Scammer Sevostyanova or Marx Vera or Zoya

Vera or Zoya
Sevostyanova or Marx
Kirov Russia

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Dear Sirs ,

I am Alessandro Musmeci from Italy. I am 37 years old.
I was scammed by a Russian girl from Kirov city.
She said her full name is Vera Sevostyanova.
In attachment you can find ten her pictures.
She said to be medical assistant in Northern Clinical Hospital of Kirov.
She writes to me this address (it could be a false address):

Vera Sevostyanova
Karl Marx Street, building 128
Apartment n. 22
610027 Kirov

She uses also the full name Zoya Marx or Vera Marx.
She uses three different e-mail:
- [email protected]
- [email protected]
- [email protected]

Her username is registered in many web sites.
The web sites in which her username appears are:

In this site her username are two:
- honey55love
- vera55ster
In this site her name is:
- zoya55love

In the site
her username is considered as scammer girl.
The site reports two accusations for scamming from U.S.A. in 17 August 2007.

Now I report two e-mail when she speaks about her financial problems and when she appeals money.

First e-mail:

Dear XXX,
I am very happy to receive your letters and to know, that you worried
about me. I ask your pardon, that could not answer you, as had problems
with the finance to visit the Internet of cafe. XXX, I also am very
much upset with your letter. Understand me, XXX, I spoke you, that
without trust, mutual understanding and the respect to each other is NOT
LOVE. Do you understand me?

My full full name - SEVOSTYANOVA VERA.
My full full home address - The city of Kirov, Charles Marx of 128
streets, an apartment 22. An index - 610027.

I want to be frank with you. I want you to know that I like you very
much, I like to communicate to you. I think that you are frank honour to
me. I write you and I can't believe that we could to find each other on
the distance of thousands miles. We live on the different ends of the
world but we have an communications to communicate through the Internet.
I often see dreams that we together walk in the park under the moon and
stars, how we seat near the fire and tell each other funny stories. We
laugh loudly and look to the eyes of each other like only we live in
this world. You may think that it is silly and you may laugh. But I
think you will understand me and won't laugh at me. But every morning I
wake up, and this dream remains only dream... I have to go to the work
again where I get tired. But I don't despair and I with my friends
decided to go swim on our river Vyatka, I like to swim. Do you like to
swim? How often do you swim or go to the pool?

Write. I wait your letter.

Kiss you Vera.

Second e-mail:

Dear XXX,
I am very happy will receive your letter. XXX, you were at the
sea? Why you that have not told??? I would be very happy to have a
cellular telephone. The matter is that............, how to tell to me
it is correct, that you have understood me. XXX, I always had
dream to buy a cellular telephone, but unfortunately I did not have
such opportunity and money. I would be very happy, if itself have
bought phone. We have shop where I have looked after one phone. He
such beautiful and stylish, but his cost to me did not allow to buy
this cellular telephone. XXX, I would be happy if you have sent me
a cellular telephone, but many finance is borrowed you, for purchase
and a parcel of it phone. I think, that it will be better, if I shall
buy a cellular telephone. If you can help me with the finance I would
buy my favorite phone which I have looked after in shop. Certainly I
do not insist, but it is my dream - that cellular telephone in
shop........ What you tell?
No, I do not work in Kirov State Medical Academy. I work in Northern
Clinical Hospital.
I look at your picture that I have and look at your soft eyes and your
beautiful lips and you so hot body and I know that there is a GOD!! He
has granted me one of his best angels !! Hope you always feel as you
do now about me I want to be your only woman and you to be my only man
I have all your letters here and pictures that I shell always keep
close to me . Please tell me more about what you dream of us doing
together .. I would love to know . Just know this. You are with me
every second of an hour and every hour of the day and every day of the
month and every month of the year and it will be that way from now on
as long as you want me , You have made me a very happy and proud man
today My dear Thank you so much. It became harder and harder because I
can't see you, hear you, I can't touch you. It is so pity that we
aren't the birds. We haven't got wings to fly towards each other. LLL
The distance wouldn't mean anything for us. We can meet in any point
in the world. And to fly together to the stars. I think a lot about
you and our attitudes. I don't know it may love. But I know that you
are the best man whom I have ever met . But I want to know opinion.
Tell me about your attitudes to me. What do fell to me? What do I feel
for you? Is I dear for you?

I will wait for your answer.

Kiss you,