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Moroz / snegurochka
Luhansk Ukraine

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She answers not all questions, and her letters read thus as one can write every man with it and answer.Then after 2 or 3 or 4 letters comes a mail of this translation agency UkrTranslation to fill the credit for the lady on with which please, because she is not able to do it, and would be very sad.
Here the first letter of her !!!!!!!
[email protected]

Hello dear Andy! I'm extremely happy to receive one more letter from you. Does it mean that you are really interested in me? :) I hope so. I felt a bit bored, before getting your reply. Now I feel better as I'm realizing that I at last got a friend, with whom I can communicate and

get pleasure from it. Thanks for your photos. I liked them very much. I liked how you answered my questions very much. I appreciate your point of view on the situation of housewife or career maker :) I would probably like to be a career maker as I want to do much for our family

and the budget is important of course. I don't want to be just a spender... I wouldn't feel myself in comfort. I want to be equal with my man, to share some professional problems with him. My most important secret is that I have a birthmark on one of my private places :) There

are not so many lucky men who saw it :) My movies are romantic of course! I like to express my emotions and watching some love story films is the best chance to do it! I hope our relations are to lead us to a nice end, but for that we must be sincere and honest with each

other. I want you to tell me about everything you want, ask everything what you want to know about. I'll gladly answer you. I feel there is something common between us... I hope it's not just an untruthful feeling, but my intuition, which tells me that I should be persistent

to become closer with you, and that it's really my lucky chance. I'm just imaging about moments in my life when I felt comfortable and cozy... oh, how I miss such moments. I wish you are the one who could present me such things. So I consider you are interested in my hobbies

a bit. I'm a woman full of energy, so I like sports very much. I often run in the morning. I also like tennis and volleyball. And sometimes I go to the gym. I belive that in a healthy body there is a healthy spirit, as my mom says :) So I'm keeping myself in shape. Darling,

don't you feel something bright and kind now? I do, because I have a feeling that our meeting is not an accident, maybe it was predicted somewhere in the sky... I do belive that we still have much to discover within ourselves. You wonder about my previous relations, maybe... I

had one man in my life, whom I really loved. I even married, but I was young and silly. I shouldn't be so close to him in that age. I loved him more than my life, and was ready for everything! We lived together for happy 3 years, and then one day he was gone... died in a car

accident. After that I didn't have any serious relations... maybe for 1-2 days lasting. And now I'm really tired of it... I want to become calm, someone's wife! I know there is a man in this world whom I can love and who will sincerely love me. Now it seems that my dream is

lowly becoming true with you nearby... I hope for the best everyday! Honey, I want you to answer about your intentions towards me. What kind of relations would you like to have with me now? And if you want, you can retell me about how you spent recent days, what interesting events

happened in your life. I want to know as much about you as it's possible, dear!! I wish our relations still have much to be improved by and our souls to be discovered completely... We are in the beginning of our lovely trip together. First stage of the road is passed and I'm

sure that we are able to finish it with happy end. Of course there will be barriers on our way, but real, sincere relations always have problems to be developed... there are two variants.. one kind of couples just give up solving troubles and others do everything it needs

to overcome all barriers. I hope that we belong to the second group :) If people do everything together, hold each other in happiness and in sorrow that's what is called real love... love that can break any difficulty, that can change the world... I'm waiting for your reply. I

know that everything will be nice with our friendship and we'll make it stronger and maybe transform it in something more.... :) Kisses and Hugs from... Your Iulia