. Also I had to do a lot of reports, different pedagogical methods, plans and other red
tapes. Now working in the museum I have other goals. I have never felt sorry that I changed my job. Of course here I also have difficulties but I overcome them and hope that in my future I will do the same. I like to spend my spare time in a different way. Sometimes I like to read an
interesting book, or to go to walk in the open air, or to go to café with my friends, or to watch a breathtaking movie. Everything depends on my mood. Also I like to listen to the music and
the style again depends on my mood as I have no special preferences in music. What hobbies
and interests do you have? May be you are fond of sport? What kind of sport do you prefer? Do you like nature, plants and animals? What is your attitude to pets? I am really interested in any information about you. What is your character, habits, job I wonder? I would like to get acquainted with a good man, to communicate with him and to understand each other.
Sometimes I really miss such a warm communication, I feel lonely and sad but I do not allow myself to relax and I take myself in hands. But of course I want with the bottom of my
heart to have a strong man shoulder near to me that I can rely on in all ups and downs. I still
continue to believe that I will meet such a man who will become a friend, a lover and a defender. I will be a good friend, a supporter for him to make his life more joyful and light.
I would like to get a letter from you again. I would like to know more about you and to tell you everything you are interested in. I really hope that we will find a common language
and we will become good friends. As I have to go to Internet cafe (I do not have my own
computer), I hope that next time I will open my e-mail there will be a letter from you. Tell me more about yourself and feel free to ask me everything you want. Looking forward to your letter and your pictures. I will close for now. Bye-bye.
With the best wishes Your Ekaterina from Russia.

2nd letter:

Hello my new friend Paul!!! Today I got up with the
feeling of something great and my intuition did not
betray me. Today is really a super day and your letter
makes it so. I am so glad to get your reply to my
letter. It is so nice to find your message in my
e-mail. Thank you that you did not ignore my questions
and you answered them. I want to get to know you and
your life better. Your reply letter tells about your
interest to my modest person and it is very important
to me. Today your letter made my life brighter and
more pleasant. Due to your letter I have an excellent
mood today. Thank you for it. I feel double pleasure
as it is my first Internet correspondence experience.
It took me so long time to make that first step and
may be I would not do anything but my friend insisted
on Internet correspondence and she did not allow me to
go back. Now I feel so grateful to her as due to her
such an interesting man like YOU wrote to me a letter.
I did not believe that I can find my soul mate in such
a way but now I change my opinion with the every line
of your letter. It is very interesting to read your
letters and to know more about you. When I read your
questions I understand you are interested in me as I
interested in you. I want to tell you that my English
is not very good. I learned English at school but our
English teacher was not very qualified. In the
institute we had very few English lessons as they
thought that history teachers do not need English at
all. So if you find some mistakes do not be strict to
me. I can speak English but my vocabulary does not
include specific words. I had almost no practice. But
now I have a motive and reason to improve my English.
If you do not understand anything in my letters,
please ask and I will try to explain. I hope that we
will overcome that barrier without any difficulty. It
seems to me that you are very interesting, cheerful
and active man. It seems to me that we have much in
common and we will easily find common language. I
realize that it is really difficult to find a person
who will absolutely understand you and share all your
interests. And if you manage to find such a person,
you will do everything not to loose him. I had very
few such close people with whom I could shear all ups
and downs. My parents are very important for me. I
love them very much. And even I live far from them I
try to visit them as often as possible. They
understand everything and they do not demand big
attention. Of course my parents are elderly people and
they need care but my younger sister takes care of
them. She is married and lives with our parents. I
like to go to them for holidays and days off. They are
always glad to see me. My sister has very friendly and
strong family. She has very kind and hard worker
husband. She is lucky. As for me I can not say so
about myself. I have not met a man to start a family;
I have not met my one-and-only. All big holidays I try
to celebrate with my family and I feel very thankful
to my parents as they gave me a deserving upbringing
and education. They helped me to choose the right road
in my life and they are always ready to help me in
difficulties. Tell me please about your family. What
parents do you have? What relations do you have with
them? How often do you see them? How do you celebrate
your holidays? Tell me more as every your word is
interesting for me. I become closer to you with the
every line of your letter and I open new and new sides
of your nature. I find you a very clever and
intelligent person and more and more I want to
communicate with you. Tell me about your childhood.
Where did you spend it? What impressions do you have
now about your childhood? When I was a child I often
went to my grandmother. She lived in the village and I
liked to spend holidays with her. I enjoyed village.
We - children - had our own company of friends. We
played all days long, we ran to the river to swim. I
had many friends there and with several of them I keep
in touch since now. Fresh air and healthy products
positively influenced on the child organism. I got so
many vitamins and health during the summer that I had
never got ill in the winter. It brought happiness to
my parents as the only they need is happy, clever and
healthy child. So as you can see my childhood was the
most care-free happy period of my life. I will close
in this positive and pleasant note. Waiting for you
letter impatiently to read everything you write me
about yourself. I want to get to know you closer. I
will be glad to get your message. Have an excellent
mood and sunny days. Your Ekaterina.

3rd letter:

Hello my dear friend Paul!!! I am very glad to get
your letter again. Thank you that you answer my
letters. I am happy that we correspond, try to know
each other better, communicate and shear our common
interests. Every your letter gives me opportunity to
get to know you better, what you like and what you
dislike. I think that it will be interesting for you
to know about my small Motherland, my native town
Kolomna. This town is situated in the confluence of
three rivers - the Kolomenka, the Moskva and the Oka.
My town is situated in 113 km away to south-east from
Moscow. It is a regional center. The population of the
town is 150 000 people. There are a lot of
architecture monuments, cathedrals and churches. Also
industry is developed in our town. The history of our
town is very rich in different events. Once the town
was burn to ashes but it was rebuilt again. There is a
very beautiful park in our town. I like to walk there
very much. When I was a student we gathered in that
park, cheerfully chatted, walked in the open air or
simply sat in the benches with the friends. When I
felt sad and loneliness I went to that park to the far
bench, sat and thought, thought, thought. It was my
favorite place and it's calm and friendly atmosphere
always helped me to take the right decision and raised
my mood. Another method to raise the mood is to go to
cinema or to go to walk with the friends. I like kind
and good films about love. It is so beautiful and
romantic when the film heroes overcome all the
obstacles and be together at the end. I like to admire
sunset when the sun makes the entire town red.
Sometimes I like to have an active rest. In my spare
time I am fond of jogging, skiing in the winter. Also
I like skating. How do you prefer top have a rest? Do
you like sport? What sport competitions are popular in
your country? Do you have such a character treat as a
leadership? When the weather is bad or I have a bad
mood I prefer to stay at home. I switch on calm and
quiet music, take a book and make myself comfortable
in the sofa. I prefer detective stories, sometimes -
fantasy, sometimes - classical literature. Reading the
book I totally dive to the plot of the book and feel
everything with the heroes of the book. I try to take
and learn something useful from every book. Also I
like to read poems, especially such authors as
Yesenin, Pushkin, Akhmatova. Tell me please what
literature do you prefer? What is yourb attitude to
the poems? Do you have your favorite authors? What
music do you prefer to listen? Do you have your
favorite singer or group? As for me I like to listen
to musi of different styles. Everything depends on my
mood. Sometimes my soul requires calm and quiet music
and sometimes - on the contrary - dynamic and quick
music. Some music styles make me romantic and others -
creative. What food do you prefer? Do you have some
favorite dishes or you eat everything? I cook well and
I like to experiment with the new dishes. I put the
part of my heart to every dish that I cook And just
now I even do not know my special preferences. There
are a lot of them. I like vegetables, fruits, greens.
It is very tasty and useful and full of vitamins. I
took the skill of tasty cooking from my mother. You
know I have a weak point - I like sweets very much. I
like chocolate and candies. I have to limit myself
with the sweets as it may lead to overweight and
diabetes. So I follow the principle: I can eat sweets
but I have to know the limit. By the way, what do you
think about my pictures? Hope you liked them. When I
have an opportunity, I will try to send you new ones.
Also I am looking forward to your pictures. I will
close my letter for now. When I write you letter I do
not notice the time that passes away. Writing letter
to you is so pleasant for me. Now I have to go as I
need to do some things at work. Hope that I will not
wait for your letter for a long time. Hope that soon
new your letter will bring me a lot of new
impressions. Tell me as more about you as possible as
I know for sure that you are very interesting man and
attentive interlocutor. Looking forward to your
letter. If you have any questions I will honestly
answer them. Hope that you understood everything I
wanted to tell you cause of my English. I wish you
good luck. Have an excellent mood. Your Ekaterina.

4th letter:

Hello my new friend Paul!!! The happy day when I got
your letter came. Your letter brought me so many joy.
Thank you that you do not forget about me. I read your
letters with pleasure. I open the new sides of your
nature, your habits and character. You are not now the
man from the picture but my friend and person very
close to my heart and soul. I am glad that we got
acquainted and I am glad that YOU but no one else
wrote me letter. May be it is a destiny made us
together. Do you believe in destiny? As for me - I
believe. Sometimes it is impossible to explain the
chain of chance events that bring to this or that
result. I think that everything in our life is
determined. Person comes to the earth with the certain
aim and great opportunity. How he will use that
opportunity depends only on him. We can not change our
destiny but we can choose the road of our life, we can
fight and reach the goalor we may sit and wait for the
best times. I prefer to fight as I know that we have
to pay for everything. We have to fight even for our
happiness. What do you think about it? How do you
prefer to live? It seems to me that you are strong,
self assured person who makes his own destiny. Paul
excuse but it will be very dear if you will send me
film, I go to the Internet of cafe to write and accept
from you the letter and I for it to crying of money,
give next time.Paul I sometimes look films of the USA.
Today we had a lot of things to do at work. We had a
lot of visitors and clients. We had 5 excursions and I
got tired really. Also I had to write the exhibits'
survey. All day long I had the only desire to go home.
After my work I decided to go to Internet cafe and
check my e-mail. They say that there is always good
news and it is really true. I saw your new letter and
I forgot about my tiredness. You brought smile to my
face. It is always pleasant to get letters and
especially YOURS!!! I read them with great pleasure. I
am so glad that our destinies have crossed one day.
People, living thousand miles away from each other,
meet and become so close that it seems impossible and
unbelievable. But our example says that it is really
possible. How are your days? How is your job? How is
your mood? By the way, what weather do you have now?
What season do you prefer? I like summer, warm and
even hot weather. It seems to me that it is better to
live in hot than in cold. That is why I always feel
cold during our severe winters. I feel frozen all the
time. But the spring comes and the nature wakes up.
All the people become more joyful, cheerful and kind
with the nature. The desire to love and to be loved
dominates. Everything flowers; goes to the sun, green
trees and grass gladdens everyone. Everybody wants to
live and enjoy life. You understand that we are not to
waste time and the life is wonderful. People open
their hearts for communication and they become more
attentive and kind. No doubt that spring is the time
to love and to be loved. And summer is the time of
rest and vacations. Summer gives us the opportunity to
lie under the sun and take sun bathes. Fresh fruits
and vegetables grow. They are full of vitamins that
give us forces for the next winter. I try to enjoy
summer for 100. In summer I have my holidays. I prefer
to spend vacation in Kolomna with my family - my
parents and my sister. We go to walk in the open air
together, go to barbecues. Also we go to beach, take
sunbathes and play beach volleyball. Sometimes I like
to cycle or roller skates. So I try to get many
positive emotions with the rest. I like sun very much,
I like warm weather so summer for me is the happy
season. If there are no rains it is simply the
paradise. You know I learnt to roller skates only last
summer. It was so interesting and exciting. I fell
down many times but I won because I fought. It turned
out that roller skates it is very easy. You are only
to have good reaction and coordination. It is like ice
figure skating. It is so exciting to run and meet warm
tender wind in face. You are like a bird which flies
above the earth. Sometimes I ask myself "Why people do
not fly?" if it was possible, it would be so
wonderful. So many problems would be solved at once.
We could fly all over the world and see all the
beautiful corners of our planet, all the famous
monuments with our own eyes. We would know so many new
things and discover so many new places. We would have
no traffic jam, no transport and pollution in the air.
But it is only dreams of course. Sometimes I have such
ideas. Does it happen to you? Do you often dream? Do
you have "a blue dream" that you wish and desire to be
come true? Nevertheless time passes very quickly and
we can not turn it back. I do not want to say you
"Good bye for now" but I have to do that. I have to
close my message. Hope that soon you will answer my
letter. I believe that you will not make me suffer
from your keeping silence. Looking forward to new
information about you and may be new questions that
you are interested in. I wish you all the best. I wait
impatiently for your letter. Sincerely your Ekaterina.

5th letter:

Hello my dear Paul!!! The happy moment came again – I
got your letter. It is a great pleasure for me to read
your letters. I am so happy that you do not forget
about me, you write me and you are interested in my
affairs. When I read your reply letter I try to
imagine you, your gestures, your mimicry, your facial
expression and reaction to this or that my phrase. It
seems to me that I look into your eyes and I hear your
voice. Paul I wish to tell to you that to me mail to
send a disk it is not necessary because at us in
Russia a lot of deceit and it is very dangerous I to
you it already wrote. Paul we use here roubles and
dollars and euro. As to a computer it for me only
dream. f I had houses a computer that I freely could
write to you letters every day. Paul I receive 120 $,
and the computer costs approximately 900 $, I think
that to me to go to the Internet of cafe easier.
Ekaterina this Russian name. At us now normal weather.
Yes Paul I understand all about what you write I do
not listen to music from the USA I would like to hear
your voice and even now I know for sure that I will
like it. You may think that it so easy to do hear the
voice of each other as we are to phone and everything
is ok but unfortunately I have no telephone. No cell
phone and no home phone. It may seem funny that we
live in the century of technical development when
everyone have cell phone and there are people like me
who live without connection but it is real fact. The
thing is that I had a phone but a month ago someone
stole it. It happened in underground when I was going
home after my work. It was a rush hour and there was a
crowd of people. During the moment when I went out
from the train, the boy ran to me and pulled out my
handbag. It was impossible to catch him up as he ran
away from me very quickly, he mingled with the crowd
and I am sure that he had friends who would not allow
me follow him. Of course I was very upset and sad. I
wanted to get the lost things back but I should admit
– everything could be much worse. I was lucky that
only my cell phone was the most expensive stolen
thing. Also there was a purse with some little money
and different lady's things as a hairbrush, lipstick
and so on. I was lucky that I had no my documents that
day in that handbag as I left them in another handbag.
Other way I would had to renew them and it takes much
time and it is a very long and nervous process. I was
also lucky that day as I put the keys from my flat to
the pocket but not to my handbag as I was being late
in the morning to work. Such an unpleasant story
happened with me. By the way it happens very often and
not only with me. It happens constantly and I was a
victim that day. Ok, I do not want to remember that
day and I do not want to spoil our correspondence dear
Paul with such sad memories. I can not stop saying
THANK YOU to my destiny as we got acquainted together.
It is such a joy for me to communicate and correspond
with you. Today the pupils of 2 and 3 classes (forms)
had an excursion in our museum. It was very
interesting to talk and watch them. They are so vivid,
active, full of emotions, they want to know everything
and like all the children they are so noisy. You know,
I love children very much. I have no my own children
yet but I have my nephews and my friends' children. I
love them very much. My nephews are wonderful. They
remind me our childhood with my sister. When I go home
to my parents I always buy something tasty and sweet
for them. I want to see them happy. My sister says
sometimes that I indulge and spoil her children but I
can not stop doing pleasant surprises to my nephews.
They are my loving angels. Sometimes I feel so upset
that I have no my own family, husband and children.
But I believe that I will have everything in the
future. I know it for sure. I know that my second half
is looking for me somewhere and the moment will come
when we will meet and the destiny will give us the
chance to build our own happiness. I am an optimist.
You see? I may say that I still believe in the fairy
tales. What is your attitude to children? Here in
Russia we have a wonderful saying "children are the
flowers of our life". Do you agree with this? Recently
I told to my friends about our correspondence. They
were very surprised as I am a modest and shy person.
They were glad for me and they insist on our further
correspondence because they say that I flower day by
day since the beginning of our correspondence. I feel
myself that you positively influence on me. I became
more cheerful and I enjoy life. I really7 appreciate
our communication and our correspondence. Cruel
reality interrupts my letter. I have to close for now,
dear Paul. It is so sad but my time in Internet cafe
is over. I wait impatiently for your next letter and I
hope that you will answer me as quick as possible.
Write me how is your health, mood, affairs? Write me
everything you want because your letters are always
interesting. Kisses Your Ekaterina.

6th letter:

Hello my dear sweetheart Paul!!!!!

I am so glad to get your letter again. I feel nice
that you do not forget about me and you also feel close to my soul as I feel close to
your soul. It was very pleasant to read your words today that you
wrote to me. You are so kind, clever and wonderful person.
It is so excited that we have found each other in such
a big world. I like you very much and I appreciate your attention.
Paul I wish tell to you that very much big money which
I could to earn it at you. It very much big money for us.
I would like to know your full name, address and
telephone number to have the opportunity to be in touch with you
if something happens with our correspondence. Please
write me these dates in your next e-mail.
I want to explain why I can not write and answer your
letters every day. The thing is that I can not go to Internet cafe to
check my e-mail every day. Also sometimes I feel so tired after work that I have
no forces to go there. One more reason is my absence because of the business
trips or I go sometimes to my parents to Kolomna.
So do not loose me and worry if I can not answer your
letter immediately. It means that I can not write you.
I want to say that I always WANT to write you but
sometimes I CAN NOT. I always glad to write you letter and I try to answer
you every moment I can. So I hope that you will have no doubt about me.
Now I feel courageous again. I would like to know if
you like to travel and in what countries have you been?
I have never been abroad but I want it so much. I want
to travel, see the world, other countries,
and know more about different traditions and customs.
That is why I am asking you about other countries.
Tell me please more about it. What did you like or
dislike? What impressions did you have?
Do you have souvenirs from your traveling? It will be
very interesting to read about it as it will be you who will share your
impressions with me. It is a pity that I can not share my impressions from
my traveling with you. The destiny did not give me the opportunity to travel
somewhere and I was only in Russia. Really pity.
My dream is to visit the islands. Islands are always
were the mysterious part of the planet.
It seems to me that in the islands you are apart from
the whole world, from the civilization.
I can guess that in the islands you feel like a
pioneer who opens something new or like Robinson Crusoe.
Have you ever bee in the islands? Also I would like to
see the real waterfall with my own eyes.
I believe that this miracle of the nature is the most
beautiful thing in the world.
When the water falls from the big height, small water
drops are in the air and it makes a foggy veil.
Isn't it a miracle? May be my dreams are funny in your
opinion but they are my dreams and I hope that one day they will come true. Do you
have such places that you dream to visit,
my dear Paul? Tell me please how do you like to spend
your spare time? For example what did you do yesterday or the day
before yesterday? By the way, what is your attitude to our relations I
wonder? I think that it is something private and confidential.
Of course I tell my friends about you and share my joy
with them but I never allow no one to read your letters. Never.
I hope that you have the same feelings and opinion but
nevertheless I wish to know your point of view.
I like YOU very much and I always think about you with
warmth. Hope that you share my emotions.
Exactly that is why I want our relations to be built
on trust but not on lie. I always write you only the truth and I think that you
also do the same because I want to believe it very much.
What do you think about it? Without sincerity
relations will not exist very long.
But I wish to find a man whom I can rely and trust as
I trust myself. I believe that with such a man I can start strong and
serious relations.
It is very important for me to know that this man will
love, respect and appreciate me so he will have no idea
about lying me. I appreciate honesty and sincerity in men but I can
not stand deception and betrayal.
I hope to meet a man whom I can trust, who will share
all ups and down with me and who will support me in any situation. Tell me
please you point of view on this aspect.
What is your attitude to starting family? What do you
think about trust between people?
I really want only honesty in our relations and
correspondence. I do not want to make you hurt and I do not want to be
hurt myself because it is very difficult to believe and trust people after
betrayal. It is really pity that I can not look at your eyes and
see their expression. The time to say you "good bye" came again.
Looking forward to your letter.
Your Ekaterina.

7th letter:

Hello my dear Paul!!!! Today one more happy day in my
life - I got your letter again and I read the lines
that you wrote to me. I thought that today I would
have no time to come and check my e-mail as I had a
lot of work. But I felt all day long that something
makes me hurry. I felt that you sent me letter so I
tried to show my best I did everything I planned in
time. When I checked my e-mail and saw the letter from
you I understood that my day is not so bad. On the
contrary it is a happy day as I got I letter from
you.It is especially pleasant that you do not ignore
my questions and you answer all of them. But may be
you think that they are SILLY? It is pleasant to
realize that you are such man that I imagine to
myself. I am glad to know that I can get to know you
better. Thank you for your patience and understanding,
thank you for your discussion the things that I am
really worried and interested in. it means a lot for
me. With each letter I understand that we become
closer to each other. I began to understand you and I
feel that you become more and more close to me and to
my soul. Of course we have a great barrier - it is a
distance between us. This distance does not become
smaller because it is a constant measure it constantly
separates us. Have you ever thought about it? How do
you think -n is it constant problem and barrier or we
could overcome it one day? I asked myself this
question many times and now I want to know your
opinion about it. Hope that you will write me about
your point of view on this problem in the next letter.
Tell me please about the weather that you have now. We
live in different countries in different corners of
the world so we have different weather and climate
zones. Through Internet we can communicate with you,
know each other better but at the same time I want to
know about your country and the place you were born. I
am so grateful to your country and really respect it
as I met you. It seems to me that all the people in
your country are like you my dear Paul - kind, tender
and purposeful. Though I know for sure that there is
no another Paul in the world. You are one and only!!!
I am so lucky that it was you that wrote me. I think
that you want to know why I "sweet young lady is
looking for the right man abroad?" I will try to
explain you and I hope that you will understand me.
The thing is that I simply want to be happy, love and
to be loved, have a big strong and friendly family and
live but not only exist. In our country there is
opportunity to make my dream to come true. Russia is a
very big and beautiful country, it has a great
potential but the government of our state wants to be
wealth only itself. The authority of our country does
not want to care about the ordinary people. Only the
strongest people survive in such situation, people
live according to the principle - everyone responsible
for only himself. Most our women became morally
stronger than men. They make carrier, try to survive,
they earn money for their family and children. Most
men brake down, begin to drink alcohol and become
alcoholics. They live at the expense of their wives
and their wives continue to love them and hope that
everything will change to the best. Most of men do not
want to take any responsibility. They are afraid of
it. In this case I can not speak about starting family
with such a man. Because family is a great
responsibility and moreover I am not speaking about
children. I want a calm and quiet life, children and
loving husband. I do not want to bring up children
knowing in advance that something will be wrong. I
want the firm belief in the future. I do not want an
alcoholic husband who will live at my expense, make my
always feel worry and give a bad example to children.
In our country people can not give birth to many
children because it takes a lot of many to bring them
up, educate them and give everything they need. Our
youth try to find an easy way to live, they do not
want to work and earn honest money. The criminality is
developing day by day. We are afraid of living
sometimes. Many men leave their families as they can
not bear the responsibility. They can go to another
city to start a new family but who can guarantee that
there they will succeed. Exactly that is why I am
still alone and I have not got married yet. It is very
important step - to start a family and everyone should
realize it. Many young girls agree to marry a man not
looking at his soul and not thinking it over. And as a
result they suffer all their life long. I am so sorry
for them because body wounds may close but soul wounds
will never close and they may bleed all life. After
pain and humiliation it is very difficult to live
further. I do not want such destiny for myself. It is
my psychology and my inner world. Now you know the
reasons of my loneliness that make the base of my
wishes. Hope that you will understand me and not judge
very strictly. I appreciate very much your good
attitude and opinion about me. YOU seem to me very
positive man in all the meanings. So I like and love
our communication and correspondence. It is very
important for me. Now I will wait impatiently for your
answer. I am looking forward to your letter as in my
this letter I opened my heart to you. Hope that you
will understand me. Bye for now and I will hurry up
the time to get your answer as quick as possible. Bye
my darling Paul!!!! Your Ekaterina.

8th letter:

Hello my darling Paul!!!

At last your answer that I was awaiting so much came.
I am so glad that I got your letter. Due to you today is very
sunny and happy day for me. I am ok. The things in my
life are as they must be: at home - at work - at home.
And only the correspondence with you makes my
loneliness not so dull and brings to my life new bright colors.
How are your affaires? Hope that everything is
wonderful. These days I think of you very often.
Every day I am waiting the letters from you and all my
thoughts are only about you. You have changed my life.
Something new appeared in it due to you. Like a fresh
air, like a light wind you have burst into my life
and made it more interesting and brighter. I keep the
smile all the time and there is a fire in my eyes.
I try to see your gestures, your smile very often. I
talk to you, I ask you something and I answer your questions
in my thoughts. My relatives and friends have notices
already that I became thoughtful as I fly somewhere very far
in the sky. But the reason of my behavior is very
clear - it is you. Only you are in my thoughts,
you lighted the fire in me, you made me to live. Thank
you very much for it. I am so happy that we met,
our communication is such a great pleasure for me, I
am afraid of only one thing - the distance between us.
It is more interesting and nice to talk in person. It
is my opinion. Will it be possible for us to meet,
look into the eyes of each other and hug one day? I
want to believe in it with the bottom of my heart.
May be it will not happen very soon but I hope that we
will meet. I want to communicate with you in person.
What do you think about it? Do you want to see me in
person? Also I wanted to ask you one question.
What is your attitude to the age difference between
us? Hope that you do not worry about it. I like adult men.
In my mind they are more interesting, they have life
experience and they know what they want.
The men of my age do not have such treats, they do not
want to achieve any goal because they follow upstream.
YOU are not like others, you have character and you go
to the goal that you put for yourself.
You do not stop in halfway and you go ahead. I respect
you and I have sympathy for you. I may take a lot of useful
treats from you. I also think that you also found
something interesting and unusual in me. It seem to me that we
suit each other as we complete each other. We are not
to loose each other because it is so difficult to find a
person who understands and share interests and opinion
of another person. We got the chance for happiness
and we are not to miss it. Now I have a favorable
period in my life. Communication with you makes me so happy
and it brings joy for me. I found in you all the
treats that I like. It seems to me that I met the man of my
dream as you suit the image I crated in my mind. The
desire to crate a family appeared in me. I want to have
my own family: children and husband. It is much more
difficult to follow the life path alone. The life becomes
the fairy tale when you love and you are beloved. Have
the rear and support behind makes us feel in safe.
Family is wonderful. There is nothing better than to
be with a loving man, give him all the tenderness.
It is very important and responsible step for me. Now
it seems to me that I am ready to it.
And may be the thing is that I have never met such men
like you my darling Paul!!!
You know there is a legend. Many many years ago people
had 2 heads 4 legs and 4 hands. That people lived and
they were very happy but one day they made angry the
god. The god sent lightning to people and the lightning
divided people into two parts. The god spread two
halves of one person to different corners of the world.
Since that time they are wander all over he world and
try to find each other. So may be you are my second half?
And only together we can be happy? What do you think
about it? I do not want to remember my past but I will tell you:
my last relations with man ended very painfully for
me. He did not respect me and he offended me very strongly.
I have never thought after that that I will have any
relations with man. You recovered me,
you helped me to forget the past and believe that in
my life everything may be fine.
You brought me the belief in men again. I am so
thankful to you and I can not stop telling THANK YOU TO THE DESTINY
that we have met. I am thinking of you days and
nights. You became the part of me and your letters help me to live.
Now I will close my letter to you, my dear Paul!!! I
am waiting for your warm letters!

Thinking of you
Your Ekaterina.