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I gave her 480 dollars and then came back asking for another 1234dollars.

The lady ANNA Povlova is using stolen pics of Ukrainian singer Anna Semenovich. At Date Me Free these photos are used by a person calling herself Daryana and the translation agency is called Black Pearl.

Subject: Hello my love Harold!
Hello my love Harold!
How are you?
At me all is good.
Thank for your care. I am never shall forget day of our acquaintance.
I each day dream to meet you. When I go to sleep, I dream to be in
Your embraces.
But I believe that soon we shall meet. I believe in destiny and I believe in love!
You believe? I believe that for love there are no borders. The love is capable to make magic!!

Love this magic! I am glad that we like each other.
Without love there is no life. The love gives us force and hope!
I think, that you understand me!

My dreams do not have borders........
..... Once we shall be together. We shall sit on a beach and to observe a decline.
Then you will present me a sweet kiss.... mmm. our hearts will beat in a unison!
It will be unforgettable night! Then there will come dawn!
The first beam of the sun will touch us and will bring heat, light and there will come new day!

...... It is a pity that only dreams! To me it becomes slightly sad. But I do not suffer.
I long very much searched for the love! And I do not want to lose you.
My love I has absolutely overlooked to send you in the last letter a copy of my Russian passport, now my love I send it to you, I hope now you know that I am real, and my love very much to you is strong.
I finish the letter.
I wish you a lot of love and I send you sweet sweet kiss!
Write to me somewhat quicker my love, I with impatience shall wait for your answer.
Always yours Anna

Subject: Hi my fine Harold!!!!!
Hi my fine Harold!!!!!
You would know as I were very very glad to read your letters, your letters is similar to air without which I cannot live.
My love it so is wonderful, that you now trust me my love, and now we necessarily shall together.
Harold, I shall be very happy, if I shall be your wife, it so is wonderful, you do not imagine as I very much very much my love is now glad, all that is necessary for me in this life, it only you both only you, and I am fast very much very soon shall at you in hands.
My love certainly I shall inform to you the information so that you could go to send these 470 dollars that I could pay my documents, my love I very much I hope that you will make it somewhat quicker as my love my travel agency informs me that they almost already have stopped to legalize my papers, and now I necessarily should pay my documents, for that that I could arrive to you.
My information, in which you need to send me this money:
My full name:
Name: Anna
Lastname: Pavlova
My address:
Saint Petersburg,
Pavlovskaia Street 17/2 apt.24
Zip: 152678
My love I very much hope that you will make it somewhat quicker as I very much miss on you, and very much I want to be somewhat quicker at you in hands.
I shall wait for your sweet letters, write to me somewhat quicker.
Yours and only your love forever, Anna.