Scammer Petrova Viktoria

St. Petersburg Russia

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Here are several stories about this woman:

Hello, I have seen the lady Viktoria Petrova on your side. I am surprised a little bit. But I have written up this lady because you on a side flirtation and, perhaps, sex had offered. I am on occasion in St. Petersburg. And so I have looked for a welcome change.
Nevertheless, she has required a meeting with a friend. And I should have paid for both then 300 euros. This was too expensive to me for a sex-meeting with these both persons. Particularly as the lady like on her photos illustrated has changed very much.
In addition, her girlfriend found not at all my favor. And the lady Viktoria has changed in such a way as if one could mean, she would have either a problem with alcohol or tablets.
Now I do not know whether this lady a Scammer or a prostitute is. Since she has called immediately beforehand her price. Nevertheless, on the web page she has called only the acquaintance purpose flirtation and sex.

Another story:
I have seen just the picture of Viktoria Petrova. Today I had contact with her. She has written to me that she liked to have sex for 2 hours in her flat with me. I have written up the lady well one half a year ago. She has not reacted to sexual inclinations and has broken off the contact. Recently I have written up them on account of an announcement under once more. She absolutely wanted to have a picture of me. I had reminded her of the fact that she already has a picture of me and we stood in contact. I have done an unequivocal offer to her. Today she has answered to me. She asks for two hours of sex 200 euros. I wanted to spend the night with her. This has rejected she. For it there is very probably the reason that they either married is or in a relation similar to marriage lives.

Hello Martin,

Has received your letter,
Please send me your photo,
Because it is important.
Sincerely, Vika.

Hello Martin!
No, it is not only money!
For me the dialogue is very important!
I shall not meet with empty man, which will see in me only meat!
But for me it is very important, that the man would see in me the WOMAN.
And it is not simple, the woman, and I would want, that the man saw in me
the expensive and very attractive woman.
And I want, that the man would appreciate it!
For me it is very important!
At first our meeting must to be in my city -
For night I am not meet, as at the night I`m sleep.
It can be evening or Day.
In the nigth it is impossible.
I shall not calculate time of our meeting, but I think, that it is
quite enough of hour 2.
Place for meetings I have it is an apartment, all conditions, is in
Vasilievskij island. 200 EUROs - for meeting with me.
If all arranges, please, we could agree by the computer and
Then you shall call me,
My mobile telephone in St.Petersburg: what to confirm our
meeting. BUT AT FIRST BY COMPUTER!, because connection cost expensiv
for me.
Your faithfully, Vika.
P.S. If you have any special claims, please inform about It
For me is not acceptable anal sex, lesbos and rough sex.
All rest is acceptable, but is strict in a CONDOM!