Scammer Belyaeva Dasha (Daria)

Dasha (Daria)
Tiraspol Moldova

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Comment #4096
asking for money for sick younger sister who requires operation
here is transcript of conversation:
Darina has accepted your invitation.
robert: hello !
robert: how are you ?
Darina: not well but you?
robert: not well ?
robert: i am good ... today is a lazy day for me :-)
Darina: beside me ill sister younger to her 6 years I pleased that beside you all well
robert: where are you ?
Darina: i am here
robert: ha ha ha where is 'here' ?
robert: i am in Manchester
Darina: I am Moldova Tiraspol
robert: did you receive my letter ? i sent you a letter earlier today
Darina: no
robert: how is Tiraspol ?
robert: ok ... the letter says i was VERY surprised you want to talk ... have you seen my picture ?? maybe you need glasses :-))))
robert: this is my manchester hulour
robert: *humour
robert: i can speak very good english ... i cannot type very good english
robert: here is my email address if you want to write or talk on msn messenger
robert: [email protected]
Darina: I not before funs beside yen seriously ill sister
Darina: She needs to help
robert: what is wrong with her ?
Darina: Beside it heavy form Atitiusa - a tumor on neck
robert: will she be ok ?
Darina: She needs operation
robert: when ?
Darina: We live without parents and beside I come short money on operation
robert: this not good !
Darina: Urgently...but beside I come short money...
robert: and you need money ?
Darina: Yes but me not comfortable you to ask..
robert: why ?
robert: let me guess, you would like me to send you money ?
Darina: You like me and I do not want that you has thought that I scammers
robert: scammers ? what is this ?
Darina: You want to look photo of my sister
robert: ok
robert: how ?
robert: will you email this picture to me ?
Darina: I have sent///you has got
Darina: ?
robert: i can see now
robert: is she not your daughter ?
Darina: No this my sister
Darina: Our parents have died two years back and we live in 2
robert: so why cannot you take her to hospital ? or a doctor ?
Darina: Our parents have died two years back and we live in 2
Darina: She there is no one to help except me
robert: so what can i do to help ?
Darina: I much not comfortable...The Operation costs 290 dollars I have found 200 but 90 comes short...
Darina: If you can help...
robert: where do i send money ?
Darina: You can to send money through Western Union
robert: ok where to ?
Darina: My name Dasha BelyaevaMoldovacity Tiraspolstreet Lenina 21/6
Darina: City Tiraspol
Darina: Dasha Belyaeva
Darina: adrees street Lenina 21/6
Darina: Moldova
Darina: I shall you much obliged if you will help...