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Hello my new Friend Kevin !!! How are you today ? I hope you fine !!!
> I am very happy to receive your letter !!! It is very pleasant for me
> that you turn up your attention to my profile !!! I have never search
> men via Internet, and now I try to find my future destiny here,
> because I can not live without good and careful man beside me !!! All
> right I shall tell you about in late !!! And now I shall tell you
> about me !!! My name is Marina !!! I am 27 years old !!! I was born on
> the 10 of August in 1980 year !!! I am a Leo on mark of the zodiac !!!
> I live in Russia !!! I was born in Kazan, I lived there five years !!!
> Then my parents decided to live in to Moscow !!! Then I lived there
> and studied there !!! After ended the school !!! I entered on the
> economic Faculty in Kazan State University and ended it very well !!!
> I met my husband there, with which divorced 4 years ago !!! Perhaps we
> were very young !!! I was 23 years old and my husband was 24 !!! We
> often quarreled and abused to each other and so we decided don't to
> pull out nerves !!! We had not child, we lived only both !!! And so at
> me anything also has not developed in private life, since time I
> decided never connection my life with Russian men !!! And now I still
> hope to find my latter half on all peace who knows where is my fate my
> be !? All in life happens also good luck and sorrow ... So I always
> hope for one more chance in my life !!! I very like such men which are
> loyally to there lover which are ready to help in difficult minute,
> which are always will understand and will support and the trust is
> very important !!! It is impossible to build any relations without it
> !!! Are you agree with me ? I want to listen your opinion about it !!!
> If you can to send me any photos I shall glad to receive it !!! I want
> to see you very much !!! I shall send you my photos which helped to
> made my girlfriend Veronika !!! I very much like to pose in all photos
> so you do not think that I the model !!! I very much like such style
> of photographing because all photos then become bright and colorful
> !!! Sorry for my English and please you are free to ask anything you
> like !!! Be sure, I'll try answer to you !!! Sorry let me finished my
> letter !!! I shall wait for you answer with impatience !!! Your new
> friend Marina !!!

Subject: Dear big to you thanks for a photos which you have sent me !!!
> Hello my dear Kevin !!! How are you today my dear ? I was glad to
> receive your e-mail !!! We've been knowing each other for so little
> but it seems to me that I know you for a long time !!! I think it's so
> because we understand each other !!! You should know that you are
> really important for me !!! It seems that you are interested in me as
> well and it's nice to feel that because you know it's wonderful to
> feel that somewhere there lives a man who think about me !!! Sorry
> that I tell you about that but I just want you to know about that !!!
> What are you doing now ? I'm interested in everything that happens to
> you, I want to know about everything !!! I in free time from work I am
> engaged in domestic affairs to knit to look the TV, to read magazines,
> very much I like to go shopping with the girlfriend !!! In days off we
> gather all company and we go to cinema, theatres !!! It very much is
> pleasant to us !!! By the way what do you like from foodstuffs ? From
> the Mexican dishes I prefer: the Mexican vegetable soup, chops in a
> grill, burrito, cakes with almonds ... In us in Russia from the
> foodstuffs are very popular: borsch, schi, pancakes, pel'menis, a
> potato, macaroni etc !!! To me very much like this food !!! Dear you
> very beautiful and attractive the man which very much is pleasant to
> me !!! Well, that's all for today !!! Write me soon and take care !!!
> Kiss, take care, Marina !!!

Hello my love Kevin !!! How are you today my love ??? I'm fine !!! I'm
> really happy so much to receive your lovely answer again and again my
> darling !!! My love you are my life, I want to hug you so much, to
> feel your warmth, to look into your kind and tender eyes, to feel
> myself happy and safe near you, dear !!! I'm sure everything will be
> well and the destiny will work for us and we will be happy together my
> !!! My love I often think about us and try to imagine our life
> together !!! Sometimes I feel you so near and close to me !!! I even
> feel you on the distance !!! I feel when you are in a high spirit and
> when you are sad !!! I am happy when you are happy, my love !!! I know
> that our hearts will together always, because our love is eternal,
> this great feeling connects the another people and us through a
> continents !!! My love as it seems, this feeling great love which
> includes a three basic feelings !!! These feelings are a trust,
> careful attitude to each other, and complete understanding to each
> other, sometimes even understanding without words, do you agree with
> me my darling ? But not looking on that the love is very strong great
> feeling, it also is very fragile, really my dear, because only one
> word or an not right action can destroy it and already anybody willn't
> can to restore this great feeling !!! My love probably, you will think
> that a purpose of all my correspondence with you it's only desire to
> leave from Russia !!! Believe me my love it's not so my love, the fact
> in that when I began to write to you, I couldn't believe what it is
> possible to fall in love through the Internet !!! My love I thank God
> and an Internet that we found each other in this so large world my
> darling !!! Only I have decided to try to do it and that from this it
> has turned out !!! We are me and you love each other very much and we
> should be together, because we can't with out each other my darling
> !!! My love I have learned much in the searches as we want to meet
> each other very much, my dearest love man !!! My love tomorrow I shall
> go to travel agency and I learn from them all about my arrival to you
> !!! As soon as I learnt all, I at once shall write to you the letter
> with the information !!! Ok my love ??? Well, my love, let me to end
> my e-mail !!! My love I'm waiting for your messages so much my love
> man !!! I miss you my darling !!! Sweet kiss warm hug for you !!!
> Always your love Marina !!!

Hello my love Kevin !!! How are you today my love ? I am fine and so
> glad to get letter from you now !!! I got your letter in the morning
> and when I read all that you wrote me, I was glad about all this
> things !!! When I got your letter today in the morning, I went to my
> aunt, who work in the travel company !!! I come back from her about
> hour ago !!! When I come to my aunt, she was so glad to see me (we did
> not see a long time). I asked her about prices for tickets and visa
> !!! She explain me about everything !!! She checked the cost of the
> airline tickets !!! My love price of ticket to you is 1339 $ - 1369 $
> - 1399 $ US dollars ... and then already will be too expensive !!! The
> price of plan depend on quality and comfort of place !!! I need in
> round-trip tickets, it's a kind of a guarantee for my government !!!
> By the way, my aunt send to you her hi, and she want to tell you to
> care about me, and she asked me tell you do not worry about my tickets
> and visa (and other documents) !!! She will help me at all, and I'm so
> happy about it !!! So, you must tell me, can I order this tickets ? My
> love I will need visa to you country !!! Such trips cannot involve
> employment, and the length of stay may be up to one year !!! So, about
> visa, this type of visa (with documents + foreign passport) will cost
> 8800 RUS rubles (approximately 300 US $). To order my visa will take 5
> - 7 days, but I believe that my aunt can help me to get it faster !!!
> My love I think that we'll be decide how much I stay with you together
> !!! But I will take vacation, it will be only two months !!! If all be
> ok then I can forget my job and stay with you !!! I shall write dear,
> all flight to you hardly later !!! My aunt while learns all !!! I
> approximately am going to take off 6 - October, 7 !!! For you it is
> good my love ? My love I need 1400 $ US dollars for all my trip to
> you, my aunt told me that it is very cheap for us, because very soon
> prices will go up, and all things will cost more expensive !!! I asked
> her about how I can book my tickets, she told me that she will help me
> with this tickets !!! My love tell me about all that I wrote you !!!
> My love please, don't worry about my visa I can afford to pay for that
> by myself but I'm afraid it'll be too expensive for me to buy tickets,
> so I hope that you'll not refuse to help me with the money for airline
> tickets for me !!! I must be sure that you'll help me !!! What do you
> think my love ? I think that it's a good idea to come to you as only
> than we'll know each other better !!! I imagined several times us
> walking in the park, my arm in you arm, we are walking and walking and
> there's no one around us who's happier than me !!! Isn't it fantastic
> ? I love you my dear Kevin !!! My love I with impatience shall wait
> for your letter !!! I very strong kiss you and I embrace !!! Always
> your love Marina !!!
> P.S.: My love please inform me most close the airport located to you
> so that in the following letter I could write to you all air flight up
> to you !!! And you already will precisely know when and during what
> time of me it will be necessary to meet at the airport !!! Ok my love
> ???

Subject: I love you my dear Kevin !!!
> Hello my love Kevin !!! How are you my love ? I hope fine !!! My love
> I'm very happy, that I can talk with so good man as you !!! I can't
> say it in words as I happy that in my live present you !!! My love I'm
> glad that very soon will see you !!! I hope, that you feel this too
> !!! My love I want that all I dream about will come true !!! I think
> about that we will meet very soon, that you will meet me with flowers
> !!! My love I'm very like rose !!! I'm very want that you will happy
> !!! I will do all that I can that you will be happy !!! I hope that we
> make by God for each over !!! My love I hope you will be not
> disappoint in me !!! My love today I was in travel agency and gave
> them money and some my documents for making visa and passport !!! They
> said that it will be done already on next week !!! I want to ask you
> can I come to you so soon ? Is it ok that our meeting is already so
> fast ? My love I want to be with you faster, because I really miss you
> my love !!! I must to say you that now I must to pay for ticket before
> getting visa !!! In the contract it is underlined, that for reception
> of the visa, I should buy air tickets in same company !!! Only thus I
> can receive the visa !!! It is very hard receiving visa in our country
> !!! My love payment of air tickets by cash this obligatory conditions
> of our tourist companies, dear !!! My love price of ticket to you 1339
> $ - 1369 $ - 1399 $ US dollars ... and then already will be too
> expensive !!! My love the price of plan depend on quality and comfort
> of place !!! I don't ask you, dear the best place for me, I'll fly in
> such class as you wish !!! My love I hope that we will be together,
> I'm very want it !!! I think every second about how we will be happy
> together !!! All my friends who know me say that I'm very changed for
> last days !!! All people see that I'm very glad that I smile every
> time !!! This is all from you !!! I'm very glad that you wait for me
> !!! I hope that you that man that I need !!! As soonest you help me so
> soon I will be with you !!! My love please tell me about weather in
> you city !!! I should know that clothes I must take with me !!! Today
> was + 13 degrees Celsius !!! Yesterday we has + 15 degrees !!! My love
> about sending money !!! I learned today how you can send me money
> quickly, I went to the bank and they told me that you can send me
> money through the system Western Union ( or Money
> Gram ( !!! Then you send me money you will should
> send me confirmation number (MTCN number from 10 digits for Western
> Union and 8 digits for Money Gram), your full name and your full
> address !!! After that I will go to the bank and receive money !!!
> This is very easy !!! My love transfer via Western Union or Money Gram
> I can receive in 2 hours after sending !!! My love send me please of
> money for my air tickets up to you in name of my aunt who works in
> travel agency so that she could receive your money without any
> problems and at once pay for my air tickets to you !!! Ok my love ???
> Here all data of my aunt which that you will require at a sending of a
> remittance through the system Western Union or Money Gram !!! Its full
> name: Sviatlana Adameiko. Address: Russia, city Moscow, Taganskaya
> street, house 18, flat 25, postal code: 109004. My love I with the big
> impatience shall wait for your help with money for my air tickets up
> to you !!! Dear unfortunately I do not have home and mobile phone and
> consequently we cannot talk to you while we shall not meet !!! My full
> name: Marina Sazonenko !!! My address: Russia, city Moscow, Tverskaya
> street, house 25, flat 10, postal code: 103050. My love, my birthday
> 10 of August !!! Shoe size - 37 !!! Dress size - 48 !!! Waist size -
> 58 !!! I love you my dear Kevin !!! My love I with impatience shall
> wait for your letter !!! I very strong kiss you and I embrace !!!
> Always your love Marina !!!