Scammer Matvienco Valentina

St. Petersburg Russia

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I answered an ad in Yahoo Personals from a woman claiming to be living in Russia. She immediately answered and asked that I contact her by her e-mail address and not through the personals site. She sent several photos along with the e-mails that appeared to be professionally done. She said that she didn't have a computer, but could use the computer at work while she was on her lunch breaks. She sent me her alleged home address, but told me not to send anything to her there because the Russian postal workers would just steal it. Just a lot of little things that raised a red flag in my mind. While scanning through your scammer photo list, I found one of the photos that this person had sent to me. It is on page 19 of your scammer photo list. There she is using the name Anna Askenova. I thought it was very strange that she claimed to have fallen in love in less than a week's time and wanted to come to America to be with me. She hadn't gotten around to asking for money yet, but I'm sure it was coming very soon. Her last e-mail stated that she was going to check with the relative of a friend in Moscow who works at a travel agency to see what she needed to do in order to come here. I will give you all the info I have in the area below. If you would like copies of the photos ( there are quite a few ) just let me know and I will forward them to you. I really became suspicious when I tried to pull up the profile in Yahoo personals and it had already been deleted. Also after looking up the city that she listed as her home, she had spelled it incorrectly and told me it was about 1700 km from Moscow, when if fact it is only about half that far. Just a lot of little things that made me suspicious. I have reported this to Yahoo, also. I have not let them know that I am aware of their scam, so if there is anything that I can do to help catch them, please let me know. I will just continue on until I hear back from you.