Scammer Kravchenko Irina

Luhansk Ukraine

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I contacted Irina at Date Me Free because I thought she was a scammer, almost every lady there is and I get pleasure from exposing them. We exchanged a few letters. I still think the owners of Date Me Free are behind these scams. They will not remove profiles even though evidence is provided. They also refuse to answer e-mails when you complain about scammers. The money from the translation agency came today.

Letter #1

Hello dear Wayne,thank you for your interest.
You know i am very happy to start our correspondence i hope we
can be good friend Do you think so?
Well my name is Ira.I live in Ukraine.
I'm full of energy and vitality. I like to communicate with people, but I miss
the only man in my life, who would appreciate me just as much. I would want
to share my love with someone special for me, to give him care, tenderness,
attention, and warmth. As for me I’m a strong person, but easily hurt at the
same time. They say I’m kind, generous, easy-going and funny. I’m an endless
romantic and optimist!
waiting for your letter!!!

Letter #2

Hello my dear Wayne,

Nice to hear from you today. That's really nice that you paid attention
to me and i have chance to talk to you again. I think that
communication the basis of the relation and good understand between
people. Words are great power! Don't you think so?
Well frankly speaking it is new for me , i mean to talk using Internet
and letter, but i think that it is interesting. It doesn't matter how
to talk , because words can tell all about the person. As for you i
think that you are interesting and nice person , with kind heart and
pure intentions! I feel it. I usually feel good people. That's why i
want to talk to you and you know you more.
You know i live in not big town, but i like it. There are not wide
opportunity to fine job , but i think that i will have great future
and of course i dream about the career. I will try to my best ,
because i like to reach my goals.
Dear, as many girl , i am very romantic person. By the way i compose
poems! When i feel lonely i take a sheet of paper and words
running like craze. I don't need to think what to write, because it
comes from my hearts!
I have a lot of friends. They always tell me that aim good person
with kind heart , but the way i don't like praise myself. I think
that other people can do it if it they really think so. I try to be
kind and to treat people well, because i think that we should respect
each other.
I think that i am strong person , but in any case i am girl! I can be
weak and i need strong shoulder near me!
I hope that we take chance to know each other better and to find out
what will happen between us! Why not! Maybe this is destiny!
I hope to hear from you soon
With best wishes

Letter #3

Hello dear Wayne,thank you for your photo,but you was writing to me so small letter...
So i have some questions for you:

where do you live?
what is your age?
do you have kids?
have you been married?
do you want have kids?
where do you work?
what do you like to do on your free time?
do you like sport?
are you kind person?
do you have a lot of friends?
tell me about you family
what kind of music and cinema do you like?

waiting for your long letter...

Letter #4

Now some questions for you:
Full name
Irina Kravchenko
Ukraine,city Lugansk
i am secretary on firm
Likes and dislikes
i like SEA AND BEACH, and i like when sun is shining :)))
Likes and dislikes in the bedroom.
i like all when near with me my beloved man!

Letter #5

Dear Sir,

We are translator firm "Lingvo". Our firm makes translation
for the clients who don't know English.
We provide different kinds of translation.
Here it is the following list of our service:
- translation letters for our clients form Russian
into English and form English into Russian,
- oral translation , while phone conversation,
- arrangement of the meeting
between our clients,
- provide translator while meeting,
- business letters,
- business conversation.
Our client Ira turned to our firm for the help,
because she doesn't know English and she doesn't have
access to the Internet, that's why we help her to correspond with you.
The matter is that our service is not free.
Sorry,but our client,Ira ,can not use the services
of our agency any more .The terms of her contract is already overed.
That's why,she can't answer your letters.
Dear sir, if you interesting in continuation of your correspondence,
you can help your lady with the payment for our service.
If you are interesting, we will send you all necessary information.

PS. If you have any questions you may call us on the telephone: +380686883561
We work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. according Ukrainian time .

Faithfully translator firm