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dont say to me
Bryanka Ukraine

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Hello, !
I am very glad to know that you want to communicate with me. Maybe we
will be able to meet some day. You know I have always dreamt about
finding my love and having real relations. I guess it is the most
wonderful thing to meet someone special who can make you happy and
when we can have a wonderful time together. It is great to love
someone. Well if you want to have such relations write me
at [email protected] and we will be able to know more about each other and
maybe it will grow into something great, who knows! I'm waiting for
your answer!!

Hello, my new friend Nikos !!!

I am very glad to hear from you. It is really nice to me to receive
your letter and to know that you got interested in me. Of course, I
hope we will be able to know more about each other better. So now I
would like to tell you about my life.
I was born on the 26th of June in 1979 in the city of Bryanka. So now
I am 20 years old. My family consists of my mother, my father, my
elder sister and me. Actually my parents are retired now and don't
work. My elder sister is a teacher as my mother was, but she works in
the university. Me... I am on my last year at the university and in
the future I will be an administrator of any organization. In the same
time I work as an administrator at the beauty salon because my sister
and I have to help our parents. You know I must say I have wonderful
parents and very good sister. She is a person I can always count on
and she always supports me in different situations. As for me as a
person I am very emotional and, as my friends say, kind-hearted, hope
it is true. I love children as any woman and I love flowers,
especially ox-eye daises. Well there is a lot of things I like and
love to do. I hope I will have a chance, of course if you answer me,
to tell you much more about me.
That is all for now. I will wait for your answer if you are still
interested in me. Hope to hear more about yourself. I wish you a nice
day and good mood.

Yours Yulia

PS I am sending some of my photos, I hope you will like them.

Hello my dear Nikos !!!!
It is wonderful you have written to me. I really would like to
communicate with you. And I want to say that I like your letters very
much. Well I will continue my story about my life, but this time it
will be a love story...
Some years ago I had a boyfriend. I met him in the university and we
fell in love with each other. It was very romantic and sometimes even
dangerous. It was just like a dream. I thought it was serious,
actually it looked as if it was. We even dreamt about our marriage,
our family and children. And you know our relationships were so
beautiful. he always gave me flowers and presents. He told me so
wonderful words about love and our future..... It was a real tale. But
one day everything was destroyed, it was the worst day in my life... I
decided to visit my friend and I had to go by bus. So when I got on
the bus i suddenly saw my boyfriend there with another girl, holding
her hand... It was such a shock for me and that was the end of our
great love. Now I understand, that day was best in my life cause God
hasn't allowed me to break my life with a such a man like him. I think
faithfulness is the best thing in relations.
Well that was my sad love story. And now I want to find my real love,
not just fairy tale. I want to love and to be loved, but I want it all
to be true... I want him to care about me and in an answer I'll give
back all my life and devotion. Can you be him?
By the way I forgot to tell you that I don't know English and I use
the services of interpreter's firm. I hope it is okay for you. If not
then let me know and I'll understand.

Your Yulia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS Sendibg you a photo of me and sister, do you remember I told you
last time about her and another one is me in the bath, I hope you will
like them.

Hello my dear Nikos!!!
It is a real happiness to hear from you. Now I understand what means
relationship. You have brought something real into my life. I want to
thank you for that because I thought it was impossible, but you did
it. You are a real man who can make his woman happy and it is great.
You know I thought about the kindness in the world and I could think
there is not any kindness in the world at all for some times. But now
I can say it was wrong because there are many people who are very kind
hearted and helpful. I say so from my own experience. Actually there
was such a situation a year ago. I was coming home from my work and
that was the day when I was given my salary. So everything was okay,
But I managed to lose my bag, I left it somewhere. it was horrible, I
thought it was the end of my life. I was upset as there were all my
documents, money and my cosmetics. I even didn't know what to do. But
after some days one girl came to my work (she's got an address from my
documents) and give my bag back. I was so happy, she was my survivor.
Can you imagine everything was there, even money. I thanked her and we
got to know each other better. It was not the last time we met.
Actually now we are best friends, her name is Natasha and she is a
wonderful person. I am so glad now that I lost my bag that day because
I met her. Well that was the story about how I found my friend. And I
can say that now I think that everything is being done for the better
I wanted to tell you several words about my photos. They were made
when I was resting in Summer in the sea. I had a wonderful time there.
Hope you like them, one of them a bit personal, but I think we are
much closer now.
And you know I think we have met each other because we had to meet
some day. I think our meeting can lead to something better. Don't you
think so? Hope to receive your letter as soon as possible.

With love
Yours Yulia

Hello Nikos!!!
Thank you so much for your letters. I love reading them. It is a real
pleasure for me. I think we have a lot in common. I think it is
wonderful to find or to meet a person who can be so close to you, I
mean interests, hobbies and maybe preferences in life.
My dear I wanted you to know that I am not a model, my photos just
were made by my friend who is a professional photographer. And you
know I would be really happy to see you here and I could wait for you,
I am quite a patient person. But still it is up to you, I hope you
will make right decision.
Sending you another photo, it was also made last summer during my
vacation. My sister and I were living in a small wooden house and the
nature was so wonderful. So we decided to take a picture.
You know judging by our letters and our correspondence I can say you
are a man I am looking for. I want you to know these are not just
words, it is my heart saying that. I really mean that I want to be
with you. I wish I was next to you now and it is the greatest pleasure
for me. I rally would like to build a family with you, to have our own
house and our children, very beautiful children. I guess our life
together could be wonderful. Don't you agree with me?
Now I have to tell you something. I ask you not to be offended, it is
really hard for me to do it, but I don't have a choice. Actually I
have some financial problems now and I can not write you any more.
Thais is not just for this period, but my salary is not so big to pay
for our correspondence, sorry I hope you won't hate me. I just want
you to know I want to meet one day and you will always be in my heart.
I would be the happiest woman in the world if we continued our
correspondence! I am so sorry that everything happened so. But still I
have a hope to meet you again some day...

With great love

Yours Yulia

all of this when i told her about scammers site