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Simferopol Ukraine

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Tue, 22 May 2007 15:30:24 +0400
From: "Irina" View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re[14]: Visa to Your Home

My love XXXX!!!

I was so happy to receive news from you! It's very important for me to
continue communicationg with you to get news about you and to tell
about me. I am very proud for our relations.

I visited visa center today. I spend a much time to fill all necessary
documents. Also I told a manager about your idea. I asked him to
explain me all process if you will buy or pay for my ticket there in
USA. I was very much upset when he said that I will not be able to
receive visa this way. A visa center do not work this a people who
will not buy ticket thru visa center. Everyone who use this
organization and want to receive visa to USA have to buy ticket here
in visa center. It is a rule and its spelled in a contract that I have
signed. As you know this visa center - its my only chance to receive
visa so I have to buy ticket here. Please tell me that you understand
it and you still can help me! I want to start my visa right now and I
need to have a money for ticket before it.

Today we have a cold weather, a strong wind. I dont like such weather.
All people seem tired at the streets. But I have a good mood, because
I know that there is man at another part of the earth who loves me and
who needs me. And who would love to share his life with me.

Dear XXXX! I am very tired to be along. Every night I can't sleep
thinking about you and about us. I have a lots of dreams about you and
bout us. Sometimes I am crying because we are not together. Can I
write you such things? I can't wait till that day when we shall meet.
I dream to be with you soon. Its seems you are that man who I searched
for all my life! And this is so pleasant for me that I found you! I
looking forward for the day of our meeting! I know that it will be the
best and happiness date for us! Every day staiyng here without you is
very hard for me.

Your Irina

Subject: Re: E-Bullion Account for Visa Funding


Miss Irina already pay for Visa and all

Miss Irina already pay for Visa and all paperworks here. She need in
money for ticket only.
You need to create e-bullion account for start the process. Please let
me know when You will have it and we will continue process.

Information about Visa Center is:
95492, Ukraine
City: Simferopol
Street: Gagarina, 7a , office 404-408
Phone number: +38((0652) 22-52-60
Unfortunately I can not speak in English.
Best regards, Grigoriy H Naumov
Financial consultant
Manager of Visa Center

The above email is a follow up to the Irina Stepanova"Irina" and The last email from Irina is posted below View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

Subject: Re: Beautiful lady

My love,
I did not thought that I can love so much man. To tell the truth I did
not feel such feelings, but now I am sure in my feelings to you. I
thank to God that he let us to know each other. And I believe that if
he meet us he will not separate us and we have to do anything for
this, as hard as it be. I am sure, that you are my love feel the same
feelings, I trust you and also believe that you will not betray me.

Did you heard back from visa manager? The day of our meeting will be
the greatest day of my life. I imagine myself often how I go down on a
gangway and you run towards me with bouquet of flowers and when we
reach each other you throw bouquet of flowers up, and I falling in
your hugs and we are immersed to a long long kiss… This picture is
always at my eyes, in my thoughts. And I becoming crazy from waiting
this day.

My love XXXX, I ask you about ine thing: when we shall meet, I would
like you to hug me, to put me at your breast, and never let me out! I
am asking you to do anything for our meeting, for us and for our love.
As for me, I am ready for anything for you Now you have read results
of my feelings which I wrote on paper within all day, and when I will
come to you I will present you this letter that you have red wroted on
paper. I know that all that we do not vainly.

With all my love,
Your Irina