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I saw her ad on and
We corresponded for some time, then she complained that her life
was bad, and I sent her 200 US. She was a doctor in Kharkov,
We decided to meet. She wanted to go to Hungary, and asked me to
send her money for tickets. I wanted to send her tickets but she
said that she would not go. So, I sent her 500 US. We met and she
was nice. Then she wanted to go to Dominican Republic. I sent her
2500 US for tickets. She received it and asked for more at once -
she wanted to buy a fur coat and a computer. I refused.
We had nice time and she went back home. Then she e-mailed me and
told me that she had gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis, and asked for
money. I told her that I had no symptoms and that I was very cautious
all the time. She replied that she knew better, as a doctor, and
told me not to go to any doctor in the US. She told me that she will
get me pills. I got scared and sent money. Then I went to the
doctor and I had no deceases. I later on found that while meeting
me she met other guys as well, and travelled with them.
She changes her e-mail address all the time.

Her e-mail: [email protected]

Her address: Natalia Victorovna Kurgut
av. Gagarina 94A-12

Her phone: 3805722730

I > have still one bad news. I had secretions from me ( I mean from
> vagina) > > I began to have this, when I came back from S.D. I
> thought there is nothing terrible. I thought may be only my adnexit
> was cut. I did believe you very much. > > Today I eventually
> decided to go to Tatiana for research. She did screening and > >
> Said that I have honorea with trichomoniasis. ( This is veneered
> diseases). About me I am sure, I had sex without protection only
> with you.Before you I had sex only with protection in during 5
> years. Tatiana said that Most probably you infected me ( although
> you may and have no anysecretions.). Or still more you may have
> almost normal analysis. In any way we must treat together. I need to
> begin treat as possible earlier. Please, send me money for drugs.
> We need drink strong antibiotic. I will dothis here. I intended to
> come to S.D. on Dec,10. Yet, I seem better if I stay at home. This
> is very danger infections and I may be not able have baby after this
> ( I imagine, this would very terrible, if I got pregnant in S.D and
> thenthis would mean I have these diseases. ).Please, don t treat you
> in US Doctor. I want bring antibiotics with me andgive you same
> course, that Tatiana prescribed me. I believe only her. She isvery
> good doctors, she read new articles in Net every time. ( I not
> believe to our gynecologists.). What you think? Natalia.

> I already did talk with Tatiana. She did calm me. I now know exact
> scheme of cure. This is 10 days. I asked to prescribe for I would
> more sure that I
> I don t remember that I had some secretions in S.D, yet, I seem that
> I really began have this in end of our trip. ( before this I had no
> secretions very long time).
Tatiana said that in any way you have same diseases too. ( as I have
blossom colpit.). Yet, this is still worse, that you have no symptoms. This
means you have hide form. This is still worse. I will come on December, 10
In any way we will have sex only with protection, and no champagne ( Very pity!)
I will take my drugs with myself, I would like I would see this myself
like you will apply this. Please, don t apply any drugs before I come. I
very ask.
I think we need wait till Monday. Love. Natalia.

Darling, I will able to get to S.D only on December,3 ( you remember,
plans fly
Through Paris on 3,5,7 days of week or KLM on 6 days ).
Therefore if I come on December, 3 ( evening), then I will need in
rest may be 1
day. Hence I think that better time for wedness is December,5 (

This seem you started to write me big e-mails. This is good sight, it
seem you
are really interested! I want this very much, because I love you.

Today, I eventually went to WU and got 2500 $. Thank you
Very much. And still you promiced money for ``shuba ``and best PC.

Another report on her:

I did met her in 2003 and send her money $600,- to meet in Bulgaria. When she got home, she told me her computer was broken and I send her $1800,- for a new computer, so we could write more often. After she got the money, 'and installed the computer' she had to go away for a few weeks ! I kept writing and no answer and flew to Kharkov and ... she was not home !! She was in Jamaika, she said later !!