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I place this girl from Russia in black lists as she has extended from me 3000 $. Also I wish to help another what knew that there is such girl which searches money.

Hello ***!

I am very pleased, so soon receive the letter from you.
I knew much about you but I should like to receive photos from you.
I much similarly to this if you understand my bad English language. I want you to know
that I have studied english at school and some at university.
I have growing 172 centimeters and 58 kgs of weight,
I work as the seller a mobile phones in shopping center!
I live in city Kirov. It in here approximately in 1093 kilometers from city Moscow.
I want to speak you that I much sensitive to children.
I am single, never married, and I have no any children. I had experience
contact about itself in Russia the person,
but they not there were, are adjusted seriously, and we happen with a part,
And they much frequently drink alcohol and in good delivery, but this loves me not much.
I think, that you have no any such habit.
I am a non-smoker and no mind to smokers.
But sometimes I like to absorb the good company is not a lot of grapevine though
it can be very rare.
I want to speak that I can well to play a piano,
I have left school of music in which I have learned 7 years.
I want to speak that I to love to cook.
I want to speak, that I live with mum.
I have the grandmother, grandparent regrettably died, 2 years ago.
Various music, sometime classic and modern music too,
in a case of my spirit.
I want know more about you, about yours interests and hobbies.
Learn more about your family, your childhood and your parents.
I want to speak that I write to you from the Internet of cafe.
As for me I don't have computer in my home.
I think, that it will not be a problem for us to comunicate?
I consider, that you are capable me soon to answer, I will wait.

Soon write Ecaterina

Hello ***!
I am very glad to that that you so quickly to me have answered, if it is fairly that I to think that
you to me do not write in general.
But there was all on the contrary and I am very glad to this.
I at once to want to tell you that I as well as you to search for yourselves the only thing for the man.
I already tried such acquaintance but I was severely deceived.
I to correspond with the man, he to speak me that loves me and wants a meeting with me.
I have made all to have with him a meeting.
I have sold the apartment on the security, have arrived to him but he have not meet me in the airport,
I was must to go home.
He it is simple with me played.
For me again it was very hard to try such kind of acquaintance when you do not see the person in a
I to hope that you only are not going to play with me.
I in general the person very cheerful and on that that have taken place with me some years back I
already for a long time I do not pay attention.
I as wanted you to tell much about myself.
Whether I shall not describe the appearance I simply I shall send you the photos and then you can
estimate me and decide you with me want acquaintance.
To my mum of 57 years.
And daddy at me is not present, he was lost 8 years back.
he worked on construction and is unique that I know, this that that he has fallen about
7 floors.
With mum it was very hard for us to accept it, but there's nothing to be done, life a severe piece.
I have grandmother, she is mum of daddy.
She lives in a village in 150 kilometers from our city.
She it is not so good her feels also we with mum we go to her of her to visit.
I still have aunt she is the sister of mum.
And two brothers of 24 and 18 years.
I so a hedgehog at once wanted you to tell wash out character.
I the person very pleased with all that with me occur.
I seldom am upset, I am not upset because of trivialities.
I as to not pay attention to some lacks of people.
At me it is a lot of girlfriends and friends.
I very sociable person.
It happens that me very strongly will anger also I become simply storm, but it not on long,
passes some time and I again can communicate with this person as well as communicated earlier.
From the childhood of me has interested the English language and I even went on rates of the English
And now I am helped very much by my knowledge of the English language.
I certainly do not speak very well, but I can understand that speak me.
And it too is very good.
I am interested with serious attitudes with the man.
I to want to hear only the truth and for me it will be better if the person will speak me all
directly in a forehead.
So I do not have reasons on insult.
That is if I to not like you that you safely may tell me it.
You see it on will be much better than you will try through the will to have with me acquaintance,
and then simply sharply will be gone.
So for me on will be much more sick.
I think that you have question why I have not found to myself the close person in the homeland.
I can tell you that all men in our country it as the Stone Age.
They are engaged only in that than want.
That is it completely think only to itself.
And they frequently drink to remove stress, but it is them makes even worse.
And which men I simply are not interesting to me meet.
I do not start with them any attitudes, I simply at once see that expects me with
each of them.
Well and about that that all husbands beat the wives if something to not like them you probably know.
And about that that after work any more the man and addition to a sofa you probably too know it.
I as to want sometimes it is not a lot of romanticism but in Russian men it simply is absent.
And and your country I to count men the civilized nation.
I to think that you very much early to mature and that that first of all interests to make you
pleasantly to the woman than.
I to think that it so.
I even probably to know why many women from our country have acquaintance to men from your country.
Yes it is simple because you the present men instead of the name.
Well probably and that I wanted you to tell all.
If I am interesting to you that you for certain write to me.
But I shall not take offence at you for that that you to me do not write.
I shall know on the contrary that I not that person which am necessary for you.
But nevertheless I ask you to write to me the answer.
Whether you want to have with me attitudes whether or not.