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She writes letters and falls head over heals, after writing for months she still rufuses to speak by phone, eventually gets deathly ill and her sister writes asking for money for medicine to keep her alive, of course its very expensive this medicine. She doesn't die like her sister claims she would if I did not help, but since I did not send money she is not so nice anymore.

I believe Natalie (or Natasha) is either 24 or 25yrs old, the websites that I found her profile on are no longer listed. I wrote and asked for her age in one of my emails, but she did not answer, which was fairly common with most of my questions, I mean not answering them.

Here is the message from Natalie's sister "Julia" after Natalie was supposedly hospitalized. Dima is Julia's son. Julia does not directly ask me for money, yet I was very aware that she actually is doing it by playing on my sympathy.

Hello dear mr. Tony!
This is Julia again. I went to Internet cafe to let you know the news
about Natalie.
She cries all the time! Natalie spoke only about you, and you. She is
not interested in her work,in weather,in news. She asks only was I in
Internet cafe or not and sometimes asks about Dima and all!
Her condition is very bad unfortunately, she lays under a dropper.
Yesterday her director with colleagues went to her. They offered her
roses and wishes to be healthy, but it seemed to me that her director
was not glad. I think that the work stops. Her pupils went today
also. But doctor didn`t let them to see her.
She asks me everytime what do you tell in your letters.
I spoke with doctor about her. He told that illness is very started,
she needs in hard treatment. He gave me a the paper with obliged
medicaments and prices on them...............
am in shock....I can`t say Natalie that we can`t buy it..Oh my God
she take care about me so many time and I can`t do it
She tells you great hello and transfer to you her love from all her
With respect Julia

In the letter below Natalie is supposedly close to death, although from her pictures Natalie is a young healthy girl. I asked Natalie after she miraculously got better what was her illness (what type), and of course she never answered.

Hello dear Tony, the man of my sister!
This is Julia.
All the weekend I was near Julia, in hospital. I can`t say to you
something positive. The doctor didn`t give me any hope.
She doesn`t stay on foot, she stay in bed. Every day she takes a lot of
pilules, droppers, injections. I am so pity about her!
I don`t see the shine in her eyes now. She is upset, she doesn`t
smile, doesn`t laugh. I can`t believe that illness can destroy her in
this way!
I told her about you, in this moment her eyes were live!
I pray, I hope she will be healthy!
I love her and I know that you love her too!
She asked me to tell you that she loves you and thinks about you every
Unfortunately I can`t speak English, I write with translator.Because
if i would knew it we can be speak by phone but..
With respect, Julia.
P.S. Please write often I will tell her all what will you write!

Here is the message after Natalie started writing me again (after her deathly illness), and I questioned her about her sisters emails.

Hello dear Tony.
What unsual was the letter of my sister?
She was worry about me very much!
Yes I was needed to expensive medicaments and she thought that may be
you could help me but you did not want.
If my sister did not help for me many things I could die.

Natalie always avoided my request to speak by phone, I had written her for 6 months.