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Pervomays'k Ukraine

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Asked for translation fee money, Ukraine group. Datemefree has me qyite busy, as I do exactly like them. Cut and paste, take their letter and change it here and their. Their so stupid, they don't realise I've sent them the letter that they sent me in reply. WOW talk about dirt stupid. Another one bites the dust.
Anyone having contact with Anastasiya Ivanova listed on this site, please contact me at [email protected] I am trying to find what scam sites she is located on.

Subject: from Oksana
Hello my dearest Yvon,
Thank you very much for your desire to
help me with our correspondence.
I miss you and your beautiful letters
so much!Thanks a lot for your honesty
in your letter,I really appreciate it greatly,
and understand you quite well.
I just want you to trust me.I have strong and
serious intentions towards you,want to create
a happy family-this is my only wish!I was permitted to
write you this letter in credit,as I can't pay for the
pondence any longer,sorry...I am working hard,but still I
am pressed
for money!
Thanks again for your help,I appreciate
it greatly!It's so nice that we can continue
our correspondence!
My home address is :
Sovetskaya Street 546
Polischyk Oksana
Still "hope this is just the beginning", and my interest in
you is genuine.

Subject: from "Palitra"

Dear Sir,
We are translator firm "Palitra". Our firm makes translation
for the clients who don't know English.
We provide different kinds of translation.
Here it is the following list of our service:
- translation letters for our clients form Russian
into English and form English into Russn,
- oral translation , while phone conversation,
- arrangement of the meeting
between our clients,
- provide translator while meeting,
- business letters,
- business conversation.
Our client Liza turned to our firm for the help,
because she doesn't know English and she doesn't have
access to the Internet, that's why we help her to correspond with you.
The matter is that our service is not free.
Sorry,but our client,Oksana ,can not use the services
of our agency any more .The terms of her contract is already overed.
That's why,she can't answer your letters.
Dear sir, if you interesting in continuation of your correspondence,
you can help your lady with the payment for our service.
If you are interesting, we will send you all necessary information.
PS. If you have any questions you may call us on the telephone: +380686883561
We work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. according Ukrainian time .
Faithfully translator firm