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Cheboksary Russia

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she`s a scammer from chebksary as soon as it told her i lived a meek life and had no money to send her but would give her money for all her expences when she came there was no more love

My beloved Rick
how are you? I know you missed me, I missed you very very much too. I hope,
you not worry a lot, because you know, I can not write so much how I want.
Unfortunately. I spend my yestarday with granny, It was funeral repast( I
not sure that this word in english is right, but I do not know how it say in
english). 8 years ago grandpa dead, and we had modest sad supper in memory
of him. he was good man and hard-working man, house in the willage, where
granny live, grandpa build up himself, and he made everithig what we have in
the village, ground, vegetable garden, cattle.. I do not recollect about
him very often, but yestarday we remember about him, and I understood, that
I miss him.
my dear, please, tell me, what did you do during these days? how is your
friend who pain his foot?
ogo! you made your spicy sexy picture? :) honey, if you are still shy to
send, you not obliged to do it... but if you ready to send it, I will glad,
I really will gald. nevertheless, do it how you want and when you will ready
for it. I have never took naked pictures, and I think, I could be too shy
to do it. in any case, I promise, that this picture will be only for my eyes
and I will never show it to other people.
Rickey, you wrote, your internet was down till friday. and you asked to send
you to your phone, but I even do not know how to do it, I can to send only
usual computer. excuse me, but I am not very good user pc. wish you your
computer will be repair soon.
honey, you asked about transit number. as I anderstand it rightly, you
asked about number in western union again.
I have not any tansit number in western union. I have never used it. but
today I speak about it with my friend, she tell me about it. and she said,
that I am not obliged to have transit number, if somebody what to send me.
she told, she used western union one day, and she told, when she sent money,
recipient of money had not any transit number. she just wrote name and
surname of the recipient, and western union gove she special secret number.
then, after she sent money, she said this secret number to that woman, and
that woman went to westarn union with passport and said officials in westarn
union that number, and they gove her money. so, my friend said, if somebody
send money, he can just write down in papers just name of the recipient.
and special secret number will give possibility for the recipient to get
sweety, did you heard about it? may be you really can send without transit
number, and you can send it just with my name and secret number of money
my beloved Rick, you even can not imagine, how I was happy to hear, that you
not against my comming earlier! I was afraid, that after my proposal, you
will angry because I am so importunate, but you wrote, you not against my
comming more soon. It is great, it is really great!!!
Rickey, I very sorry too that I devoid of appotunity to write you very
often. I spoke with man, who work here in internet cafe, what I have to do
for getting internet at flat. he told, the most usual, cheapest the laptop
costs here approx 450 dollars. for getting internet it is necessary have
phone at home. I have not. he told, if I have not, it is possible to use
mobile phone instead of home phone. if mobile phone have function GPRS, it
is possible to link up this mobile phone to laptop, it will give internet to
laptop. I do not know, how much exactly this phone cost, but it is approx
150 is dreadfully expensive, I understand.... do not worry, I got
used to go to internet-cafe, it is not difficult for me, I just regret, that
I can not do it very often..Rick, do not think of it, lets these money will
be for my comming to you, even these 600 dollars are a half of my return
It is already a tradition for me to go to the Internet- cafe. To tell the
truth, it is the best what is going on during my day. I enjoy every letter I
receive from you and re-read them every night. I want to share my life with
you, I want to be with you , to feel your cordiality and care. I am a very
emotional, passionate, hot-tempered woman. it is usual for me to show my
feelings. May be it seems strange for you, we haven't met with you in the
real life, we have only letters which I cherish but I have the feeling that
we know each another for ages. I Hope you understand me. The most important
in the relations between two people, man and woman, love, of course, mutual
understanding, respect. Two people should trust each another, understand,
care about each another. I want your life will be my life, I understood, our
life times are very short! and we are dead a very long time. We must
therefore make every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute
and every second become the most important times in our life. We must try
to make sure that our lives are filled with all the pleasures that God gave
to us: love,passion, respect to our loved ones. Even a simple walk in the
park hand in hand with the one we love becomes a wonderful experience.
Time, age and distance does not stop people who are truly in love with each
other from having a most beautiful relationship. miss you sweety, write me
I love you Rick
your truly Sveta