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Hello xxxx.
I in the first want to tell to you many thanks that you have written
to me, so forgive me that I write so late my letter, and the reason
for this at me were problems with my box, and now all works also I can
to you to write without problems. I want to write to you about myself
as much as possible and I ask you write as much as possible about you.
You it know my name Julia, my day the birth on May, 14 and will be
fast to me of 28 years. I the truth still one and at me was not
present mine the man, and you think why, it because I have decided to
find the love in other country as have not developed at me with love
in Russia and I not as could not find, good in the country because of
that that I do not love the man when me deceive, and heard that people
from other countries on much fair, and I want who will find the real
love me to understand, respect, trust, like and not when to not
deceive and I hope that it the man will be you xxxx. I as want to
that if you do not want serious attitudes we can be good friends as I
shall be glad also to this that we can write each other and to find
out it is as much as possible, only you to me write about it? I live
in the city of Tambov ( I rent an apartment ) it approximately 480
kilometers from Moscow in the south. My city in itself very beautiful
and I to you I shall send a photo that you saw in what city I live.
Yesterday I was photographed by my girlfriend and I now send you 3 my
new photos, tell to me you love my photo? I as today still shall be
photographed and send you tomorrow still new photos. I ask you send me
your photos as much as possible that I could to enjoy your beauty, and
I as shall send you is a lot of mine photos that you to please if you
love my photo. I have not the big family, mum the daddy and I unique
daughter Julia. My parents live not far from the city of Tambov, in
area Bondarsky, village Bondari, and I visit the parents in mine free
time from work, and the basic week-end. I worked in two places as and
I had not enough free time, and now I work in confectionery firm, the
forwarding agent and I love the works as are many different sweets.
I about myself have written the most important to you and if you that
that still want to know ask me and as write? Yes still that I want to
write my hobby, I very much very much like to collect disks with
Russian songs, and my favorite group Stimulus and I from songs listen
to day and night and I dream of a happy life with the beloved as my
hobby is game on a guitar and you can see on a photo. I probably now
have enough written to you about me and I ask you write to me as your
letter is possible soon today and please me. I have no computer of a
house as I rent an apartment and I write to you from work and I shall
be on work today up to 20:00 evenings, and then I shall go home.
I shall be happy to receive tomorrow your letter and to write to you.
Yours Julia.

Hello my friend xxxxx.
I am very very glad that you wrote to me also I
understand that you to
me write, you do not represent as me please with
your beautiful photos
which I like, and I for you have made my new photo
and as a roller but
it without a sound as not a photo the device the
microphone does not
work. Forgive me but yesterday I could not write to
you as was a lot
of work and I could not find time at all what to
write to you, but I
promise you that I shall try to write to you as it
is possible is more
often. I up to you yet when did not correspond with
the man and I as I
want that you wrote to me the truth as I write to
you. I am very glad
that you write about myself much and I would like
that you always so
wrote. I only do not understand that you write about
your legs? I as
am glad that you write to me your phone number, but
I cannot give now
you number as I have lost phone, and on new yet have
not earned money.
I Saturday leave to parents in the morning, and
early yesterday I have
arrived to an apartment where I live and then at
once went for work. I
have lead the week-end well, but the truth I has
overslept revival a
floor of day as did not know what to do and I
dreamed of a happy life.
I spoke parents that I began from you to correspond
and my mum began
to ask at once about you, but I have told that else
a little about you
I know and when I to parents about you shall know
more all I shall
tell necessarily. Tell to me what at you now
weather? At us now spring
and a snow almost all has thaw, the temperature
today +8, shines the
sun since morning and the soul is pleased to good
weather, and I would
like love and which caress at me now is not present,
but I think that
we shall understand and trust each other and in the
near future we
shall meet, you can arrive to me or I to you, but I
think that about a
meeting early to speak as we only have started find
out each other. I
want to tell that I very much very much love the
nature and I like to
go in the winter on a ski on a winter wood and to
enjoy beauty,
campaigns like to go in the summer, I like to float,
but now at me it
that is not present as there is nobody, and I would
like that all this
at me was with my beloved. I as like to go to
cinema, theatres, to
look ballet, to play football. I on it now shall
finish the letter as
I should work and I shall wait for your letter as it
is possible soon
and I ask you write to me about myself as much as
possible and ask me
that you want to know?

Yours faithfully Julia.