Scammer Panachevskaya Galina

Kharkiv Ukraine

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I met her in may, in Kharkov, she’s a “All beautiful agency”’s girl. She said she love me very much, but I was wary of this, I met her only few days. Anyway she gave me her email address and, came back at home, she wrote me that she likes meet me again, but in Egypt or Turkey for summer holidays. She comes across as a scammer.

Hi dear Jack. Thanks for your letter! How are you today? I hope at you very well and you in the perfect form. You as to me like to me very pleasant your words, also I want to know you more. Through email we only acquaintance but to know each other well and to spend perfect time is necessary to stay together. I feel heat inside when I see your letters, it is strange possible I to experience new feelings because to meet such the man? Probably meeting for us early, but I don't think that internet can acquaint us closer than we are familiar now. We live one life and probably this life we can be together? If we like each other why not meeting again, I present as I can see you, go for a walk with you holding you for hands.. I don't want as to live at loneliness and I want to try to find love. I don't know than to come to an end our correspondence but I know that I want to see you. Do you want our meeting? How we can meet? I never travelled but likely it very expensive. My holiday in august, I shall have 30 free days. It will be a perfect opportunity for meeting because then I shall not have holiday till next summer then to come to an end my rates. You would like to go in Egypt? Or in Turkey? It will be surprising if after our warm letters I can have perfect time with you. My break come to an end and I should go at home. I wish to you perfect day, don't feel lonely and knows that the girl there far thinks of you.

With hope yours Galina.

Hallo Jack, how are you? How was your weekend? Hope all is perfect with you. I missing your letters but internet club was close on weekend, and I can write to you only today. To me very well and I have good news. I find out rather travel in Egypt, it is not difficult and any date is possible to choose. The ticket up to Egypt costs 400 dollars/person, the return ticket and consequently it is very convenient. I find out in travel agency as though you could help me. In agency to me to give advise that we should before to know your flight room and exact times to correct my flight and to choose too airport and close time, that for the meeting was easy, what you to think? To me have said both apartment and the hotel can costs in one week about 350 dollars. Probably it easily for us I shall reserve the ticket and arrival before you per day or some hour and then to look habitation and meeting you in the airport. How your documents? We should hurry up have time on August. But you should understand that I can not pay my ticket, and if you can help about the ticket and with hotel then I without problems booking the ticket and hotel here for us, all it is necessary about 600 dollars. To me have said what there is a very convenient bank system Western Union, you heard about it? It is very convenient also for me have said what is it within 30 minutes I can receive from you the help on the ticket for travel agency. But you should know my address, would you like that I to send it to you? I shall try to call to you and before to write to you email probably on this week, I shall be the prevention you. Dear I want that you knew that for me our meeting is important, and if you give me this chance I’m ready to go forward for the sake of it. For now between us distance your nice letters are the one keeping me going. They make my day everyday.

I think to you..

Sincerely yours Galina.

Here is a story of another man about this girl.

"First of all sorry for my English, it’s not really good. My name is L., I’m an Italian man and I want to report to you my story, because I don’t know if I known a scammer or other. Some months ago I seen on internet, on a marriage agency, a very beautiful girl of Kharkov, Ukraine. I was interested to her so I decided to meet her directly in her city, without correspondence by email and so on ‘cause I did know scam’s phenomenon. So in December 2006 I was in Kharkov and I met her paying 20 $ for a meeting. The meeting was been normal and to the end we was agreed to meet us again. I was been a whole week with her and I can’t hide to you that we made love many times, that she did want to came in Italy to me, that she did like me and so on… But, after one week that I come back in Italy she told me she did can’t came in Italy and it was difficult to meet us in Ukraine, but it was possible in another country: Kenya. What a bitch! I have to buy a travel in Kenya for her otherwise is impossible to meet her? So I decided to came back in Kharkov (in January) and I did do it but it was been impossible to meet her. When I was there, many times I called her but she told me always the same: the one’s way to meet her and make love (her words) was to have a trip in Kenya. And Then, maybe love… maybe idiocy, foolishness… I called her saying I did love her, I did want to stay with her for all my life, and finally I did ask: “I will meet you in Kenya. Where I have to send money for your air ticket?”. She did reply to me. It’s useless to tell you that there was not been no trip in Kenya. Sometimes I try to call her but mobile ring… ring… ring…
Her name is Galina Panachevskaya (in Ukrainian language Panachevska), she lives in Kharkov, is 24 y.o., 163 cm., light brown hair, blue eyes. "