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mopar396: Good morning Fiona
mopar396: i just got home from work
mopar396: damn i guess i missed you
mopar396: ok i will do a few things then go to bed
mopar396: i hope you know how much i enjoy talking to you
mopar396: and cant wait to hear your voiceB-)
fausychaote: you there ?
fausychaote: i went to the bathroom ...
mopar396: yes im here
mopar396: how are you?
fausychaote: How was your night ?
fausychaote: Am tired and worried about mum
mopar396: had a very busy night last night-am buggered
fausychaote: which have been waiting for her to come online and tell her about you
fausychaote: sorry for the busy night which you have to relax
fausychaote: she's didn't come online and her mobile is not working ...
mopar396: i have 2 days off now
mopar396: i hope everything is ok
fausychaote: I just don't know yet
mopar396: so what are you up to today?
fausychaote: am going to cleveland....
mopar396: where is that?
fausychaote: Brisbane....
mopar396: when will you be back?
fausychaote: tonight...
fausychaote: where are you going today ?
mopar396: to bed soon lol
fausychaote: thats good dear...
mopar396: have to go to eastern creek this afternoon
fausychaote: you and who ?
mopar396: just me
fausychaote: thats good....
fausychaote: But will you take me there when we are together ?
mopar396: i am enetered into a race meet and already paid so i better go
mopar396: i would love to
fausychaote: ok dear....
mopar396: i will take you if you want to come but i would never try and force you
fausychaote: really ?
mopar396: yes really
fausychaote: Have been thinking about you ....
mopar396: i wont force you to do anything you dont want to
mopar396: i have been thinking about you as well
fausychaote: really ?
mopar396: i wish i could talk to you all day and night
fausychaote: Am surprise loving someone have never met
mopar396: yes really
fausychaote: yes....
mopar396: you sound great Fiona and i have not been happy like this for a long time now
fausychaote: Jayson,Now am scared ....Which have told you have never wanted to feel like this for now and have never met you as well...
mopar396: and i havent even met you so i can imagine how happy i will be once we met
fausychaote: But you are great and kind of honest man to love ...
fausychaote: Thats why...
mopar396: i really look forward to meeting you
fausychaote: Likewise me too Jayson...
fausychaote: But how Interested are you in this relationship ?
mopar396: more than i can say
mopar396: i promised you no lies and i mean it
fausychaote: Truelly ?
fausychaote: I will never lie to you also
mopar396: yes truelly
fausychaote: Have e mailed your pics to mum,Hope you aren't annoyed and explain how i got you ...
mopar396: no noy enoyed am flattered
mopar396: You make me feel alive again and we havent even met
fausychaote: likewise me too...You make me feel so much comfortable...
mopar396: i really think we have a great chance
fausychaote: yes...and we have to maintain all this with trust and honesty...
mopar396: yes that is for sure
mopar396: i just want to be happy again fiona
fausychaote: I love your honesty and trust....
fausychaote: i want to be happy also and get kids of my own ..
mopar396: and i am willing to give you that
mopar396: all i want is to be loved and wanted
fausychaote: am ready to give you from now
mopar396: and treated well
fausychaote: And i promise not to make you regret any part of this relationship...
mopar396: you are great
mopar396: things happen for a reason and now i have found you
fausychaote: yes ...
fausychaote: But am thinking so much about you and your promises...
fausychaote: Will you always be there for me whenever i needed someone as my friend...?
fausychaote: Now you are making me happy .
mopar396: yes
mopar396: if we make a commiitment to each other of being partners i will allways be there for you
fausychaote: really ?
mopar396: thats why i cant wait to actually meet you face to face
fausychaote: lets time judge for us about the partner issue
mopar396: yes
fausychaote: cause am very worried about this sudden thinking about someone have never met
fausychaote: likewise your pics is very cool and Interesting...
mopar396: im not trying to pressure you into anything ok so please dont feel like i am
mopar396: what time are you leaving today?
fausychaote: I don't want to be pressured into anything...
mopar396: thats good because either do i
fausychaote: by 8
fausychaote: what about your children
fausychaote: where are they ?
mopar396: my youngest is at her aunty's place , my son is living at his friends house and my other daughter is with her mum
fausychaote: thats cool
mopar396: hopefully i will see her today
fausychaote: why is your friend living with his friend
fausychaote: his he working ?
mopar396: my son was affected badly by the seperation and decided to move in with his friends
mopar396: he lives with his friend and his friends dad
fausychaote: why his he so much affected...
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: and yes he works now
fausychaote: where his he working ?
mopar396: because he feels torn between me and his mother
fausychaote: ok....
mopar396: he is only working at mcdonalds until he finds a apprenticeshi[
mopar396: apprenticeship
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: he is a good boy but just mixed up a bit at the moment
fausychaote: try to make him a good boy
fausychaote: So that he can be a man of your choice in the future
mopar396: i send all my kids a message every day telling them i love them and miss them very much
fausychaote: likewise his the head of the family which has alot of things to do in future while taking care of what you have achieved in life,property,family and others...
mopar396: and that i am allways here for them
fausychaote: thats Good
fausychaote: when you are there for them all,Mostly the guy will be able to come to you and seek advice about life,dating and many more which will be more expose and esperience than his friendss..
fausychaote: I will always make my first Kids as my best friend in life
mopar396: thats good
fausychaote: And never let him/her loose any moral advice and discipline just to prepare him/her for his future ..
fausychaote: What are your family concept about me if we truelly end us as a partner ?
mopar396: The only thing i ask is that my children can be a part of our lives and if me and you do end up as partners i plan on marring you and we can have kids together also
mopar396: and have a happy family
fausychaote: yes..thats good
fausychaote: your children are the first thing we have together
mopar396: i can promise you if we end up as partners i will stay by your side and treat you the way you deserve to be treated
mopar396: just to try and show you how i am i was with my ex from the age of 16 until she left and that was not ny choice.What im trying to say is i stay with my commitment
fausychaote: yes...
fausychaote: and am still promising you...
mopar396: i want to be your friend 1st and hopefully more after but even if we are partners i still want you to be my best friend as well
mopar396: as i said before i have so much love inside me and i want to treat you the way you desrve to be treated
fausychaote: yes...Good friendship is the heart of any relationship..
mopar396: i probably wont be home until around 11:30 tonight but you can allways contact me on my mobile
fausychaote: ok..
mopar396: Damn its funny we havent even met and i find myself thinking of you all the time
mopar396: do you have my numbers?
fausychaote: very funny to me as well...
fausychaote: what time are you starting work today ?
mopar396: i hope you think of me also
mopar396: no work for the next 2 days
fausychaote: yes dear
fausychaote: what are the things you like doing with your partners when you are together ?
mopar396: camping, 4wdriving, bbq's, long drives,snuggling up together watching a dvd ,going places together
fausychaote: yea...
mopar396: taking my partner out to dinner
mopar396: there is heaps of things
mopar396: what about you?
fausychaote: yea...For me,I love going to the beach with my partner,Holding hands along the beach while walking together and saying kind of romantic words to each other and remember how we started our relationship with alot of kisses...
mopar396: i like that as well
mopar396: i will be back in a min-coffee time
fausychaote: ok
fausychaote: "I loved him like no other man; I did not love his laugh. I did not love his smile. I did not need his touch. But, the one thing I needed from him was for him to always be there."

fausychaote: do you like this quote ?
mopar396: i can't believe i have found someone that wants the same things that i do
mopar396: yes i do
fausychaote: we have alot in common,Thats why we are so affectionate about each other ...
fausychaote: Just that your words mean alot to me ...
fausychaote: And wish it should always be like we promises each other
fausychaote: I do promise again ...
fausychaote: there is No Lies or cheating on anyone ...
mopar396: in time i will prove to you how i am and that you can trust and rely on me
mopar396: i have had it done to me and would never do it to anyone
fausychaote: i will never do that also
mopar396: and the no LIES is a must for us and no Cheating is just as important
fausychaote: Am getting to trust you
fausychaote: the lies is a must Jayson
mopar396: both issues are a must for me
fausychaote: I will never lie to you and i count on your promises never to lie to me also
mopar396: i have not told you 1 lie and i dont plan on to
fausychaote: yes
fausychaote: Have never been lieing to anyone never wish to lie to friends,Business partner or partner
fausychaote: I will never do that
mopar396: and you will get the same from me
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: Hey Fiona do you have my home and mobile numbers?
fausychaote: i have your mobile...I will be calling you immediately i get back...
fausychaote: You make me smile
fausychaote: cause am forgetting about being worried over mum ..
mopar396: and you do the same for me
mopar396: my home number is 0246214617 and my mobile is 0403621256
fausychaote: ok dear
mopar396: as i said before things ahppen for a reason and i thank god that i have found you
fausychaote: Will you hold for me,I need to shower ...
fausychaote: I thank God i found you also and now am happy and smiles always
fausychaote: whenever i remember you
mopar396: yeah ill wait
mopar396: .you have to leave soon
fausychaote: hold dear
fausychaote: am back dear
fausychaote: You make my day and feeling to hear your vocie urgently...
mopar396: i was going to say the same to you
fausychaote: May be i call you out there shortly...
mopar396: its a great looking day outside but it could be raining and talking to you would fix it
fausychaote: just to hear your voice...
mopar396: i really want to hear yours as well
fausychaote: ok darling....
mopar396: your a very specila person Fiona and i will never hurt you
fausychaote: Hope so Jayson...
mopar396: special even
mopar396: no need for hope its true from the bottom of my heart
fausychaote: ok darling
fausychaote: am going out there to hear your voice
fausychaote: Just to call you for smoe minutes and hear how you sound ...
mopar396: please do i want to haer you so much
mopar396: hear
fausychaote: am calling your mobile ...
mopar396: wow im nervous my hands are sweating lol
mopar396: Sorry about the mobile. sometimes they are a pain. Please call me back on my home number as i really want to talk to you
fausychaote: Nice talking to you dear
fausychaote: You sound cool and great as my wish ...
mopar396: you have made my day fiona thank you very much
mopar396: i love your accent
mopar396: i have a smile from ear to ear
mopar396: :D
fausychaote: i smile so much and happy again
fausychaote: You know is a kind of american accent ...
mopar396: sounds great
mopar396: thank you for calling
fausychaote: welcome dear...
fausychaote: Who is at home with you ?
mopar396: i am by myself
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: everything i told you is 100% true fiona
mopar396: and i am glad i make you smile
fausychaote: yes and glad that i met you
mopar396: same here
fausychaote: when are you going to bed ?
mopar396: when we finish talking
fausychaote: I suppose to be on my way by 8am but never want you to go...
fausychaote: Ok dear...
mopar396: cant believe how happy i am
fausychaote: But i will be going shortly..
fausychaote: am also so much happy...
fausychaote: I never think i will love going out without you by my side if we are together ...
mopar396: i will feel the same
fausychaote: Mum will be so much happy for me
mopar396: its amazing how i feel and just hearing your voice has made me feel more
fausychaote: Just that am wishing her safe over there in Africa...
fausychaote: where is your dad ?
mopar396: my dad lives in richmond near penrith
fausychaote: his he going to like me when you introduce me to him ?
mopar396: everyone will like you as you are a very special person
mopar396: i can tell that allready
fausychaote: ok dear
fausychaote: But where would you like to stay with me if we are together ?
fausychaote: I mean if truelly we are partners and getting married ?
mopar396: we can discuss that issue but if we are solemates it doesnt matter as long as we are together
fausychaote: I mean where you like to stay ?
fausychaote: I wish to stay in New Castle or prospect...
mopar396: at the moment i am happy as long as i can see my kids
mopar396: i work at ingleburn if you know where that is
mopar396: prospect isnt very far
fausychaote: ok....we can let them stay with us
fausychaote: I love being with someone at home
fausychaote: which that makes me sad being the only child without sibling
fausychaote: and never like looking out for friends cause have been betrayed...
mopar396: i know how you feel
mopar396: thats why i have a very select group of friends
fausychaote: yea...
mopar396: whom i consider family
fausychaote: ok...
fausychaote: Can we buy a house there in prospect by then ?
fausychaote: But can my mum visit any time ?
fausychaote: Can we buy a house there in prospect by then ?
mopar396: yes your mum is welcome anytime
mopar396: if we end up together would love to get a house together
fausychaote: ok...
fausychaote: yes
fausychaote: thats what i want
fausychaote: if we can get a house together
fausychaote: I never want to get it alone immediately i get my late dad's fund claim ...
mopar396: Fiona i am genuine and really want to meet you and get to know you as i think you are everything i have allways wanted
fausychaote: yes...You make me so much happy and feel like what have been looking out for over many years..
mopar396: i cant believe i have met you. Still cant believe i could be so lucky
mopar396: i never thought i would find happiness agin
mopar396: again
fausychaote: likewise me
fausychaote: But am i not making you happy again ?
fausychaote: You make me more happy
fausychaote: I need to go now Jayson...
mopar396: thats what i mean you are making me very happy
mopar396: i didnt think i could meet someone like you
mopar396: i havent been this happy in a very long time
fausychaote: i never knew you are so amazing man which have been looking for and luckily met you
fausychaote: Hope you will never move back to RSVP ?
fausychaote: have i never check the site again...
mopar396: why would i when i have found the girl of my dreams
fausychaote: I have to go now ,Its 8:56
fausychaote: yes dear
fausychaote: We talk later ...
mopar396: have a safe trip and talk to you soon
fausychaote: I can give you a call when i get back ok...
fausychaote: Bye
mopar396: please do
fausychaote: ok dear
mopar396: bye
fausychaote: bye
fausychaote: sleep very well
mopar396: will now and will be thinking of you
fausychaote: ok...always thinking about you since we met
fausychaote: bye

mopar396: sweetheart i left work early are you there?
fausychaote: yes am here crying all alone in where there is no one to talk to ..
mopar396: please forgive me
mopar396: i dont deserve you
fausychaote: but why is it compulsory for you guys to make someone unhappy whenever you discover she's in love ?
mopar396: i love you so much
mopar396: i didnt mean to
fausychaote: Why Do you have to do that ?
mopar396: im an idiot
fausychaote: What Actually happen honey ?
mopar396: my friend was killed yesterday
fausychaote: by who ?
mopar396: and i have known him since i was 10 years old
mopar396: he had a motorcyle accident
fausychaote: Thats really bad,May his soul rest in peace..
mopar396: i was really upset and when you didnt ring i did something stupid and i am really sorry
mopar396: i am crying now
fausychaote: you made me cry...
mopar396: i know and i cant say im sorry enough
mopar396: i really do love you and i dont want to lose you
mopar396: im not perfect sweetheart but im trying
fausychaote: You did it intentionally to me Jayson,Which you know am under alot of pressure to get mum back home
fausychaote: ok dear...
mopar396: i would never hurt you intensionaly
mopar396: but once i realised what i did i couldnt take it back
mopar396: im so sorry
fausychaote: I will surely forgive you with all my heart for the sake of our love...Which you have to promise me it will never happen again..
fausychaote: Why are you selling your car race ?
mopar396: if thats what it takes to prove to you i love you i will do it
mopar396: so i can come to you now
fausychaote: How much are you selling it Love,Is very dirty and rough here honey...I need to make sure i get back home on time due to the bad news on there Tv...
fausychaote: Will you be able to come down here honey ?
mopar396: i would have to sell a few things to do it
mopar396: but i dont want to lose you
fausychaote: Have been having alot of problem since i got here cause i was told that the money orders with me is uncashable in there banks and not acceptable for payment ...
fausychaote: which the doctor said i wouldn't have come down here money orders ....Am just tired honey...
mopar396: fiona please forgive me
fausychaote: I love you more than words can say; my heart will always belong to you. You know me and you've been through a lot, but always and forever my love for you is very strong.
mopar396: i will never hurt you again i promise
fausychaote: Am forgiving you honey and i know with time,I will surely forgive you ...
fausychaote: and forget
mopar396: i love you so much
fausychaote: Love you too
fausychaote: Am really missing you honey...
mopar396: i am missing you as well
fausychaote: Really ?
mopar396: yes badly
fausychaote: Promise me that you will never hurt me again...
fausychaote: Pls promise me with love honey...
mopar396: i promise my sweetheart
mopar396: im still crying because of what i done to you
fausychaote: Never make me cry anymore ....
fausychaote: don't cry wiping my tears cause i love you so much
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: you promise to love me forever?
mopar396: did you mean it when you say you wont ever grow tired of loving me because thats what i want
mopar396: i dont want to go through losing you ever
mopar396: brb i have to wipe my face
fausychaote: I told mum about you and she's really happy for me ...
mopar396: im back
fausychaote: Honey,I don;t want to loose mum,she's really in so much pains and the hospital management disagree to follow up with her treatment due to the outstanding bill...
fausychaote: And the money orders i came here with wasn't accepted by the hospital for payment ..i just don't know what to do honey...
mopar396: i really wish i had spare money to help you out as i would
fausychaote: Its early in the morning over there honey
fausychaote: Will you be able to help me out honey
fausychaote: I will be glad with i promise to repay immediately we meet at the airport honey
mopar396: at the moment i dont have any spare money
mopar396: im so sorry
fausychaote: Honey mum is really dieing love...
fausychaote: Kindly find a means to assist me in raising any little fund for mum ...
mopar396: sweetheart my seperation cost me $100 000 dollars
fausychaote: I Don't want her dead here in africa...its very rough here honey..
mopar396: and i dont have any left
mopar396: i know , i really wish i could help
fausychaote: But you should be able to raise anything if truelly you want to assist me honey ...
fausychaote: You are the only one i have love
mopar396: i know fiona but at the moment i dont have any
mopar396: please understand
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: im not lieing ,my ex cleaned me out
fausychaote: i will try and find something to do
fausychaote: but you should be able to raise anything for me honey
fausychaote: Just to get her outstanding bill settle
fausychaote: you never asked for the amount,You eventually disagreed with me
fausychaote: why honey
mopar396: why what?
fausychaote: Assist me if you wish to assist me and never want me cry again
fausychaote: I don't want to loose my mum honey
mopar396: sweetheart i wish i could honestly but i am embarresed that i dont have any money at the moment
mopar396: please dont hate me for this
fausychaote: i will never hate my love over money issue
mopar396: are you in a hotel at the moment?
fausychaote: ok,Can you do something on my behalf honey ,Just for me to get home on 21st .
fausychaote: yes honey am in hotel
fausychaote: just alone ...
mopar396: do you have a phone in there?
fausychaote: no honey....
fausychaote: there is no phone in the hotel room love
mopar396: i want to call you
mopar396: damn
mopar396: what do you want me to do?
fausychaote: Honey,Will you be able to get a personal loan on my behalf that i can get mum home
fausychaote: Honey pls
mopar396: fiona i cant, i wish i could byt im not in the position to do that
mopar396: im sorry
mopar396: really i am
fausychaote: this the only thing you can do for me to safe her life ,You can easily get personal loan from your bank today ..
fausychaote: why are you disagreeing with me about everything ?
fausychaote: Do you want me to loose my mum here
mopar396: im not sweetheart
fausychaote: crying
mopar396: im just trying to explain my situation to you
fausychaote: Don't you know the meaning of mum and what she has done in my life .
mopar396: at the moment i cannot do anything
fausychaote: why ?
mopar396: i do fiona please dont get mad ok
fausychaote: am really mad
fausychaote: seems you don't want to help me
fausychaote: and my mum is dieing
mopar396: im sorry i made you mad
fausychaote: what's the meaning of all this and your promises....
mopar396: but if i could help i would
mopar396: fiona i promise to love you forever and i mean that
fausychaote: I never asked you to give it to me,JUST to lend me the money to safe her life...
mopar396: fiona please you are cranky at me for something my ex did to me and i didnt have any control over it
mopar396: i am truelly sorry
fausychaote: try to understand how i should felt honey
mopar396: i know but please think how this feels for me as well
mopar396: i am sorry that you are cranky at me
fausychaote: ok,Kindly send just $850 to the doctor just to get some drugs for mum in the morning honey
fausychaote: Pls do this for me only
fausychaote: And i will try to sort myself out love
mopar396: i dont know how else to tell you fiona i dont have it sweetheart
mopar396: im sorry and i guess you hate me now
fausychaote: I will never hate you because of money
fausychaote: But am really hurt
fausychaote: Do you mean you have no means of getting just little change for my mum honey...
mopar396: i dont know what to say .i am embaresed that i dont have money. i am being honest with you that my ex cleaned me out ok
fausychaote: But are you not working all this while ?
mopar396: i am busting my butt at work, wearing myself out and getting ill just to try and get back on my own 2 feet
mopar396: i am working 12 hrs every night fiona
fausychaote: But are you not getting paid for it ?
mopar396: but i had to pay my ex and she left me with alot of debt
fausychaote: but you can try and get some money to send to me honey...
mopar396: yes im getting paid but at the moment i dont have any spare
fausychaote: that means you don't love me
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: i just have enough to get by myself
mopar396: no it doesnt
mopar396: dont treat me like that please
mopar396: i have been woried sick about you and crying. i do love you
mopar396: im sorry i am a dissapointment to you
fausychaote: yes.....
mopar396: but i do really love you
fausychaote: Love you too
mopar396: so you agree i am a dissapointment?
fausychaote: what do you want me to do now honey ...
fausychaote: you are really disapointing me honey
fausychaote: which am not happy over all this
mopar396: im sorry fiona ,all i have to offer you is my undieing love
fausychaote: But,If mum should die here,What would you have to tell me ?
mopar396: fiona please dont treat me like this as you are hurting me very bad
fausychaote: But,If mum should die here,What would you have to tell me ?
fausychaote: just tell me what will make me happy
fausychaote: IF I should loose my mum here
mopar396: i will always make you happy and will treat you the best i can thats a promise
mopar396: fiona i dont know
fausychaote: ok...
fausychaote: Thanks ...
mopar396: i can only offer you my love
mopar396: im sorry if thats not enough for you
fausychaote: welcome my love
fausychaote: you are abusing me honey ?
fausychaote: why ?
mopar396: im not sweetheart
mopar396: im crying again because it feels like i am a disappointment and that really hurts me bad
mopar396: i love you without meeting you and thats all i can offer
fausychaote: But love,You wanted to sell your car race to come down to africa,Kindly sell it to assist me to get mum back on her feet...
fausychaote: But love,You wanted to sell your car race to come down to africa,Kindly sell it to assist me to get mum back on her feet...
mopar396: i will stay by your side and love you forever but thats all i have at the moment
fausychaote: But love,You wanted to sell your car race to come down to africa,Kindly sell it to assist me to get mum back on her feet...
fausychaote: Do this for me honey
fausychaote: am ready to repay you with Interest honey
mopar396: i cant fiona, dont hate me but i cant and im sorry
fausychaote: I don't want to loose mum honey...
mopar396: i know you dont
mopar396: i dont know what to say fiona
mopar396: im in a bad spot and im sorry
mopar396: i will understand if i am to much of a dissapointment to you
mopar396: but i do love you and i mean it
fausychaote: yes love,I do love you always ...
fausychaote: ok...
mopar396: ok thats all i can offer you sweetheart. i hope its enough
fausychaote: ok...thanks love
mopar396: you are angry at me arent you?
fausychaote: yes am angry honey
mopar396: sorry you are angry at me
fausychaote: But i will try and find another means to get mum out of here
mopar396: can i ask you a honest question?
fausychaote: yes love
mopar396: i need to know if you still want me?
fausychaote: Honey,Always i want you and its forever ok..
mopar396: thank you
fausychaote: Never use that as an Opportunity all because of what happen between us honey and get someone else for a date
fausychaote: remember all your promises...
mopar396: i wont leave you fiona
mopar396: i love you
fausychaote: I do love you and always i do
fausychaote: Is there any holiday today honey...
mopar396: no i have to work all weekend
fausychaote: ok
mopar396: i feel bad fiona, i love you so much but you are mad at me for something a cannot do anything about
mopar396: it hurts me that you are mad at me
fausychaote: yes honey
mopar396: what time is it there?
fausychaote: its right 11:19pm which i have to sleep shortly to relax
mopar396: i wish i was there to hold you sweetheart, i really do
fausychaote: yes love
fausychaote: thats why am missing you so much...
mopar396: can i trust you that you still want to be with me when you get back
fausychaote: yes love
fausychaote: trust me for my words...
mopar396: because i dont want to be away from you ever again
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: and i promise i will never leave you love..
mopar396: thank you sweetheart
fausychaote: welcome love...
mopar396: are we past friends or do you want to wait and see?
fausychaote: well,it all depend on you love
mopar396: i want to give you a big hug when i pick you up but worried i might offend you
fausychaote: why ?
mopar396: fiona i love you and i want to be your partner
mopar396: for life
fausychaote: I LOVE YOU TOO
mopar396: so is it ok if we are together allready?
fausychaote: yes, we are already together ..
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: thank you
mopar396: i love you so much
fausychaote: I want you as much as you want me and promise you will never make me cry...
fausychaote: i have to sleep right now honey...
mopar396: this is meant to be because i have never loved anyone i have never met
mopar396: i will never intensionaly make you vry
mopar396: thats a promise sweetheart
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: im not perfect ok i will try my best
fausychaote: ok honey
fausychaote: Love you always ...
mopar396: and i love you allways
fausychaote: ok bye
mopar396: i hope you know i think about you all thetime
mopar396: wish you didnt have to go
fausychaote: same here honey...
mopar396: love you and miss you
fausychaote: honey...i need to take my bath and sleep
mopar396: but its your turn to log off
fausychaote: cause i have to rush to the hospital in the morning
mopar396: did you get my work email
fausychaote: yes love
mopar396: ok sweetheart i am there with you in spirit
fausychaote: bye honey
mopar396: bye
fausychaote: am feeling asleep
mopar396: ok bye
fausychaote: bye honey
4th CHAT

mopar396: Hello sweetheart
fausychaote: How are you love
fausychaote: How was your day at work ?
fausychaote: that means you didn't go out for fun ?
mopar396: Was ok but bit tiered
mopar396: no i wouldnt do that to you my love
fausychaote: Besides,I sent you an e mail from your work address and it was blocked...
mopar396: hmm not sure why
mopar396: How are you?
fausychaote: I just don't know honey
mopar396: i cant get onto gmail at my work
mopar396: the site is bloked
mopar396: did you get a chance to read my emails?
mopar396: sorry i sent so many i just miss you very much
fausychaote: working around the city here if i may be able and lucky to get the money orders cash
fausychaote: yes honey
fausychaote: Am highly tired
fausychaote: have sent it which you can check it now honey
fausychaote: ok...
fausychaote: I read it all and am very happy...
fausychaote: Miss you too honey...
fausychaote: Life here is very rough and sad for me ...
mopar396: i hope you liked the peoms
mopar396: i am sorry my love
fausychaote: yes love
fausychaote: do you write poems ?
mopar396: no not me sweetheart but i searched alot for what i wanted to say to you
mopar396: and what i sent is what i wanted you to know
fausychaote: Thats cool honey and it makes me happy
fausychaote: read the mail i sent you honey
fausychaote: It on Gmail
mopar396: k brb
fausychaote: Ok love
mopar396: Fiona i am deeply in love with you and want to spend the rest of my life with yoi
mopar396: you
mopar396: i want you so bad it hurts inside
mopar396: thank you for the emails they have made my heart melt
mopar396: i am still amazed how i feel and it does scare me a bit
mopar396: but god has sent you to me and i will cherrish you forever
fausychaote: hey love
mopar396: yeah?
fausychaote: how are you spending the weekend ?
fausychaote: You working all night ?
mopar396: yes darling
fausychaote: wow...thats very stressful honey...
mopar396: from 7pm till 7am every night
fausychaote: but when we are together honey you have to change your time at work ...
mopar396: i will switch to day shift sweetheart
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: so that we can get to know each for a while and make love together ....
fausychaote: won't you love to be with me always
mopar396: but it might take awhile because i am the only support on night shift and they need me
mopar396: but i will try my best
fausychaote: but i need you more than them honey
fausychaote: don't you want to be with me honey
mopar396: fiona i want to be with you so badly i really do have a pain inside my heart
fausychaote: you know i can;t do without you now
fausychaote: am having alot of pains here as well facing all this alone
fausychaote: and mum is having alot of pains at the hospital
fausychaote: i just don't know what to do honey ....
mopar396: just know i am with you in spirit
mopar396: wish i was there to hold you
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: Ok love
mopar396: do you know how much i want to be with you sweetheart?
fausychaote: Honey...I don't want to be sent out of the hotel by monday here cause my bill is expiring which i have to pay another money
fausychaote: SO honey i want you to assist me with the hotel bill
fausychaote: so that i can be able to chat with you honey
mopar396: what hotel and room number darlong?
mopar396: darling
fausychaote: i don't want to be sent out here and the doctor said the hotel manager will send me out
fausychaote: Room 256
fausychaote: Why honey
fausychaote: do you want to pay from there ?
mopar396: sweetheart i cant promise anything because i am in a bad position but i will try
mopar396: what area is it in?
fausychaote: honey,the bill need to be paid by tomorrow honey
fausychaote: why are you talking like this honey....
fausychaote: do you want me to be sent out ?
mopar396: dont be offended sweetheart
mopar396: no i dont
fausychaote: why are you so much taking things hard for me
fausychaote: you can't assist with the hotel bill ?
mopar396: fiona please dont do this again
fausychaote: what honey
mopar396: you are hurting me again sweetheart
fausychaote: am just asking,seems you never trust me honey ...
fausychaote: am not hurting
mopar396: dont get mad at me please
fausychaote: seems you aren;t understanding me you want me to be sent to the street
mopar396: i do but i need to know where you are
mopar396: if i can find a way i would pay from here
fausychaote: am right in africa in nigeria
fausychaote: you can't pay from there honey
fausychaote: the country is developing country
fausychaote: and did you know how much the bill is ?
mopar396: tell me
mopar396: i will ring them and sort it out if i can find a way to help you
fausychaote: the hote manager said money should be sent to there office via western union honey
fausychaote: the bill is not much,Just 430$
fausychaote: you there love
mopar396: yes
mopar396: as i said i will see what i can do ok darling
fausychaote: Don't you love me anymore honey ?
mopar396: fiona kindly stop saying that
mopar396: you are hurting me
fausychaote: Am not trying to reap you off honey,If i never love you,I won't be asking you for any assistance honey
fausychaote: I don't want to hurt you love
fausychaote: But remember all your promises to make me happy always when i embark on this jourmey love...
mopar396: if i didnt love you i wouldnt have taken myself off rsvp and i wouldnt spend hours a day emailing you and chatting ok
fausychaote: likewise me honey
fausychaote: you remember am a lady and i got up to 30kissed i never respond to over there since i met you...
mopar396: fiona you need to understand my ex cleaned me out and took all the money i had
fausychaote: But you shouldn't be able to raise the money for me ?
mopar396: i had kisses as well but removed myself because i found you
fausychaote: Won't you so i know what to tell the hote manager about getting there bill paid ?
fausychaote: I did because i found you and you should know how much kisses i had but love you for whom you are
fausychaote: Not to be asking you for money
fausychaote: Besides,My Late dad did something tangible for me and mum to get satisfied
mopar396: i dont want to say yes i can help and then find out i cannot. i am being honest with you like i promised
fausychaote: But you won't be able to raise the little fund
fausychaote: THE money is needed to be paid tomorrow here or monday morning
fausychaote: for me not to be sent out
mopar396: sweetheart i will try but im not going to lie and say yes for sure ok
fausychaote: how am i going to talk to you love if i should be sent out of the hotel
fausychaote: but where are you going to get the money if you aren;t sure by now
mopar396: i dont know, i really dont
fausychaote: you should know what you have in your pocket or where are you getting the money from
mopar396: i am upset now and sorry i dont have spare money
fausychaote: you won't be able to help me love ?
mopar396: Fiona i dont know but i will try and work something out. Thats all i can say
mopar396: Please understand i am being honest with you
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: but do you know about western union cause have never used it before honey...
mopar396: i was happy now i am sad
mopar396: yes i know about western union
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: why happy and sad honey
fausychaote: But you promise to make me happy honey...
mopar396: the way you are speaking to me about not loving you etc is making me cry
mopar396: i will make you happy with my love but i just dont have spare money
mopar396: i will understand if you dont want me anymore
mopar396: because i am a dissapointment to you
fausychaote: I want you
fausychaote: and its forever honey
fausychaote: Why are you disapointed in me honey
fausychaote: all because of helping me ?
mopar396: no you are dissapointed in me
fausychaote: Pls don't worry about the money again,i will try and find something else to do or leave on the street...
mopar396: fiona i am crying badly and i dont want to feel like this
fausychaote: have just been crying here honey,All because of what am facing
mopar396: ive been hurt to much
mopar396: i really do love you
fausychaote: I don't want you to cry honey....have been crying since yesterday night ...
fausychaote: I do love you honey
fausychaote: and want you happy
fausychaote: i will surely assist you financially when we meet and claim my late dad's fund
fausychaote: which i will be getting the solicitor information from mum immediately she's alright...
mopar396: i never want any money from you. All i want is your love thats it
fausychaote: I love you and its forever
mopar396: i dont care if you have nothing fiona i just want you
fausychaote: if i can't assist someone i love,who else ?
mopar396: i would rather have nothing at all and be with you then have money
fausychaote: money enhance love honey,cause i really want you now to help me out...
fausychaote: am feelings so much unhappy asking you for help...
mopar396: please understand i just want to be loved truelly ,thats all i have ever wanted
fausychaote: which makes me so much sad immediately you disagree with me
fausychaote: thats all i want honey
fausychaote: true love
mopar396: fiona i dont want to cry anymore
mopar396: i cant handle being upset anymore
fausychaote: you will never cry honey
fausychaote: am sorry if i hurt you love
fausychaote: am now sorry honey...
mopar396: i nearlly lost my job and everything because the women i spent 18 years with destroyed me and all i want is someone who really wants me and is not going to treat me bad or cheat on me
fausychaote: i will never cheat or do something bad to you
fausychaote: have been cheated before which i know how much i felt unhappy...
fausychaote: Thats why i will never do that to you honey...
fausychaote: i love you and forever i want you Jayson...
fausychaote: Am asking you for assistance due to my hopeless mind here
fausychaote: and you are the only one i talk to and my love
fausychaote: You there honey
fausychaote: pls don't make me cry again....
fausychaote: I promise never to hurt you ...
mopar396: can you give me a minute i am crying to much. brb
fausychaote: pls honey don't cry i love you ....
fausychaote: Is late here honey,do you want to go
mopar396: it feels like ive lost you before i have even had a chance to meet you
fausychaote: how honey?
fausychaote: pls don't cry anymore ok...
mopar396: because i cant help you when you need it
fausychaote: It makes me sad seeing you crying from here
mopar396: i feel like a dissapointment to you and im sorry
fausychaote: honey.....its not important if you can't honey but i don't want to be sent on the street...
fausychaote: have heard you honey...
mopar396: fiona i love you so much ok
fausychaote: But what time are you sending the money for the hotel room tomorrow morning ?
fausychaote: I love you alwaysb
fausychaote: and am ready to die for you if you everly want me...
mopar396: please never hurt me
fausychaote: I will never hurt you honey
mopar396: i dont want to feel like this anymore sweetheart
fausychaote: You should know the time here which i won't be able to sleep without talking to you ...
fausychaote: Am sorry honey
fausychaote: I love you so much and never hurt me too
fausychaote: But what time are you sending the money for the hotel room tomorrow morning ?
mopar396: i will try ok but not promissing anything
fausychaote: shouldn't i hope it honey ?
fausychaote: you should know from your heart now if you truelly want to help me,don't you have a bank account ?
fausychaote: You should be able to determine from your account balance honey...
mopar396: yes but it is empty,
mopar396: as i tried to tell you i am busting my butt working 60hrs a week trying to get back on my own 2 feet and i am getting ill from working so much
fausychaote: sorry honey
mopar396: i will try ok thats all i can do
fausychaote: and you need to relax a bit
fausychaote: I don't want you to fell sick
fausychaote: should i give you the information giving to me by the manager in trasfering the money ?
mopar396: i cant stop yet as my stupid ex is trying to destroy me for the rset of my life
fausychaote: why ?
mopar396: because she doesnt want me to be happy ever again
fausychaote: why is she planning to destroy you ?
fausychaote: why ?
mopar396: i dont know i didnt do anything wrong but she wants me to get very angry at her for what she did
fausychaote: Every time I think about you, it gives me more and more strength with which to carry on my life.
fausychaote: what has she done again ?
mopar396: she cheated on me for 3 months then left while i was at work and then moved in with her new love 1 kilometer from my house
fausychaote: thats bad honey
fausychaote: why did she took all your money ?
mopar396: because we were together for 18 years and the laws are on the womens side so i had to pay her
fausychaote: It makes me happy to be alive knowing that you have came into my life and all I know is that I want to be with you!

fausychaote: how much did you pay her for the divorce ?
mopar396: The seperation caost me $100 000
mopar396: cost
fausychaote: why ?
fausychaote: did you pay for solicitor ?
mopar396: all our debt was in my name so she left me with the lot
fausychaote: what kind of debt ?
fausychaote: did you bought a house together or took loan from the bank ?
mopar396: no thank god
mopar396: but she wanted exspensive things and i allways gave her what she wanted
fausychaote: Like what honey ?
mopar396: just things like exspensive household items
fausychaote: don't do that for any women that love expensive stuff,you have to plan your marriage very well for future purpose...
mopar396: everything had to be the best
fausychaote: Honey,be serious don't you having savings account ?
mopar396: no i dont
fausychaote: you should have personal savings ...
mopar396: i had to use what money i had put away to pay as much debt off that i could
mopar396: so i could afford to live
fausychaote: hope you are not owing anyone again...
mopar396: i still have have some debt but am maniging it fine now
fausychaote: like how much...
mopar396: thats why i work so much to try and better myself
fausychaote: Honey,I will never make you cry again...
mopar396: probably around $40 000 but i am able to control that
fausychaote: ok,Always i want you,Love and care for you ...
mopar396: Thats why i dont know if i can help you ok
fausychaote: how are you going to pay the debt of 40k when you have no savings ?
mopar396: i am making payments out of my pay
fausychaote: Are you telling me that you will never be able to help me tomorrow for the hotel...?
fausychaote: Are you telling me that you will never be able to help me tomorrow for the hotel...?
fausychaote: Are you telling me that you will never be able to help me tomorrow for the hotel...?
mopar396: and also everytime the kids need something she sends them to me
mopar396: i told you i dont know but i will try
mopar396: please fiona i am trying to be honest with you
fausychaote: just tell me if you can't now
fausychaote: it will hurt me alot if you won't do this for me
fausychaote: i will never be happy
fausychaote: cause i will be sent out ....
fausychaote: where do you want me to stay till i get back home ?
mopar396: fiona stop please i know your situation ok
mopar396: i will try
fausychaote: ok love
fausychaote: should i send the information the manager gave to me in transfering the money via western union ..?
mopar396: if you want but i am going to ring them anyway
fausychaote: NAME :AKIN DAVID
fausychaote: Who are you ringing ?
mopar396: i will ring the hotel
fausychaote: when ?
mopar396: as soon as i get the number
fausychaote: You know africa is very dirty,rough,developing country which you might not be able to get the numbe r
mopar396: i will be able to get it
fausychaote: need to look from the web how it looks like over here...
mopar396: i know how it looks
fausychaote: how will you get it may be i can get it for you tomorrow ?
fausychaote: have you seen it ?
fausychaote: you have been here before ?
mopar396: i have some friends high up in finding things out so i will call him and tell hime the information i need to know
fausychaote: ok love....
mopar396: no but seen enough of it on tv and net
fausychaote: but make sure you send the money tomorrow
mopar396: fiona
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: i will try but cannot promise anything
fausychaote: is late here which i need to sleep now ...
fausychaote: is late here which i need to sleep now ...
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: you are cranky at me
fausychaote: love you always
fausychaote: am not
fausychaote: i need to sleep now
fausychaote: ok love
mopar396: when are you coming back?
fausychaote: tomorrow love
mopar396: ?
fausychaote: when i get back from the hospital
mopar396: no im talking about back to australia
fausychaote: on 21st
fausychaote: bye
mopar396: dont go please