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"12.mars,I got the first contact.She wrote me a wink after she had seen my profile
on “Møteplassen”,a norwegian dating-site.I answered her,and “the game” started.
It encreased fast,she got her “first”mobile-phone,and after than I thought I knew her after
several calls.The calls included a lot of personally information,which is normal when two
people start “finding”each other.
I began to feel good vibrations to her,and thought I had found “the right one”.
I was very naive and belived her,even if I should have understood something wasn`t OK.
It ended up that I first transfered 1500 EUR to “a friend” of her,because Olga didn`t have
her own account.She needed the money for passport,visa,insuranse,tourist agency......
then she came to the tourist agency right before she should leave,they told her she
needed 2000 EUR in her hands for travelling outside Russia.It was because she had no
invitation from me....
She told me I had nothing to wory about,the 2000EUR was just a loan until she came to me.
Well,silly as I was,I transfered the money,also that time to a friend,for her passport was for
registration.I belived her,and that`s what has happened.
I have spent 3500 EUR,but no Olga has come..........
Even if I live in Norway,3500 EUR is a lot of money for me.
If the money had gone to a lady/girl who had needed them,I would have got a good feeling
Inside me and said OK,hope she can get a good life....
But when I know the money is in “mafia-hands”,I don`t like it at all.
If I can help other with my information,I will be pleased.I hope we can co-operate,and if it`s
possible for you to check some information for me,I will be very pleased.....
I contacted the norwegian police about it,but unfortunately they wouldn`t help me."

Hello, XXXX! I didn't know you replied me or not, and at last I saw your
mail. It's so great! Thank you!
You seem to me an interesting person. I think communication with you
will give me a lot of pleasure. I hope for that
I am sending you my photo which made in 6.12.06, I think it's a nice
picture of mine.
But I ask you please don't make an impression about me because of my
pictures. It is important for me that you
read my words with interest, and do a opinion about me from my mails,
but not from my photos. I think, XXXX,
you understand what I mean.
I hope that you will tell me much more about yourself that it said in
your profile, and I promise I will tell you about me too.
I am life loving person and I love to laugh and be joyful, that's why I
want that our communication will be interesting and lively.
I am looking forward to your next mail and I am waiting when you will
write me.
Olga from Ukhta.

Emne: Hello

Hello XXXX! I am happy that you replied to my message. I think
you want to know some personal information about me. Well, my name is
Olga. I am 28 years old, my birthday is 14.06.1978., so my zodiac
sign is Twins. My height is 170 sm, my weight 53 kg, I have green eyes
and fair color of my hairs, but I think you can see it yourself in my
photos. I hope you will find me attractive?. I live in the Ukhta town.
It is a small town in the Komi Republic. We have a very contrasted
in our republic, very cold winters (the temperature can go down to minus
30-40 degrees) combine with very hot summers (to plus 30-40 degrees).
Unfortunately, the summer is very short and most of the year it is very
cold and the snow is on the ground? Ukhta situated in 1500 km to the
north-east from Moscow. Our town have about 120 000 people, it is really
small town, but I love it very much. I have here my friends with whom I
work and communicate. I work as a saleswomen-consultant in the shop of
children's toys. It's not a bad work, but it's not what I wanted, when I
studied in the University. I studied in the Pedagogical Institute in my
town, and I wanted to become a teacher of Russian language and
But graduating from the University I understood that it's very difficult
live on the wage of a teacher. I think it' is enough information for
mail. I hope to see your mail tomorrow. Olga.

Emne: Hello my friend

My XXXX, in the end of my last letter I named myself as your
friend, I hope it didn't embarrassed you, and you consider me as your
friend. Actually we know each other only for several days, but I know
a lot of things about you. The dialogue with you is pleasant to me and
that's why I think you are my friend. I hope you are not against it.
We live far away, but can talk about things, that I wouldn't tell even
to the people that I communicate for years. I can't look into your
eyes, but I can imagine them, may be that's why it's so easy for me to
talk with you.
Today I went to my work and thought about how it is wonderful that I
found a friend in the Internet, and when there are no clients I have
opportunity to use the computer to write you mail. Our boss is strict
and demand that we were always polite with the buyers and have a smile
on the face. But recent times it makes no problem for me, because I
know that I will see your mail and can write to you. I think it's the
best moment of my day:)
I hope you can understand everything that I write to you. My English
is not ideal, but I try to learn it. At home I have several books
about learning English, and after work I read these books.
Unfortunately I have to use books because I don't have a computer at
home, and its cost is too high for me. I began to learn English at
school already and continued to learn it in the University. But
unfortunately in my faculty English was the secondary language, that's
why I couldn't learn it in full volume. With your help I hope to
complete empty places in my knewledge.
Ok, it's late here already, but I know I didn't waste my time in vain
when I wrote a mail to you. Tomorrow I hope to see your mail again.
Your friend, Olga.

Hello, XXXX! How are things at you? I hope everything is OK at
you. I see your mail and it means that you have a interest to me. I
thank you that you also write many personal information about you.
This way I can present you better.
I think that you have normal weight for the growth. Therefore I think
that you do not have necessity to worry about it. In my city I have
time same as well as in Moscow, we are in one time zone with Moscow.
When you write me mail or when I write you letter, we don't have
opportunity to see each other, see the expression of our eyes. But
through letters I can understand you, understand your ideas and
everything that you want to tell me. I can feel the deepness of your
thoughts. And I want that you learn as much as possible about me.
To my unfortune I couldn't find my happiness in Russia, that's why I
want to find it out of my town and my country. I disappointed about
Russian men. I am already 28 and I was not married yet and don't have
children. I will tell you about this in my future mails if you will
find it interesting.
Recently I saw advertisement of the dating agency on one of the
Russian sites. I clicked on the name and find myself in this page.
I liked this page and I decided to register on the
site. I reviewed several profiles and I don't know why stop my choice
at you.
I hope that you too will tell me your story about why you placed your
profile in the Internet on the dating site. Here I will end my letter.
Tomorrow I hope to see your letter. I wish you good luck. Have a good
day. Your friend, Olga.

My dear XXXX. It is again my working day, and I have a joyful
feeling, because I know that I will see your letter. Thank you for
your kind words, it is always pleasant to me that you reply to my
Yesterday it was a hard day and I was really tired, may be it is all
because I didn't have my holiday almost for a year. I don't see the
nessesity in it because I don't know what I will do during this time.
But I want to have a rest however, may be I can have holiday in coming
future. Well, in all, perhaps, it will be interesting for you to learn
how my usual day pass?
Mostly nothing special, I think millions of people live the same life.
Usually I get up at 6.30 in the morning, take shower, prepare
breakfast. To 10 a.m I have to be in the shop in my work place.
At 10 a.m. my working day begins and it ends at 7 p.m. And all this
time I serve the buyers. It's not a very interesting work, but I have
to work. Usually in the morning there are not so many people here, but
closer to 12 o'clock more people appear, and I need to tell in detail
about a thing to every client or to advise what to choose, that's why
I get tired very much, because every buyer requires individual
approach. Also very hard time is after 5 p.m. Usually people end their
work at this time, but for me it is not the end of the working day,
but only its continuation:) And in 7 p.m. my working day is over. To
my fortune my house is not far from my workplace, so I can just walk
to my home.
At home I can really relax. I have a small recorder on which I can
listen to the music. I don't prefer just and only one style and
movement in the music, that's why I have a lot of cassettes with
various music. In my small collection I have songs of 70-80 years of
Soviet singers and also modern pop, rock and classic music.
As I told you I also learn some English books in the evenings, I hope
during our communication it will get better. You see, my day is not
very interesting, and I am happy that I met you, because it is very
interesting to communicate with you and now I go to my work with joy
to see your mail faster. Write me please what is your usual day, OK?
It is very late now, that's why I hope you won't mind if I will stop
my letter. I want that you know that you have a friend in Russia, for
whom you are very important. Yours, Olga.

My dear XXXX, we communicate almost for a week already and it's
wonderful! To be honest it is really pleasant for me that you didn't
loose interest to me. Thank you for your words, for me what you write
is much more important than what my friends tell me.
Today I want to tell you about my family. My father's name is Andrei?
He is 58, my Mom is Sveta and she is 56 years old. My father work as
driver in one of the companies of our town, which is engaged in giving
for rent cars for big loads. He works over cars the whole day, repair
them. He doesn't like his work very much, but it I only two years left
till his pension, that's why he doesn't want to change his work. My
mother work as teacher of Russian at school. Looking at her I went to
study to the University to be a teacher like she. But in the end of
study I understood that it will be difficult to live on the teacher's
wage. My mother like her job, she teach children to something new,
open to them new world. She says that her dream is to see my children,
but unfortunately, I disappoint her:( I couldn't find the man yet with
whom I would really wanr to build a family and have children with
him. A year ago when my relationship with Serezha ended, I wondered
if there is really no man in the world which would be really honest
with me. The only thing I ask from my man is to be honest with me in
any case. Because lie destroy any relationship. My dear, I remember
passed years and I feel sad because of it. Forgive me, yours Olga.

My Paul. Thank you for your word of support, they are very
important to me. In my last photo there was I and my mum. I am glad
that you have estimated her. Today the shop where I work was closed, it
was a
sanitary inspection, sometimes it happened. The inspectors come and
check the whole shop, look through the goods and documents, and ask us
if we have problems with our managers or any complaints on the work
conditions. Also they check if we have the medicine card. It's a usual
procedure, so we didn't have any problems. I can say that we get used
to it.
Anyway today's day become actually a day off. I had free time so we
went with my friends to walk over the town. It was a strange feeling,
but it was so nice to look at my town? My mood was raised, may be
because my thoughts were so far away from Russia/ We walked and I
thought what a nice day it is today and I can write you everything
that makes me excited.
With my friends we visited the cafe "Pingvin", it's a cafe in
the Ukhta town, where you can drink coffee and have a snack. But the
most tasty what theya have there is ice-cream and cakes. It is spring
outside? But in the cafe was warm and cozy, so to sit with friends and
eat an ice-cream was very joyful. We talked about different things and
it was really a good day. I was asked when at last I will find a man
for me. I didn't tell them that I have a correspondence with the man
in the Internet, so I just joked that when I will meet that one, only
then I can be with him. Ok, my Paul, I am ending my mail. I hope
it was interesting to read it for you. I will wait for your next
letter. Your friend in a far away Russia Olga.

Hello, my dear XXXX. Thank You for your fast reply, we can't look
into each other's eye, hear each other, feel each other. But your
mails remove everything and you seem closer to me.
Today I want to tell you about my previous relations with men.
I can't say that I had many partners, actually I had relationship with
two men, which I really liked. My first love was when I was 19 years,
his name was Kolya., he was a year older than me. He was a very
communicable and handsome man.
At first everything was excellent, our relationship develop beautiful
and romantic - I was really happy. It lasted about three years. Then I
began to notice him oftener in the society of other girls. At first I
didn't give it any notion, because I thought that he loves only me. It
lasted until I learned that he date with my former friend. Of course,
after that I stopped our relations and stopped any contact with my
friend. She said that it was only a light flirt, but it was so painful
to me that I couldn't forgive her that. Now I look at these years and
think how naive I was.
The next man that I have entered my life when I was 25. His name was
Sergei. But a year ago we separated. We had serious relations. I
thought I begin my life again and we will have a happy family. But all
my dreams began to destroy when he began to drink. Sergeu came oftener
and oftener from his work drunk. We began to quarrel. It made me
annoyed, and I decided to leave him.
From those times I don't have serious relationships with men. That's
why I am not in search of the only one.
I hope that I will have a good luck this time and I will find honest
and good man who will take good care of me. Have a good day. Yours Olga.

My dear XXXX. I am so grateful to your letter. Your words are
very important to me.
For me it was very pleasant to see your photo, this way I can present
you better.
Today is my usual work day. Yesterday, after I wrote you mail, I
visited my parents. We spent good evening in the circle of family. It
was for some hours, but when we cannot see each other for some days,
even this some hours are nice time. We spoke of weather, mood, some
life problems. I said them that I have a contact with man out of
Russia, I told them about you. It was surprise for them and some
astonishment. Because for many people in Russia still new are
achievements in the sphere of high technologies, here are not so many
people that have a computer at home. On TV they show that Russia is
developing in various technologies, but it isn't reflect on simple
I say my parents that I communicate with you for some weeks and that I
like this communication. I see very nice and affectionate person in
you. But I don't know if we have a further development of our
relations, what will be between us in the future? I couldn't answer to
this question of my parents, because I really don't know what waiting
for us in the future. Now I have contact with you and I like this
time. I want that you continued to write me, it is getting very
important to me. Your Olga.

Hello, my dear XXXX. How are you? I hope that you have a good
mood. I think that we should speak about ours to a meeting in the
future after a while. I want you to meet and I hope that we shall
decide when and as it becomes possible.
Unfortunately I have no mobile number, and phone on work has no
international connection. But if you to me will tell telephone number
I can call you from a telephone exchange of the international
Today from the very morning I am in high spirits. I got up in
the morning, take a shower, have breakfast, and my thoughts were about
you. I thought about that how pleasant in the morning to see the face
of dear and loved person. How pleasant to know that close to you is
the person to whom you are dear and to whom you really mean a lot.
From the very morning I imagined how I go to work and spend boring
working day, but also I could see your mail and learn something new
about you. You are my best friend, my thoughts and my feelings are
open and sincere to you, that's why I want that you too was sincere
with me. If you don't like something in me, if you think that I am
silly or unworthy of you, please, write me about this, please. I want
that trust and understanding was between us.
We never met, but may be just this help us to communicate well and
learn each other better and more. I don't have any secrets from you,
my thoughts and feelings are open to you.
Today my friends invite me to cinema. We will go to the Ukhta cinema.
Cinema Ukhta is situated in my town. It is a very big hall and
beautiful place.
I was said that they show a new movie "Paragraph 78", they say this is
a very good and interesting movie. This is a Russian action movie,
with famous Russian actors. Perhaps, you didn't hear about that film.
I can't say I love the action movies, it is spectacular and
impressive, of course, but I love more romantic comedies. Always
pleasant to see some romantic movie, especially when it accompanied
with humor. I dream once to go with you to the cinema, or simply to
watch some romantic movie at home in the evening in silence and
coziness, simple be with a man who is really interesting to me.
One more day is coming to an end, I am sorry, but I will end this
mail, and will write you soon. Yours Olga.

Hello, my dear XXXX. How glad I am to see your mail in my box.
I so am glad to see this photo. It was very pleasant for seeing.
Thanks for your telephone number, I shall try to call to you soon.
Really pleasant feeling to open the mailbox and see that there is a
man to whom I am not indifferent and who have sympathy to me.
As I told you on Tuesday I was in the movies with my friends. The movie
was "Paragraph 78", it is an action movie with famous Russian actors
as Gosha Kutsenko and Vladimir Vdovichenkov. May be you could hear of
them, because in Russia these actors are very popular.
The film was surprisingly boring, and only the play of actors could
hold me at the screen. I said already that I don't like the action
movies very much, that's why I didn't have much interest to this film.
Perhaps, if close to me there was a man to whom I was dear, then time
spent in the cinema seemed to be more interesting. I actually look at
the screen and imagined you close to me, it seemed to me that you was
sitting with me, and we only two of us watching this movie together.
Yesterday I could only remember your mails with sadness, all your
words and stories. Yesterday I was really frustrated that you was not
there with me. It is so sad that we live so far away from each other,
between us thousands of kilometers, and it is really a big barrier. I
can't express all my feelings to you, so I can transfer only my
thoughts and emotions with the help of words. But we can communicated
nevertheless and it is most important. I want you Paul to know
that you are very important man to me. Yours Olga.

Hello, dear XXXX.
I am so glad that I have mail from you again in such a beautiful day.
Your letters allow me to feel your presence close to me. We are
separated by long distance, but I feel that you are so close.
Paul, we communicate already for a long time. During this time you
become to me more than just a friend. You made my heart beat stronger.
Now it is filled with tenderness to you. I know that I have a man to
whom I can say all about me and my life, because I trust you.
Before I have never thought that I can develop such feelings through
Internet, but now I know that it is possible and it can happen.
I want that you know that every time I wait for new mail from you. Now
I need them.
I wish you a good mood!!! Yours Olga.

Hello, my dear XXXX!
I want to address you today with words of sympathy and respect. I hope
that your attitude to me is sincere. Believe me, I lack serious
relations in my life. I want to meet you, I want to see you and your
country. Visiting of Norway could become very interesting travel, but
unfortunately for me it is not possible, because cost I think is too
Paul, you won by me, my thoughts and my consciousness, my soul!
Only you touch my heart, make it beat faster.
I think of you all the time. I think of, imagine you big expressive
eyes. Wherever I go, wherever I look, I always see you.
In my head the thoughts only about you, you are everywhere and always
close to me, despite of many kilometers separating us.
And I wanted to say to you that you are very important to me now.
During our acquaintance I began to value you and now understand that I
need you. Yes, I LOVE YOU, XXXX. and at last I decided to say...
Of course, it is unusual to love a person whom you never saw, but it's
true, when I talk to you about my feelings. I could never imagine and
would never believe that I find my love in the Internet.
But when I learnt you, I understood that you are the only man that I
want to present my love.
Even if there is a big distance between us, despite of anything - I
love you!
I will wait with impatience for your letter. Jeg elsker deg XXXX. Olga.

Hello my love XXXX! Min kj?re XXXX.
Thank you for your mail. I waited for the moment when I can get your
reply. It was difficult for me to say to you that I love you, but it's
true. I opened to you all the feelings that I had inside me, and I am
glad that you answered me. Your mails fill my life with sense. I began
to understand that my life means nothing without you, because I love
It seems to me that you and I are very close, but only unfortunately
we are so far away from each other.
I think that we should meet; we should see each other, look into each
other's eyes, because through Internet lost are emotions and it's hard
to understand each other. Of course, it is difficult to talk about
feelings, if we know each other only in Internet. I want to see you
very much, hear your voice, talk to you. I dream about our meeting. I
imagine how it will be. It's a pity that it is only dreams and if they
come true knows only God.
Between us big distance, but in my dreams I am with you. I feel that
our hearts beat in one rhythm and do you feel that?
Love in distance is very complicated. Our feelings can be carried for
long distances, but actually our love will be possible only after our
meeting. Only after that I could look into your eyes, only after you
will see my face, we can think of our future. I believe in our
happiness, I want further development of our relations, and it's a
real joy for me that you want the same. Our meeting must happen in any
case, even if it will be only for some minutes with you. Today I will
have time to visit the tourist agency. I think that the use of tourist
agency is the best way to realize our meeting. Unfortunately I don't
know anything about what kind of documents are necessary fro arrival
to the other country, but today I will learn it for 100%. I will
write you a letter as soon as I will learn all the necessary
information. Your girlfriend Olga.

Hello my dear XXXX. In Russia today the usual working day and tomorrow
also the working day. But on Sunday we shall have also a holiday Easter.
Today when I have break in my work, I could go through the tourist
agencies and learn about what documents I need to come to you,
At first I visited the tourist agency "Vlada". Tourist agent of the
firm told to me how I can go to Norway. He said that there will be
no problem with making all the documents. All was much simpler than I
thought, I won't actually need to do anything. I need to pay only 1000
euros, and the tourist agency will do everything for me. In 1000 euros
included are the cost of the visa (price), international passport
(price), making an insurance paper (price), airplane tickets (two-way)
(price) and a payment for the work of the agency. Preparing all this
documents will take for a month. I decided that it is too long and
went to another agency. In the other tourist firm "" they offer
me another variant - it is an urgent preparation of documents, if pay
1500 euros, then already in 5-7 days I can come to you, just imagine
how great it is! It will pass only for a week and we could be
together, my dear XXXX.
But there is one problem, I don't know how to say about it to you. I
wrote you earlier that my salary is not so big, only SOME ROUBLES I
can't even with all my desire pay this money and I need your help.
Without your material support I can't come to you. If you want that
our hearts come together, I want it very much, please, help me. Will
you help me? I want that you as sooner as possible write me what you
think about it. Your Olga.

My dear XXXX. Thanks you for that that we are capable to meet, I am
glad that could to find such person as you. It is pleasant for me that
you are interested in my city, I also in this letter send you photos
of my city, I hope that to you will be pleasant to see it.
I can take my holiday without problems because I have no problems with
my chief. My holiday can proceed 4 weeks. But it is possible for our
first meeting to us 1 week and after that I shall take my holiday in
the summer will suffice and to arrive to you for longer time. I think
that it is good idea.
I said to you that I will learn how possible to send
me the money for the travel to you. So I consulted with the accountant
in my work how it would be safer and faster to send money from the
other country, and here what she advised: As far as I don’t have my
own account in the bank, and to make an account in the bank is very
long, as many papers are checked about the client, then it is better
to use the services of Moneygram. As she told me, this company id the
world’s leader in the money transfers. Offices of this company are
very spread, so to transfer money is possible from almost any country
of the world. She made me sure that it is very safe and trustworthy
company and money will be available for the recipient in about 10
minutes. For that you could send me money you need to visit the agent
of Moneygram in your country. You will need to fill in a simple
document which you receive from the agent and there you should
identify my data:
Name: Olga
Sirname: Zemlyanushnova
My address: LENINA PROSPEKT, 7
City Ukhta, 169300
Country: Russia
And also you should identify you personal data. After you will send me
money, you will be given an identifying number consisting of 8
figures. So, you should send me this number and your personal data and
then I can go to the agent of Moneygram and get money. My friend
accountant said to me that she sent money this way and she liked it
very much because it is very fast and the main thing safe. She also
gave a link of the site of the company You can
learn at this site where is the nearest to you office of Moneygram. My
dear, please, find the nearest to you agent on this site and go to him
to send me money. I will wait for the information from you. I hope you
will soon write me. Your Olga.

Hello my dear XXXX.
My only one beloved man that I need so much and missing every minute of
my life!
I'm feeling that we are making our meeting step by step more and more
Yes, I'm really thankful to the fate that it made us to find each
other in that big world of hate and troubles.
We'll become the happiest couple and see our life only in beautiful
I know that it will be so, trusting in our feelings I'm finding myself
realy like a princess waiting for the moment when her prince will take
her in his arms...
Thanks for photos it is valid very snow weather, is more similar to
You remember I told you that I
didn't have holiday for about a year because I didn't see any sense in
rest as I didn't know what I will do in my free time. But now I have
you, and I want to spend this free time with you, what do you think
about it? For me it is very important to know your opinion. I can take
a holiday in the coming time, my holiday can continue for a month, but
it's important for me to know if you can spend this time with me? I
hope you can.
With my chief I have no problems, therefore I wait for your decision
concerning date of our meeting. Million of kisses and hugs for you my
dear and all my love from the bottom of my heart only for you!!!
Your Olga.

Hi, my favorite XXXX. For me there was a happiness yesterday to hear
your voice it it was fine.
You know when I read your letters my heart begins to beat fastly and
more strongly.
I did not tell to you in the last letter that yesterday I saw a
beautiful dream about us.
I saw that I ran on high grass on a field. I ran long and the longer I
ran the stronger I felt heat on the body.
Then in the distance I have seen your silhouette and began to run
I have approached to you, have taken your hands, then have strongly
embraced you and you have presented me a sweet sweet kiss.
I have woken up from it and my body was damp. When I had a boyfriend I
never saw dreams about him. And about you I saw...
I never thought that I shall have to you such feelings, but they say
that love comes suddenly and quickly.
So it is true love. And would you like to appear in my dream and to
present me a kiss?
It would be very pleasant for me to arrive to you and to meet you.
It would be interesting to meet you in May, we should meet at this
time. I think that it will be the beginning of our relations. After
our first meeting we can solve that waits for us in the future, and we
can plan for a summer, on longer our meeting. After my first visiting,
me will already know in embassy and the following official registration
of papers will be easier.
I shall wait for your answer with impatience... Olga.

Hello my lovely XXXX.
I simply can not find words of the pleasure.
I so am happy that I have found you in this huge world.
You are the only person to which I can tell all my thoughts and dreams.
When I write you the letter, I have something in my soul which is
impossible to explain, it can be felt only.
Some days I simply sit at the computer and I look at your photo, and all
the time I think of seeing you.
I present how you hold my hand and we walk on a coast and you embrace
me, and I feel myself Loved by the dearest person for me.
My mother looks at me with a kind smile and says that she is happy to
see me in this mood in which I am now.
And I myself am happy, because again I write you a letter. It is filled
with all my love and Tenderness to you.
Now I constantly look news hoping to learn something about your country.

With big Interest I study English. Besides that it is very interesting
to me, it is necessary very much to me now.
To me in general it is interesting to study everything that is unknown
to me. I mean may be not to learn, but it seems to me that it is better
to know little about everything than everything about little.
And consequently every dialogue with the person is a lesson for me.
But the most important dialogue for me when I communicate with you. You
see you are the mainest teacher for me, and I want to listen to you.
To listen to your ideas, reasonings, to know about you as much as
I hope that we can speak by today to phone. I want to hear your voice.
It is my phone number +7 961 337 1479. I tried to call to you, but I
could not to hear your voice. I hope that today you can call me.
I think you don't mind. Here I want to finish the letter, my lovely.
I wait with impatience for your letters.
Yours girlfriend Olga.

Hello, my sweet XXXX. I so was happy to hear your voice. It was to
speak very pleasantly with you, I could feel your contact, I could feel
your breath.
I have told about us to my friends.
They are very glad that I have found happiness and I am going to leave
Certainly they will miss me as well as my parents will.
It seems that you and I are already so much close to each other, we are
as husband and wife, but only, unfortunately, divided in huge distance.
But despite of it we should keep loving each other and trusting each
other. Do you agree with me?
The love sings in me as a bird in the spring sky. I think that it is
destiny, it can be dangerous for me, but I love you very much.
Your letters are filled with such tenderness and care. Sometimes the
tears of pleasure stream on my cheeks.
I think: My God, thank you that you have helped me to find my sole and I
hope that we will meet with him and we will be happy.
I dream of our meeting and about how I will go for a walk with you
holding your hand, how we shall look at each other and how we will make
will hold me on your hands, kiss and hug my gentle body.
It is a pity that it is only dreams.
I hope that we can solve all questions concerning our meeting. I heard
that is on-line remittance. You heard about it? You can come on a site and find out about it. You should not leave a house at
all, I think that it is good idea.
I hope to see your letter in a short time.
Your Olga.

Hello my lovely XXXX. I so strongly love you, yesterday after our
conversation I for a long time thought of you, I dreamed about our
meetings and of our happiness together. It becomes already possible
absolutely soon, I so want it. Unfortunately Russia very strongly
differs from Norway. In Russia the salary is given out by cash,
therefore the bank account have very small amount of people.

These are the data which to me has given my friend. You can not worry
about it, she very good friend therefore with money can't happen

INTERMEDIARY BANK: Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt/Main,

CORRESPONDENT BANK: / 100949808010
Bank for Foreign Trade, Moscow,

BENEFICIARY BANK:/30301978150020003800 Bank for Foreign Trade, Kazan
Pravobulacnnaya St., 13 Kazan, Russia, SWIFT: VTBR

BENEFICIARY: №40817978038000004100

NAME OF THE ADDRESSEE: Bolotova Yuliya Dmitrievna


INTERMEDIARY BANK: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich A.G., Vienna

CORRESPONDENT BANK: / 000-50.085.489
Bank for Foreign Trade, Moscow,

BENEFICIARY BANK:/30301978150020003800 Bank for Foreign Trade, Kazan
Pravobulacnnaya St., 13 Kazan, Russia, SWIFT: VTBR

BENEFICIARY: №40817978038000004100

NAME OF THE ADDRESSEE: Bolotova Yuliya Dmitrievna

Tell to me if something else is necessary. Write to me or call. I love
you. Yours Olga.

Hello my love XXXX.
I missed you very much. Yesterday I thought about us and about our joint
life a lot.
In general these ideas very frequently visit me. They cannot be
I hope, that you understand feelings of the woman, feelings of the woman
in love.
I did not think, that our relations in the Internet will have so serious
My dear call by me to phone +7 961 337 1479, I want to hear yours
voice. Or tell number on which I can phone up to you.
You are my dream, my meaning of the life.
I love you XXXX.
Your girl in Russia.

Hi my love XXXX.
I am happy to read your letter. I miss you very strongly.
Today at work we had a very heavy day. We have to work from the very
morning to dinner.
It is very intense day and I get very tired.
But I think of you, my love and my heart is filled with life.
All my ideas are only about you and everybosy is surprised why
I am so happy every such difficult day. There is a smile on my face for
the whole day. I think of you, my love.
I dream of us together, about our life.
Your love to me makes me the happiest woman in the world.
Every day, every hour, every minute, you are in my head and in my heart.

Youe should know, that my love is only for you. All my life belongs to
I want very much to receive the letter from you,
in the end of this heavy day.
I want to hear from you words I love you my XXXX.
I wait for it from you very much. I want to be with you and I wait for
this day.
I want to ask you to speed up our meeting. I hope that today, you can
make translation into the account of my friend.
I will wait a letter from you. I love you, my Prince.
Yours Olga.

Hello my lovely. I hope that today all will be good. My friend has
told that the address, it is not necessary, but if you speak that it
is necessary. It is the address of mine friend:
Pravobulacnnaya St., 11,
postal index 420111,
City Kazan,
full name: Bolotova Yuliya Dmitrievna
Republic Tatarstan
Call me if you will have any questions. Your girlfriend Olga.

Hi dear XXXX!
The day is great today because I've got a letter from you.
You are the best what I have in my life and I am not alone any more.
Every time I go on my work, it is a date with you. It is the greatest
event for me during the day.
I even can't find the words to describe what feelings I have when I get
a message from you. It is like a storm.
I forget about the world around me-only you and I in the whole world.
But every fairy-tale has the end-sometimes sad, sometimes happy.
I hope that we will have the happy end, what do you think? Well.
Yesterday I again talk to my mom about you. I was a little bit afraid to
do it.
The reason is that she loves me very much and of course, like every
mother she worries about me. It is not an easy step to leave everything
you have
and move to the strange country. The country, you know nothing about.
But I am sure that with you I will feel safe and secure and that I have
nothing to be afraid of.
I told this to my mom and read some points from your letter. She told me
that she trusts me.
And if I am happy, she is happy too. She thinks that you are a good,
reliable, honest, kind and caring person.
And she wishes us only happiness and good luck. But of course, only the
meeting will show us if we really were made for each another.
I am sure already that you are my second half.
We really have much in common and I admire and respect you.
My friend has told that money should act in bank at the end of this
week, thus already absolutely soon we can meet, I wait for it my love.
So I will close here, dear. Take care.
Kisses and hugs.
You are always with me in my heart.
Yours Olga.

My dear XXXX, I am very happy that at last I have a letter from you. You
are my only one and only you are in my heart, only you are necessary
to me!!! I want to live and love only you. I want to be with you very
much, I simply adore you, you charmed me. I regret that we are
separated for such a huge distance. I would like to hug and kiss you,
now I can only dream about this... When I close my eyes, I can
present how your hands tenderly touch my body. It makes me excited. I
sincerely want to make you the happiest man, because I love you very
much. You are my ideal, you are the greatest and the most
affectionate person to me.
Excuse me, but I have some problems with telecommunication, I hope that
today we can speak by phone, my love.
Here I will end my letter. I hope you will
pay attention to my words and my feelings. I will wait a reply from
you, my tender prince!
I love and adore you. Yours Olga.

My dear XXXX. I do not see your letters a lot of time. Tell to me with
you all well? I worry about you. Your girlfriend Olga.

Hi my love XXXX! I am very pleased to see a letter from you here.
I can't consentrate on anything until I see your letter. These minutes
are the happiest to me. During this time I forget about everything in
the world and I can think only about you, my love!
Although the weather today was not sunny and there were clouds in the
sky, my mood was good. I dreamt the whole night how it will be great
Today in the morning I got up with the thoughts that at last we can be
together. I really want that, my love!
I dream about our meeting and I want to do everything to be together as
soon as possible.
I want you to know that you mean so much to me!
We must take care of our feelings, you know it's so difficult to meet
real love in modern times.
You are so nice not only outside, but inside.
I want us to be together forever!!!
I am sending you my hot kisses, my beloved man.
I will think of you, my love! Your Olga.

Hello my beloved XXXX!! I have not very good news for you. Everything
is fine, but one obstacle has appeared, about which I did not know
earlier. I came to the travel agency to learn if all is ready For my
trip to you and I was said there that visa is ready, but I have to
have in my hands not less than 2000 euro and the documents, confirming
this. Validity of the visa is 30 days and this money confirms that
I'll be able to contain myself for that time I get the work visa, in
the document it is not said that I arrive to you, so I'll not be
released out of country without these money. Without your help I'll
not be able to come to you. If you send my friend Alina Vilkova 2000
euro via Western Union, I'll be able get quickly your money and in 5
days you'll meet me in the airport. You will lose nothing XXXX!
Because when I arrive to you, I'll give you this money. I did not want
to ask for you about money, but I really did not know that it will be
required extra money. If I would know, I would discuss first with you
this, after all I do not have any extra money. My love, I'm only in
five days from you; if you believe me and want me to come to you, then
send me 2000 euro via Western Union for name my friend Alina Vilkova
and in five days I'll arrive to you and we'll be the happiest mate in
the world. unfortunately it is not possible to send money for my name
because my passport to be in travel agency on official registration of
papers. I was in bank and found out about branch Western Union closest
to you, it is the address which to you is necessary:


It is the address of bank in my city:
UKHTA, 169300,

It is the address of my friend Alina Vilkova
UKHTA, 169300,

I love you and hope in our soon meeting. I love you.
Your Olga.

Hello, my sweetheart XXXX! Yesterday competition an Eurovision, but
unfortunately Russia was could not win first place, but performance of
our girls was very good and I test pride of my country.
How are you feeling? I care about you so much,
because you mean the whole world to me. You woke up such a great fire
in me which can burn the whole world. I have never been so happy
earlier, it turned out that love can make real miracles! When i think
of you i forget about all my problems. I was very lucky that I met you
and I never want to loose you.
Unfortunately I not so well understand in automobiles, but I think
that you could help very well to the friend and he was happy. I also
am happy, because I have such man as you.
I am like a flower which cannot live without sun light. You are my
light, my sun and I can exist only when you are close to me, that's
why I am ready to much to be together with you. I want to fall asleep
in your strong embrace and feel sweet taste of your lips and wake up
with the thoughts that there is so close to me a man without whom my
life wouldn't have any meaning.
My you the man, you that person for the sake of which are meaningful to
Here I will stop my mail to you. But I will not stop thinking of you.
My thoughts are always with you. Your Olga

Hello, my dear XXXX.
I was very pleased to get a mail from you today.
I am always pleased at your letters, my prince, they always raise my
For mу it is a great happiness to meet such a person like you.
You became my ideal and I am satisfied that only you take place in my
big and hot heart of a loving woman.
I want to be close to you, to feel your affectionate touches and kisses.
My love to you is very strong and serious. I want you to know that it's
not a game to me, I am not a little girl to play games.
I want to meet with you very much, my prince. I hope that our desires
are similar.
Tomorrow our meeting it becomes possible, tomorrow I shall arrive to

Moscow (SVO) Depart 15:50 Terminal 2 to Amsterdam (AMS)Arrive 17:20
Amsterdam (AMS) Depart 20:20 to Trondheim (TRD) Arrive 22:35

Here I will end my mail. I am sending you my affectionate kiss and
strong hugs. Your girlfriend

Hello, my dearest XXXX. I love you very much!
I so regret about a problem which have arisen between us, to me is
very sad that this situation took place. I want to meet you, I am a
stone's throw away from you, I regret about my problem. BUT it is
necessary for me to pay the penalty to leave the country. Now I have
only about 500 euro on my hands. I asked my friends and my parents to
help me, but unfortunately I have no big the sum. To extinguish my
penalty it is necessary to grant the sum 1000 euro. My love I have
all documents, but I cannot leave the country if I shall not bring
this penalty. As soon as I shall be capable extinguish this penalty I
can to arrive to you.
I want to be with you for the rest in my life.
You are my star that I want to love!
I want to be happy with you. I want us to hold each other's hands and
have a romantic night with romantic kisses.
I want to hold your hand and walk on the beach and kiss you.
We could watch a sunset together with you.
I can't live without you, my beloved XXXX and I decided that I should be
close to you.
It's so necessary to me. I love you!
I love you, my dear!
I experience the biggest feeling in the earth - it is my love to you, my
Your love Olga.
I miss you very much.

Hello my love XXXX.
I write you from Moscow and this very urgent letter.
Today I had very serious trouble. I at all do not know as you all to
It seems, that I have arrived very silly.
I could not take off from Moscow. Today I have arrived to the airport to
visit you.
Me have detained at the airport, when I passed the device which can find
They have found out my gift, which I carried for you my love.....
I did not want to hide it from them my love. But so it has turned out,
that I did not know rules of customs house.
This gold ring was specially for you my love.
I was arrested for transportation of jewelry. This ring is very
expensive for me.
It intended to you. To my future husband.
To me is very sad, that I could not take off to you. Please do not think
of me poorly and do not condemn me.
It is very not easy now in this situation. I had excitement before a
start to you.
Probably this my heart prompted me, that there will be a trouble.
I am very sad. I had to pay 3500 euro to the penalty. They spoke, that
can start on me criminal
case if I urgently shall not pay the penalty.
I know, that you very malicious on me. It is possible, that you any more
do not trust me.
But I really wanted to make to you a pleasant surprise, and it has
turned out very bad.
Before to make to you this gift I Consulted with my mum. She has
approved my idea.
We could not present at all, that all so will be wrapped up for us.
I shall call to my father and to ask, that he has helped me.
Please forgive me my love. I very much regret, that has arrived is not
I want that you knew, that I very much love you.
I wait your letter very urgently.
My life is not meaningful without you. Please call to me, I want to
speak with you.
Your girlfriend Olga.