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Yoshkar-Ola Russia

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Letter no.1
Hello my new friend.It is my first letter on English. Sorry, if I made some mistake in words.But I write you from my hand and don't use pre-written letters.My name Olga. I live in Russia, in city Yoshkar-Ola.I am 22 years old. I am a student and I am studing at university.When I finished my study I will bookkeeper.But I need wait one years, when it will happen.You can think, that I am very young for you.But don't make mistake, and know me much more.I gave promise, that I will never married on Russia boy.All of them lie and don't hold his word.Some man drink alcohol very much.May be I will tell you more about my past relation later.But i don't like think about it, it was no good.My family are not large.We live with my mother and sister.My mother have good work as bookkeeper.We can pay for all life expenses.And I will not ask you help me with money.I know many stories about it.If you will write to me more, you will understand, that I am not such girl!I am simple Russia girl, who want to live abroad.I want have husband and right family.I will try for this very much.I have very serious intention.My girlfriend find her husband on internet in last year.She move to USA and they have happy family.She write to me letter every week.Don't want write about me and my hobby in first letter.If I really interested you will ask me about all.I want ask you some question:Do you have children? What are you doing at work?Did you have past relation, wife?I hope, you can know some new things about me from this letter.I will wait your letter and hope to receive news from you shortly.Bye! Olga, from Russia.

Letter no.2
Hello, my dear Steve!Thanks for the letter!I have no a lot of free time of the Internet.Therefore I can not use messenger.I want to tell you about my hobbies, and what I like to do. I very like nature. I send some photo from picnic at this summer. I like to grow up flowers in my house.It brings me pleasure to look after them, and I like to admire them. I like to cook, to try the new recipes. I like to go shopping and to make purchases together with mine girlfriend.I like to spend time with my friends. We have picnics, we go to the cinema, theatre. We go to beach at summer, lay under the sun and swim in water.I like skating, I will send you some photo later. I like to do everything, that brings to the people of a smile. I love the truth and I hate false. I consider, that the relation should be under construction on mutual trust. I don't want to have a husband, which will drink a lot an alcohol. I'd like to meet an educated, intelligent, without bad habits,with sense of humor, well-balanced, decisive, considerate,children-loving man. I do not mind him to have a child. Tell me more about yourself. What are you thinking about me? What are you looking for in your partner?I want receive your photo.May be one day i want arrive to see you.I'm waiting your letter!Bye! Olga, from Russia.

Letter no. 3
Hello, my dear Steve!I was glad received your letter.I am glad, that you could answer to me so soon.My full name: EGOROVA OLGA.Today weather at us cold, however as well as always.But sometimes sun gives his warm for us.I felt that spring comes to us!I so would like that summer has come. I like summer very much.We go to beach early morning and spend all time there, in summers weekend.I like swimming and volleyball. I like sport at all.I go to fitness two times in week.It makes my health good.I send you some photo from my trainings.I hope, you will like this.Please, send for me your photo with each your letter too.It is very necessary for me see your photo, if we want received good relation.I want to know more about your parents, if it is not secret.Parents gives for us many things as life and we must respect their.My father goes from family, when I was small.I forget him and can see only photo. But my mother give for me and my sister all her warm and care.Our grandparents help for us with means for lives.And my mother work much too.We don't need any things with my sister.We must good study and make all work in flat.I like prepare dishes and my sister like to clean house.We have full harmony in our family and loves our mum very very much!I hope, it will help understand you my life much more.I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you. Olga, from Russia

Letter no.4
Hello, my dear Steve!I was glad received your letter.I don't have digital camera.I can send for you pictures, which I have on my computer.I can call you if you want, only give me your number.As soon as i will have opportunity, I will do it.At us good weather, the sun now heats very strongly.On streets of our city it is possible to see many young guys and girls, walking together. They embrace and in their eyes a lot of love.It is a pity to me, that I do not have person beside with which I might alsoTo take a walk somewhere on a beach, or even to take a walk on city.I would be very glad to this. Spring, time of love.Many people start relations with each other in the spring.After my little walk, I went to home.I start read my book, and made some homework.I send photo for you of it. I hope, you will like it.I like read books most of all art.Much cinema make on books, and I like read books first, than see film.I like romance as each woman.I listen music rarely, It can be radio on kitchen.I go to disco three time in year, because I don't like it.First time - my birthday, two time - my girlfriends birthday and three time - my sisters birthday.We dance much, and it will enough for me on all year. I study good, because it will my future, I understand it good.English language was my favorite subject at school and at university later.I know, that it will be necessary for me in future.As I told you some times back, I want to find husband abroad.Russia are not clean country. I want to move from there.My family agree with it. They hope, that I take their one day with me.Each member in my family want to live abroad.My sister want to find husband abroad after she will finished school too.We can see many programs on TV about life abroad.May be one day I will have chance see all of this.I will waiting your letter now. Olga, from Russia.

Letter no.5
Hello, my dear Steve!Thank you very much for you answer.I was glad see you letter very much.I think about you today at morning.And I have good morning, your letter gave me some part of happiness.I have free day and go to skating with my girlfriend.We like do it together.Nice place in our city, many people skating together.We can listen music there too.I send you some photo of that place.I hope, you will like me.Weather is good here. We have much snow last night.Day was good. I had supper with my family.We talked much. I told about you for my family today.I want to trust you and i want to have good strong relation.You must not disappoint me.Because I believe in you.We must have our chance build relation.I want to see your face and smile before me one day.It will please me very much.We can spend much time together.For me very interesting and pleasant to be with you.Our correspondence much more, than simple letter.All my soul be in this letter.I want to know more about you.Do you think about your future?I will be with you?How you spend your last holiday?I try answer on your letter as soon as possible.I wish you all good.I will wait you letter with impatience. Olga, from Russia.

Letter no.6
Hello, my dear Steve!Your letter change my day and I feel good.We spend this day in shop with my family.I found some new clothes.My mother buy some things for home.I can save money as my mother teach me.But only give me chance, and I will buy all things. I like such day, when we walk together.We understand, that one day I will leave my family.Little sad for it, but I will find good life abroad.I think, we must live together before weddings.It will help know each other better.We can see all life together.Sex is very important for me.But I don't want talk about it in letter.I am not such person, who talk about it.If we want it together, we will try.As each woman I want to have a children.But I can live for myself.My decision will be discussed with my husband.For me very hard to know men only from letter.Dinner in restaurant, walk on street can help me to know you much more.I hope, we will do it some day.I feel you more close to me.If you give me you postal address, I can send handwritten letter.But only if you wish it.I send you some of my pics.I will waiting your letter now. Olga, from Russia.

Letter no.7
Hello, my dear Steve!I was glad to see your letter.Each day, when I can see it, give to me much pleasure.I think abut you much more every day.I try making any plans for near future.May be it take some smile on you face?But I have very serious intention, as I said before.I want to see you, because It is necessary for me.I must know that you are not simply my dream.We can do many things together.It will help for us know each other better.I want to give you kiss and take your hand.We can walk and talk much time together.I can arrive to you, when I will have holiday at the spring or summer.But if you wish it only.I want spend much time with you.May be It is our destiny.I can receive all documents without problem.I am a student and It give much opportunity arrive to your country.My girlfriend made so some year ago, I told you about it.She lives happy life.I must have such chance too.But all of this can happy only it that case, if you want to see me.You must give me your answer about it.I don't want wait very long, when I will old woman.I have beautiful age, and want spend it with you. We must meet each other and don't make mistake.I will be disappointed in you very much,If you play with me only in your letters. I don't think so.I feel, that you have serious intention too.I will wait your letter with large impatience. Yours Olga from Russia.

Letter no.8
Hello, my dear Steve!I can not write to you earlier, because my computer was broken.All are good now and I can write you.All this days I think about you. It is good that in this world there is a person to whom I is not indifferent. It is very good for me, as I to meet you in my life. When I dream about us I feel better and my mood rises!! You are my prince, whom I so long waited. We found each other in this world. I tell you about my feelings because I trust you very much and think that you are the man who will make me happy. I'll make you happy my dear. I show you my heart as best I can. I think you want to meet me not less than I.I am waiting and I am dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport. I will cry in this moment, because it will from our happiness my dear. I dream as we will live together, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands. I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to gofor a walk and you like to spend a more your time. I want to be with you my, I want it very much , I miss you. I want to say to you that I have spoke with my parents about us again. I want to say to you that they have so many happy smiles for us too.A hot hello from my mother to you, please, accept the greetings from my mother. She like you as a relative son! Ok, let me to finish my letter I hope to see your letter as soon, as possible.Kiss you! Yours Olga!

Letter no.9
Hello, my dear Steve!I strongly waited for your letter.I represented you today. I represented us together. I give you one thousand kisses at first our meeting. I shall try to show you all of charm of love.I want to feel you near to morning in a warm bed. I promise to give you a hot kiss, when you leave and come back from job. I shall show you secrets of Russian kitchen. I have thought up a dish, which I shall prepare specially for you. We fine shall lead our first appointment.We shall have night of passionate love, which I saw in the dreams. But my imaginations will stay in a secret before first our appointment. I hope at you the patience will suffice to wait to first our meeting. My arrival to you will be a good opportunity to learn each other even closer. I very strongly want to see your perfect eyes! I want, that you would show me all beautiful places, which you described. I want constantly is near to you! I know that trip to you cost much money.My mother agree help me with some part of my trip.But we don't have opportunity pay for all.I hope, we will find out together.How we can approach day of our meeting? How I can get to you?Kiss you! Yours Olga!

Letter no.10
Hello, my dear Steve!How are you?In me all is good.How weather in you?In us weather, today simply excellent, shines the sun.I don't have all money for trip.And I don't know what we can make with this situation.We can wait five years till my mother will save all money.My mother transfer you big and hot congratulations,And also hot embraces.She is very much interested how is your business.You are already simply a member of our family.My Mum like you very much.Each day asks to transfer you congratulations,And also strong embraces.Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, And also my most passionate magic kisses, And also my hottest embraces from my heart of love.I very much miss on you.You are absent on me?I very much would like, that you were close to me.Each day I dream of our meeting to you.Each night our meeting at the airport dreams me.I dream of the first kiss with you. When I shall arrive to youI give you the longest kiss which very much is pleasant to you, to my Prince.I am sure, that our first kiss will be my love, lasts very long.You trust in it?I dream of our first kiss in the airport.And also about the first strong embrace.I always present our meeting to you, as in a fairy tale.I very much want, that our meeting remembered well.I would like it very much.You for me an ideal of the person.Each minute of reflection about you brings for me huge pleasure.I shall expect your letter.I will miss you very much!!!You are very necessary for me. Your Queen Olga!!!

Letter no.11

Hello, my dear Steve!How are you?At me all is good.How weather at you?I very much miss on you.You miss me?Thanks for your letter on russian language.I use Russian cologne and don't know how to translate this.I constantly dream of our meeting with you.I very much want, that when I have arrived to you We have lead pleasant evening at any restaurant Also danced slow dance under music Robert Miles.You would like it?I very much would want it.I so want to embrace you at first our meeting with you.I very much would like to present you a longest kiss, That has felt all sweet of my fine lips.I very much want, that you have felt my gentle and strong embraces.I always dreamed of such person as you.And I very much would like, that we were near to you.I feel the small girl who has fallen in love with you without memory.To me it is very sad without you, without your embraces and gentle, tender kisses.I very much want to be with you, my Prince!!!I so want it!!!!With huge love and with all my tenderness yours Olga!!!

Letter no.12
Hello, my dear Steve!How are you?At me all is good.How weather at you?I think, that our meeting with you is close.I so miss you!!!I so wait for our meeting with you, my Prince!!!And I very much would like, that our meeting with you Was the most unforgettable moment in our life!!!You would like it?I think, that we shall be with those happy people on the Earth!!!I believe in it!!!I want it!!!And we shall be happy with you!!!My mum transfers you ardent and sincere greetings, And strong embraces!!!Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my hot kisses, And also my most passionate embraces!!!I so dream, that two loving hearts will be together!!!And these two loving hearts are our hearts!!!Yours Olga!!!

Letter no.13
Hello, my dear Steve!How are you?How weather at you?Weather at us very bad!!!There is a cold rain, and the strong cold wind blows!!!I so dream, about that that we go with you for a hand keeping for a hand on park!!!I, likely, as the small little girl!!!I think of our first meeting with you!!!I think, that it will be simply magnificent!!!I wait and I dream of it!!!And each minute when I think of you I I roar!!!I very much would like to embrace you to feel heat of your hands!!!I want, that you have embraced me and have kissed!!!And when it happen I to a glow at you on a shoulder and I shall tell to you, that I LOVE YOU!!!And I shall embrace you very strongly!!!And then, we shall dance all night!!!You would like it, my Prince?I shall look forward to your letter!!!Your Olga!!!

Letter no.14 ( last letter from her)
Hello, my dear Steve!How are you?At me all is good.How weather at you?At us weather today warm and solar, and it is very hot.I want arrive to be with you at June.The most convenient way for us to make all documents and buy air tickets. I will prepare the foreign passport, visa, the medical insurance andwill be buy air tickets in both ends. The time of preparation documents borrows approximately 60 days.The duration of my visit should be 21 days. Cost all of this makes 2400 EURO.I have not such own savings, therefore I can not pay all. I have only half money for arrive to you.But I want arrive very much.I don't ask you send me money through Western Union. It uses all mafia here, when any girl can received money at any place. If I will give you my bank account and full data from it. You can transfer money to this. If I will not arrive to you, you canfind me an any time through bank and take your money back.Bank will have my video, when I will receive money my full address.You must think about it. I have serious intention. I want to meet you very much. Steve, if you can help me with money on trip I shall be very glad.For me not where to ask these, therefore all my hope only on you. All document's will make after payment.My mum asked me that I transferred you Big and ardent greetings, and also strong and ardent embraces.Accept and from me my most passionate embraces, and also the most strong and hot kisses.I very much miss you!!!Is not present seconds in my life that I did not think of you!!!I very much want to be with you!!!I can not stop to think of you!!!I do not want to stop to think of you!!!Each minute of dreams about you brings to me huge pleasure, my Prince!!!My love to you grows every day!!!I very much wait for our meeting with you!!!Yours Olga!!!

The last letter i send to her:
Hello Olga! I begin to really love you but please don't ask me money...please...because if you ask me again... i begin to think your a scammers....You said in your letter you have the half of money to comme to see me here... I said to you if you want to come here, you paid all the money for your travel. Sorry but in russia you have a lot of dishonest girls called ''Scammers'' I said to you earlier when you arrive here i paid for you , for the all but if you want to come here you paid for your travel.
If you want to know about immigrate and travel in Canada you could go to see this webpage from Canadian gouvernment.

Don't ask any money baby...That's the last time i tell you that... The next time you ask me money...forget me...

Always in your heart