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I contacted Oksana because I knew she was a scammer as soon as I saw her photo. The photos are obviously a professional model. She said that she did not know English. I told her to write in Russian. The letter from the translation agency came today
Letter #1

Hello Wayne!

Thank you so much for writing to me and sending me a nice photo of
yours. I was so happy that my profile attracted you. Maybe the first
question that you may ask me is why I placed my photo on the net. As
you remember from my profile I am 28 and I am sure that I am ready to
create a happy family and to make my darling the most happiest man on
the Earth.
Let me tell you more about myself. My full name is Oksana Kolpakova, I
am 28 years old, born in 1978, on the 21st of October in a small
Ukrainian town Rodakovo. My parents moved to Sevastopol, as there are
the majority of our relatives. I too was planning to move there but
still live in Rodakovo. I have light brown long hair and green eyes.
My weight is 54 kg and height is 171 cm. I like to communicate with
people, I'm always interested to discover something new and unexpected
in people. I have a lot of friends and they say that I have good sense
of humor. I prefer active kind of rest. I am an active person. I like
to begin my day from doing some morning exercises.
I work as a librarian in our district library and maybe it's strange
but I like my work. There in the library are lots of informational
sources and endless quantity of books. I like to read and always find
out something new for myself.
I like to travel and but unfortunately I had no chance to visit any
foreign distant land. I have never been abroad. I traveled to Crimea
and I adore this place, it's really beautiful. I have never been
married and have no children. What else about my likes... I like red
and white colors, they are my favourite. I like flowers very much and
I have some window plants at home. I like to take care of them very
I dream to meet caring, loving, faithful, sincere and honest gentleman
to have him as my life partner and most importantly as a friend to
share the rest of my life with all its ups and downs and to give all
my love, attention and care. May be it will be you. Let us see what
will happen from our communication.

Please, answer me soon,

Letter #2

Good afternoon dear Wayne,

It was great to get your letter and one more nice photo. I'm glad to
have an opportunity of writing you again. There is no doubt that our
correspondence is a nice chance for knowing each other better. It's my
pleasure to use this lucky chance.
I would like to tell you a bit more about my parents. My mother is a
very tender, quiet and charming woman. They say I took after her in my
character. I have never met so noble, strong spiritually, honest,
reliable and careful man, but my father. I'd like to find a man who
has such qualities and who is able to care of his family. As for my
past relations. I was very serious about one man and we had relations
for 3 years. One day he decided to go to Moscow to earn money there.
It was some years ago when the act of terrorism happened on the street
and it was a great detonation. My beloved died. I can't even describe
my sadness and feelings when I herd about it. I couldn't start
building new relations for many years but time heals and now I feel
that I am ready for new relations. I hope very much that you are my
right man and we will be able to build our strong and sincere
relations. Nobody knows what future will bring for us.
I dream of such splendid family in the near future. Now I have
ambitions to get higher education. I would like to study at the
University. I saw myself as an economist working in a bank. I
understand that my study will take much of my time, but I will try to
find some moments for relaxing and enjoying myself. My interests are
literature, music and cooking. I'm energetic, rather intelligent,
friendly, patient, polite. I think I'm calm, never panic in a crisis,
love animals and children.
One more thing that I should say to you is that as soon as I don't
know English language and don't have a computer at home,I have to use
the service of the firm that provide me with Internet and translation.
I do my best paying for this service accurately.

I am interested in you and wish our relations to be continued. Also I
want you to know that I feel very fortunate to have met you and I
sincerely hope that we can continue our relationship, and that we can
meet one day. This would be wonderful. Well my dear I think that is
all for now. Please tell me more about you and your interests. I hope
to get your reply soon.

Thinking of you,

Letter #3

Dear Wayne,

To begin with I want to say thank you for your letter and more photos
from you! It was a real pleasure for me to receive it! I also want to
say thank you for telling me more about you. I would like you to know
that I am very interested in you and of course I am very serious about
my intentions towards you... You know, it is a little unusual for me
to write to someone from the other side of the world, but you are not
someone for me anymore. You are a person, whom I like and want to know
more and more about! I am always busy with something, I suppose that
we make our lives busy, but perhaps do not always focus on the things
that will really make us happy.
I think it's normal from letter to letter to know each other better
that's why I decided to continue telling about me. I enjoy all sorts
of activities such as watching movies or television, or watching
sporting events. I enjoy going out to restaurants for dinner. As for
my cooking, I don't know how to cook foreign cuisine, for example
French or Mexican but I like to cook our Ukrainian meals. I prefer to
cook hot meals such as different kinds of soups or Ukrainian borsch,
salads and pancakes with different fillings. I like green tea with
lemon and I start every morning having a cup of it.
What am I looking in a man? I search for a true serious heart, one
that wants to know everything about each other, someone wanting so
deeply to express his deep heart, to want and hunger to know all of
me. I am not into games, I am not a liar, I am truthful and honest, I
will always tell you what is in my heart and soul. I am very sensual
and very romantic. I search for that special heart that will want to
connect, to claim me, want to have me fill his heart. I want to know
that I can dream about him, to have him in my thoughts as I go to
work, to think about him when I lay down at night, to have his smile
and his words deep in my mind and in my heart. I think two people
should be for each other and to have a trust and a bond to work
together so that they can overcome anything, to also grow into each
other and have our hearts become as one. Let me know your thoughts
concerning everything you read in my letter, your opinion is important
for me. In the end I just want to add that I am very glad that you've
come into my life and now we know each other.

Hope you will answer me soon,
Much affection to you,

Letter #4

Hello, my lovely Wayne!

I am so happy to get the other letter from you. You were in my mind
all the time. I hope that everything is all right there with you and
this letter will find you in a good spirit and mood. I do believe that
we will be very happy together, as I do get the warm feeling of a
happy person from you. I think that love and happiness are to be
cherished, as you are also to be cherished. I have many good
qualities, I will say absolutely honestly with my whole heart that I
am honest, caring, sincere, romantic, loving, happy, relaxed, and
above all I am totally faithful to the one I love.

I must say that I would enjoy being worshiped by you, however in
return you would have my undying love and mutual respect. I want to
love and be loved in return, after all we are in most things equal. I
would prefer also to take you the lead where our love and romance are
concerned, I am a passionate woman and although to make love in
romantic settings is very nice, sometimes animal passion will come
over me and I will want to make passionate love to you, maybe just as
we walk in the door from arriving from work or an evening out, or to
just stop the car at some beauty spot and make mad passionate love. I
would like you to return after a hard working days, I would like you
to bathe me then dry me off with a warm towel and after you are in a
bed and I massage your body to relax you, and then we would enjoy a
passionate sexual experience we would both take great pleasure from. I
hope you know from my words further that we will be suited for each
other as these words are my true self, and I would like to share my
life with you as soon as we could arrange for this.

I will end my letter now, but please give some serious thought to my
words and the offer of a new life with me, I'm sure it will be so easy
to love you so very deeply.

Thinking of you,

Letter #4

Dear Sir,

We want to inform you that your lady Oksana is not able to reply to
your last e-mail as her paid contract with our firm is over. She has
been using the Internet resources and the translations' services of
our firm to correspond with you. She wants to let you know that she is
very interested in you and your further correspondence. If you have a
wish to continue your correspondence with Oksana we can send you all
the information about our services and prices you need in order to
proceed with your future communication. If you are not interested to
use our services and continue correspondence with Oksana please,
inform us about it and do not give out the information given from
Oksana as it is personal and confidential.

Principal of "Alfa",
Alexander Stepanischev.