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He/she contacted me at Date Me Free. I knew she was a scammer when I saw the first photo. These photos are used by many scammers. Here is an example. Refuses to answer questions and sends pre-written meaningless bullshit. Date Me Free refuses to remove these scammers. I have reported more than 50 to them. I think the owners of Date Me Free are behind many of these scams.

Letter #1

Hello dear Wayne!!! Thank you for your interest to my personality, it's not common for me to get acquainted in the internet but looking at some few couples I also decided to make up my mind and to test the destiny.
Well, at first I want to say that it's very nice to meet you here.I couldn't help writing to you because I have felt some strange pleasant warmth when I opened your letter that I found in my mail-box. Maybe I have noticed something that other's can't see, I hope that you are the man who is going to play games, as I heard about a lot of them who are in the internet. I know, that I don't need to write about this in my first letter but I want to be honest with you from the very beginning up to the end... I'm not sure what this end would be like. But I want you to know that I'm really serious and if you are not, I ask you just to delete this message. Thank you for understanding.
Do you want to start a romantic adventure in the world of love and passion with me? I can be your guiding star and you my captain! Deal?
But now more serious. I just wanted to let you know that you have interested me with your personality and I am here to get to know you better! I hope you will respond my curiosity and write me back soon because I am a very impatient young lady! So don't let me wait for too long.
Of course I want to tell you some more information about me as I understand that one profile is not enough to know a person in a proper way and get closer to him. I want to say that I believe in real meeting, I'm sure that it means more that long term correspondence, so why we need to lose the time?
To start with I want to tell you that I am a very easy-going and at the same time a very serious young lady and I am here with the most serious intentions to find my soul mate and to live happily with for the rest of my life! I love all kinds of music but mostly disco and pop as I adore dancing and expressing myself in a dance! And what is your attitude to dancing?
I like to dine out and just have fun with my friends and with the people I love and you know they say that they like to be with me because from the very childhood I tend to be a soul of a company and I am easy to deal with as I am a very understanding and caring person! I love to laugh and make all the people around me smile!
I enjoy traveling but I have to admit that I haven't any opportunity to see the world yet and it stays my biggest dream after finding my soul mate as I think it is much more fun to travel with the one you love and value, to explore new countries and continents with him... And how do you think, honey?
In people I value a good sense of humor and optimism! And my future partner should be trustworthy, understanding and a social person! I want to feel me safe and comfortable with him and be able to rely on him in any situation. Well if you are the one for me, you are welcome to come into my world and brighten it!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Take a good care!
Tenderly, Vasilisa

Letter #2

Hello dear Wayne!!! It was so pleasant to find your letter in my mail-box again. Thank you for your honesty, now I see that you are really serious man. I appreciate that you decided to answer me, as I have told you in my previous letter I don't want to waste time for games. I think that you may have a question why I'm here in the internet looking for my soul-mate. Well, you see, I can't live with closed eyes any more, looking how our Ukrainian men cheat girls. Sometimes it sound unrealistic even for me, but our men are not romantic any more, sometimes I think their minds work in another manner, as they might have forgotten about their aim on the earth, as I think that men were born to support women, to love and to make them happy:)) And what you think about this?:) I she, in her turn, must to give him everything he want, to thank him for everything he is doing for her. I believe not only in feelings, but also in responsibility, necessity and desire, real desire to make everything for your man to bring him happiness. In Ukraine men think that we are only addition to their personality, they don't pay attention on our beauty, as most of them are spoilt with it. They don't want to support us when we need help, but every time they are ready to get our support, our help, our obedience... Everything in my country dedicated on our shoulders, not everyone can live with this feeling. Yes, there are only few of men who try to care about their women, and I want to say that I have beautiful father as my parent love each other after so many years, and want their children also to be happy. They wish us, I mean me and my sis only happiness whenever we are. So, i think that is the reason why I'm still alone, I want to do everything for my beloved, but I want him to feel this, to appreciate this and to help me with this.
Do you still believe in romance in this life? Let's dream today, don't you mind?
Being a romantic lady I still can fight for my happiness and for success in this life. I got used to get what I want and I am a purposeful person. Maybe that is why I have chosen the profession of a financier? Yes, as you might know I'm still a student. I study at the University at the last course, now I have only my exams, and then I would be ready for changes in my life. I think in modern life good career is very important as it' the only faithful provider to worth level of living. In modern life it's very difficult to find the way that leads to it. But I'm looking for it since my childhood, it seems to me. Moreover, I study English as foreign languages are also very important. and I can't understand people who are eager to go abroad without language knowledge. Languages help us not only in future career, but they gives us good opportunity to travel, like a possibly to communicate with other people, and to find a lot of interesting facts that very often not in Russian As far as I know English is an international world and so I'm very happy that I didn't lose the opportunity to learn it when I had time. Now I need only practise and practise to master it.
Except my studies a lot of time is spent on my hobby. I adore dancing. When I was five years old my parents gave to the classes of Latino-American dances. They wanted me to follow their steps. Now dancing is just like a hobby for me. But listening to the music I can't help stay still, my body, my soul demand actions. I like active rest - camping, long walks, travelling, I think there are nothing more interesting than to explore new countries, new traditions... I want to find my soul mate who is intelligent, educated, reliable, tends to be a leader and respects the woman he is with. I believe that compromise, trust, respect and communication are the 4 key elements for a beautiful and sincere relationship. I think that you are looking for the same relationship:) So, hope that you would reply me soon.
Waiting for you, Vasilisa

Letter #3

Hello my dear Wayne!!!!
A letter from you again in my mail-box?? It's great!!! So, today I'm having a holiday, I have something to celebrate. Wish you could also cerebrate this event with me. But now you so far from me, so it's impossible, but anyway, thank you a lot for it.
Honey, I hope that you still interested in me. You may think why I decided so, you wrote to me again So I want to tell you more about me, as it's really very important to know each other better before the day we meet. And I'm sure that we would meet for sure!! You know I think that even thousand letters can mean nothing to compare them with one meeting. How do you think? During meeting you have areal opportunity to look to each others eyes. And eyes are the mirror of our soul. So looking at the eyes you feel how important is that man to you and you trust him. As it's impossible to lie looking at the eyes. So I want to have your photos with me. I can keep them close to my heart and feel that you are looking at me all the time
As we started to speak about future meeting I want to tell you a story how my parents met each other. But I want you to know that it's not only a story, it's real story of love.
I told you before that dancing is my life. And I know the reason of it. I was a baby of loving parents who found each other on the dance floor. Yes, can you imagine this? In the past my parents were dancers. When my mom was 16 years old she made up her mind to join Latino-American dancing club. Her teacher had a real difficulty to choose her a partner. From one side she can't dance, so also a new dancer could be a good couple for her. But my father had no a pair that time and he had no choice as the teacher wanted him to teach that young lady. You know, when my parents told this story for me, my dad felt so ashamed himself. As he hated his couple from the very beginning. Mom was always close on his heels and there weren't an hour she made my dad to lie on the floor:) Yes, she could do nothing as she was little clumsy. But years passed and the guy who hated his partner fall in love with her the day when she was so tired that even tears appeared on her eyes. He felt so ashamed for his feelings as some years before he was also a novice. His heart felt sorry and it was the beginning of their love. Then my dad made my mom to be a great dancer. They won a lot of cubs and prises and they still together and love each other. Sometimes I see how they just dance without a music at home as music and dancing was reasons of their love.
Honey, I know you may think that it's just a usual story but for me it's amazing. Nowadays it's so difficult to find a man who you love. None is perfect and everyone knows this but all the same we look for the ideal husband and ideal wife.
I think the most important is find that little difference in your beloved that distinguishes him from all others. Have you ever asked somebody what is the reason of their love to other? I'm sure that the answer was "I don't know, I just feel" all the time. And how do you think? Do you still want to find an ideal woman for you?
As for me I just want to find this little peculiarity in you. And I think that I succeed in this.
Tell me, if you were looking for an ideal woman for you, what peculiarity you wanted her to have? But be sure that it's not a portrait of an ideal woman:)
Look forward to your reply impatiently as we have so many topics to discuss before our meeting:)
Faithfully yours, Vasilisa