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translation agency, no telephone, pictures from a magazine
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Warning!! this site seems to be full of scams!!

her last letter:

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Hello,my darling Jan-Roland!

Thank you so much for your letter and beautiful photos! I am so happy
that such a wonderful man appeared in my life...You are such an
attractive man and I wonder are all the women in your country all
blind?? But nevertheless I am glad of it because they gave me a chance
to be with you,my dear Jan-Roland... How are you today,darling? I hope
you are in a good health. I am sure you have already understood that
I'm really interested in communicating with you?:) And I would like to
know you much better,please,darling,write me a lot about yourself in
your next letters. I am glad you like my photos:) You know my girl
friend is fond of photography and she uses me sometimes as her model:)
I like to help her! I will tell her that you like the photos she
makes, she will be happy:)! I am glad to hear that you want at least
two kids too:) You see we have a lot in common:)

Now I'll tell you something about myself. I'm just a common girl with
my feelings,desires and my dreams. You know may be it sounds
ridiculous but I believe in people. I believe that all the people are
very kind and all of them are worth of trust and we have to trust
people,I'm sure of it,because if we shan't trust people our life will
never get better. What do you think and what are your thoughts about
it? I want to know,it is important for me,I hope you are agree with me
about it.

Sweetheart,I feel something special in your letter... May be it seems
to me,but I feel that there is something between us! We couldn't meet
in the Internet incidentally,I am sure it have a meaning... What do
you think? Don't you feel the same?

I think you want to know something about my past relationships,you
know I have been hurt in the past very much,among the men in Ukraine I
didn't find that one second half which will full the empty in my
heart... So that is why I am in Internet now with a great hope to find
my happiness, that only man whom i will give all my love, all my care,
and who will give it back to me as well....

What else interesting can I tell you? Today was a usual working day,as
usually I did all my best for my clients. And Yesterday we celebrated
the birthday of my friend Olya. It was so funny! I really enjoyed last
evening! I can say with a proud that I have many friends,with which I
can spend my free time. But as one wise man said (I don't remember who
exactly,so I think I am not so clever as I thought to be:)) you can
have only one or two real friends, all others are just pals. I have
one real friend,whom I can say anything I feel,all my happiness and
sad and I am sure that she will understand me always in the write
way.. It is Olya,who had the birthday yesterday. I am so thankful to
God that I have such a friend in my life... And I have already told
her about our correspondence:) She is very glad for me that I
correspond with such a good man.

Dear,tell me more about your job,do you like it? It is very important
to enjoy the job you do,without the feeling that you are doing
something good impossible to be happy. As for me I enjoy my job with
all my heart! It is something especial when you make a woman more
beautiful,more attractive,you feel like you have made a little
miracle..A very nice feeling!

Dear, please tell me in greater details about your hopes which you
want to find in the Internet, tell me also about your feelings you had
in the past. So I think I'll be finishing my letter to you,hope for
your soon answer. Don't make me waiting too long! Sincerely your Lena.