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Comment #1022
Hello Hello John !!! Iam very glad to get acquainted with such приятным the
man. How your moodharmi? How your? I am very glad to read your letter.
I with большом pleasure have read your letter. And so it is pleasant
for me to conduct with you обoянние and to get acquainted with such
pleasant person. I think, that we can find the general themes and our
acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us. When I have seen your
person and вашb that you at once me have involved beautiful eyes in
yourselves. And I at once have wanted to learn you closer. My name is
Svetlana to me of 27 years growth of 174 centimeters weight of 57 kgs.
I live in such красивой to the country under the name Russia. Our
country so huge that to you тяжело will find probably on a card city,
such as Green dol. But if you want, can find it. If you to me will
write that to me also it will be pleasant to learn about you and about
your city. I work as the trainer in an improving complex, I work in a
room of rest under number 4 rest on skates. My work is very pleasant
to me. As I very much like to skate. And I here have found to myself
the girlfriend, she too works with me in a room of rest number 4 rest
on skates and it is very pleasant for me to have such girlfriend. We
every day communicate, consult and we can help each other with work
and so in a life. From languages I know only Russian, English and
German. But at once I want to warn that my English not so it is good
and consequently at once I ask an apology of me if I shall write to
you incorrectly. Ok? Now let me to tell to you about the character. As
you have already understood by my first words I am the romantic and
clever girl as I to communicate with not familiar I like and I find
common language. I despise lie, insincerity and I do not love
alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. For me it is always very pleasant to
communicate openly, without secrets and lie. Now I shall try to tell
to you a little about my appearance though you will see much from my
photo which I shall send you. I have brown eyes. My color of hair now
so hardly brightly red. My figure harmonous. Write to me in the letter
on your impression on me. Also I want that you have described about
yourselves, about your work? Except for work on the free time I have
small hobby. I very much like to read books. In the domestic modest
library but I on the sly fill up the library. But my passion to books
only grows. It delivers me weight of pleasant emotions, for me there
is no more pleasantly a rest, than to esteem the book. Earlier I read
a lot of fiction and various encyclopedias and the same to novels But
now at me more and more gravitation to romanticism. Tell please you
like to read books? Also I love pets. I have favourite cat whom call
Vasya. When I prepare for a supper of a house for that to be rubed it
about my leg and on a step does not leave me. And when I read it jumps
on my knees and so lays until while I shall not stand. I shall well
finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you very
much. Do not overlook to write to me! I very much would like to know
about you as much as possible! Yours faithfully Svetlana.
Comment #1023
Hello Benny!! How your mood ? What weather ? I am very glad to receive
again your letter. And me began so pleasantly to read your unique
letter. And with the big interest I shall correspond with such
remarkable person. I am very happy that we with you shall find the
general themes for dialogue. I very much надеюc, that this interest
between us will not cease but only on the contrary to mature. It was
pleasant for me to hear from you sincerity about you about your life.
You very much like me also I do not want to break off with you the
attitude If fairly to speak, to me you are very pleasant and glad to
receive again from you the letter, I thought that you will not answer
my letter, but you have answered also it well and pleasantly of you.
And I am glad that have found you and I think that it mutually. And
still I think that we should not interrupt our dialogue and learn
about the friend the friend everything, I think it mutually. And I
shall answer with the great pleasure your letters. It is pleasant for
me to communicate with remarkable people as you. I shall tell not much
about myself about the life. As I already wrote in the last letter I
collect books and there and then them I read. As you have already
understood I not only I and also go in for sports read. I each days
off go on various trainings, dances, aerobics and in the mornings I
try to run every day. Sports very much help I will be weakened, are
forgotten about the problems and to concentrate and at run it is very
good to think and at all besides I support a tone of the body. I
somewhere run about 2,3 kilometers. Also I like to play volleyball and
to run with the girlfriends in our court yard and stadium. And you
lovely are engaged in sports? Parents gave me in a life much, have
learned to love sports, to protect the body and health. And I even
brought the first places but more the second. And in the winter I like
to ski. We behind city have my favourite settlement in which I was
born there my mum lives. The father with us is not present already for
a long time but I not about sad started, but I nevertheless shall tell
with your permission I shall open soul and to me it becomes easier and
that sits as what that a cargo on soul though I very much do not have
the father. It has died of a cancer easy too much it smoked last days
lives laid in hospital, in each days visited the father not from went
looked after the father, from work mother has left and I after school
came helped mum that is the father, came home only at 10 o'clock, it
was very difficult for me when it has died, and now when write to you
in a breast presses. When my father to me has died was 14 years. Yes
on what we have stopped on sports. I each days off to a hedgehog to
mum also ski, we near a house have big slope and there I go for a
drive, there not only certainly I go for a drive also children go for
a drive, by 12 o'clock them comes so much that the place does not
suffice to go for a drive, on this I go for a drive in the morning
while children have not woken up, and woods at us strange. Tell please
and you love sports? If yes, you are engaged in what kind? For many
young people on the first place of rest costs computers and so-called
TVs. It very harmful to children, influences Sight and on mentality. I
too began to give big time to a computer, for me the computer is
necessary only for work and for correspondence with you. You please do
not think that type to me difficultly with you to correspond, it is
pleasant for me to correspond with you, I now at all do not look the
TV. And still young people like to go on discos or to various bars, I
too when at school studied liked to go with girlfriends on discos, but
I now have grown also me indifferent any discos. And you lovely prefer
what music? Now I like to go in for sports and skate and still I run
in the mornings and I read in the evenings. And how you spend precious
time? Much to our regret my free time has ended also I finish this
letter. I very much shall wait very much for your answer. It will be
pleasant for me to receive your letter again! Yours Svetlana!
Comment #1024
Hello John! How at you today mood Patrich John? How is the weather at
you Patrich John? I am very glad to receive your letter again. It is
pleasant to me to read your next letter. Your letter me has very much
pleased. It is very interesting to me to know about you all a demon an
exception and about all. Same that we will well know about the friend
the friend all. Yes I had a young man and even there were
conversations on marriage on at you it has chosen the bad company, its
friends in the tunnel in bad manners. I am very glad that you too love
sports and sports meets. Yes I very much love children and I wish to
have children nearby 2 or 3 children. But I think it is not necessary
to hurry feeling and time is not necessary for serious relations and I
did not think of marriage yet and while early that that to speak about
the highest in love But at you at me not enough free time. Well and
so. I so strongly waited your letter that when you have written at me
mood has risen on eyes and this letter is written with soul. Today my
day was very loaded and I am very tired, but when have read your
letter my heart have blazed with happiness and to me it became much
easier mood have risen. To tell the truth I waited for your letter. As
we have found each other on correspondence I want that you were frank
with me. If you wish to know even more about what I do not write. But
in the future I will tell about myself more and more, it is necessary
to write only to be interested and all at us will go perfectly. If
that I can prepare a lot of tasty for you but it is my secret. Today I
wish to tell to you about the last days. Days have passed very
pleasantly, walked with the girlfriend on an evening city ate
ice-cream. In the summer this city simply blossoms on eyes open
fountains, Children run play and children simply go for a drive on
bicycles on various rollers do not depart from fountains плескаются
and splash with water, we pass with girlfriends about fountains that
on have sprinkled cold water, on it we with girlfriends do not pass
about fountains, we with girlfriends like to walk on avenues on
various parks, and still we with girlfriends love an extreme, jump, go
for a drive on on rollers, go on a beach we jump the biggest bridge.
And tell you where like to walk and have a rest? For the summer I
leave to mum in settlement when holiday allow from to die, from
settlement we go to village to mum's sister my aunt call Svetlana
Jurevна and its husband Sergey Vlodimerovich. At them the kitchen
garden, is a cow, the pigs, different birds of a hen, a duck,
turkey-cocks. At the aunt children already married and have left who
where. In village we go to wood behind mushrooms behind berries. At us
in woods there live brown bears, foxes, fibers jump on branches, elks
to go on fields a grass chew also leaves of different trees. And along
toward evening we go home to feed live, to water a kitchen garden, in
general in village it is a lot of work but the aunt and the uncle
already much here live and already the nature fresh air and lake here
pure pure has got used to like here again to it here and lake name
Kyndysh and large fish is caught there, uncle Sergey to go every day
on fishing and brings the whole bucket of fish and salts it stirs on
the nature. And you when-nibut went or went on the nature and whether
you love fishing? Also write please what river at you proceeds as its
name? Excuse me, but I should continue this letter поpже, my free time
comes to an end. I with pleasure will wait for yours the unique
letter. Yours Svetlana!
Comment #1025
Hello my friend Benny!!! How your mood Benny??? It is pleasant to me
to receive again yours единственyое the letter, I hope it mutually and
you wrote with the big emotions when receive and read my letter. My
dear Benny I had to a kind that I wait for your letter. And on about a
trip I do not think yet I think that it early. I fairly to tell still
I am afraid to think about road to you... I cannot give you money
because I do not have such day and in you second I almost do not know
we have got acquainted recently and you already wish to arrive to me I
certainly not a protyphus but it seems to me that it too early I need
to learn you on closer and soon I will learn you to float. Well and so
That it is pleasant to you in my letters? I wish to tell to you, that
your letters very much like me also they fine. But I would tell, it is
impossible to judge the person under his letters. The main thing for
me that you write to me about yourselves. As you write sincerely or
try to embellish a little the history, the character and other. But
after several letters I understand, that you very serious person and
with you it is possible to discuss more frank and serious themes. And
in general you give the chance to me to learn more and more about you
and your country, about your traditions. In general it would be final
to me very perfectly to learn about your country more, and it is even
more about your city! Now I wish to tell to you about the country and
about a city in which I live. As I already wrote I live in such
country as Russia. I very much am proud of the country. Probably you
even have some hostility to my country, but I think, that you simply
badly know her. If it is fair at me also there is such feeling when
you do not know the country you think, that she bad. In the childhood
when I studied history I hated all countries which were at war against
my country. Then I was such the patriot, and a children's head such
thoughts are easily driven in. But when you become more adult, you
understand that you did not live in those days and simply do not
understand that life. You understand, that so it was necessary. And
the most important thing that in it such simple people as we are not
guilty! Well and so in our country it is a lot of cities and various
subjects. In our country there live many the various people, different
nationalities. But most of all in this country I like such nice city,
as green dol I very much love this city. This city has given me all.
He has given me a life, he has given me my fine childhood, my first
unforgettable school days, good formation and work. But the most
important thing he has given me very fine family in spite of the fact
that I so early remained without the parent. But my mum for me was
both mum, and the daddy. You happened sometime in my city? And in
general happened sometime in Russia? My city has a history. Earlier my
city was called on another. It named Batka. He has been named under
the name of the river which proceeds near to a city. It is the most
beautiful and pure river. Here I often bathe in the summer. Sometimes
I even bathed in the winter. In Russia there is such holiday as the
Christening which mark on January, 19th. And for this holiday many
people bathe in an ice-hole to be healthy and strong, and the main
thing to wash off all religious dirt. In a green dale there are many
entertaining centres, attractions. Earlier I am constant on the target
spent a free time here. We had a rest here with the family. Also here
there are many various theatres, museums, cinemas, schools and
educational institutions. Our city and our area славятmся such craft,
as manufacturing well-known dymkovskich toys and products. You heard
about this craft? Also our area славитmся such outstanding artist as
Victor Vasnetsov. I very much like my city and I will never speak and
recollect my city from the bad party. My love but sometimes I am
bothered with such monotony when every day you see one and too. You
probably get tired of my sad and monotonous story about my city, about
my country. But I say at once to you, that the more know, the is
better you represent this person. I very much want, that you have
written to me also about the city! To in total you kind! Do not forget
the girlfriend from Russia. I very much wait for your letter, do not
keep me waiting long as you have very much interested me!
Kisssssssssss Yours Svetlana!!!! P.S. I send you one more photo and
very much I hope to receive in exchange yours! I hope to you my photo
is pleasant. And if she is pleasant, do not forget to write!!!!
Comment #1026
Hello Bang!!! I am very very glad that you have again written to me.
It is healthy and very pleasant from you for me. From the moment of
our acquaintance to you my life very much has changed in mine and I
seem to me have found the family and she I think that is very fine you
of races wrote the life that wanted at once to me such man which so
wants a family and very much I want a family. Also it is all to the
best, only thanks to you my life became in many respects light and
fluffy. I would like to arrive to you but time what that time is
necessary. How you have spent today the fine day? At you today good
weather? With each letter we can learn about each other more and more
the new. It is very pleasant to me to learn about you more and more
new and it I think very well. And how you think? You probably with me
in general agree. Tell as you represent the woman in the future? Tell
what there should be you the wife? And how many you think in a family
should be children? I think, that for many first of all the wife
should be able to cook food and to erase and hold in cleanliness the
house. And I differ from many women, I have a highlight. I am able to
cook a lot of tasty food and who tried her always spoke only pleasant
words and did not refuse the additive. Tell what dishes you love most
of all? I have started to prepare still when went to school. I and
itself very much loved is tasty to attempt earlier. First of all to me
very much to like Russian and the Ukrainian cuisine, also to me was
necessary to visit some times Italian and once in Chinese restaurants.
From a Russian cuisine I most of all like pelmeni and a borsch. These
are dishes is very extended in Russia, especially in the winter when
here it is a lot of holidays. For New Year, Christmas and the
Christening and маслинница pelmeni the most important dish. Without
them the holiday does not manage. Also I very much love pancakes and
aladi. Since the childhood I loved cutlets Prepared with mashed
potatoes and a grated beet will not prevent there. I very much love
Winter salad and as a herring on a fur coat which is very popular in
Russia and is present on each celebratory table. I love a chicken - a
grill and a potato muesli. I love red fish under the name a salmon. I
in general love meat and many meat dishes. Also I love fruit and any
fruit salads and is fresh the squeezed out juice, various delicacies
and certainly sweet. From drinks I prefer pear juice more. From an
Italian cuisine I love a spaghetti and a firm Italian pizza. Only you
do not think, that I such glutton, simply I eat always norm and I very
vigorous person and I go in for sports. By the way, we in Russia have
a proverb: "the way to heart of the man - lays through its stomach!"
Tell to me about your flavouring preferences? About your favourite
dishes? I will look forward to your reply very much! Write to
me!!!!!!! Kisssssssssssssssssssssssss Yours Svetlana!!! Kiss!