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Good day.

I am so glad to receive your apply to my letter. If you are ready to
build a real relationships I'll tell about myself.

I have never been married and do not have children. I was born on 18th
of February in 1979. My weight is 57 kilos, height is 167 cm. I used
to change my appearance especially the color of my hair but now I am
brown-haired woman with hazel eyes. Prefer to wear clothes which suit
me. Roses are my favourite flowers and the color is green.

My native town is Pheodosia. Everybody says: "Welcome to Pheodosia,
make yourself at home". My town is situated in the Crimea. I like my
town. It is claimed that anyone who has ever been to Pheodosia wants
to return there again and again. You will be affected by the ruins of
Genoese fortress as well as by the beautiful churches, to say nothing
of its gentle sea. I want to tell you about my family. I live with my
mother and have two brothers. Victor is 29 and Sergey is 26. I love
them very much. My elder brother is married and lives apart from us.
My father was military man. He was killed on the military exercises
when I was 13. It was difficult to realize it but life must go on. My
uncle is serviceman too. He always supports us in difficult times.

I am very communicative. My character is gentle, loyal and kind. My
profession influenced on it. I am a nurse and to be a nurse is very
responsible work. I work at the hospital in reanimation ward. Medics
are always happy when patients are recovered. I carry out the
appointments of our doctors.

Speaking about my spare time I want to say that usually my job takes
much time but when there is some free time I try to use it in
different ways. Reading( my favourite writers are H.G. Wells and E.
Hemingway), cooking( my best dishes are cakes, buns, Ukrainian
borsch), knitting, drawing are my favourite occupations. Besides I go
in for sports. I prefer to play tennis and sometimes go to
swimming-pool. In summer I spend a great time with my friends at the
seaside. We play volleyball in the open air, swim in the warm sea,
listen to music ( I prefer different music from classic to pop).

By the way I am very romantic person who likes adventures and meetings
with different interesting people. Unfortunately I have never been
abroad and I do not speak English but if I find a man of my dream I
will go with him anywhere and will learn his language. It does not
matter that maybe you are not a superman or showman. As for me I value
honor relations which are based on love, understanding, care, sincere,
considerate. I will be able to do everything for my beloved and never
betray him. He will be happy with me and never be disappointed in my

My friends are surprised with my dreams but I believe that somewhere
my second half is waiting for me.

I hope you have the same dream . If you want we may continue our
communication. I would like to get to know more about you, your life,
your family, habits, dreams. I will be waiting for your letter soon.


Dear Larue,

It is pleasant to get to know about you and your life more and more.
Today I went from my work and decided to write you as soon as
possible. I feel that I am sincerely interested in you.

The most part of the men in my country try to play the second role in
relationships. They do not want to understand their second half but
women sometimes want to hear compliments and feel attention. As for me
I do not want a star from the sky. My dreams are simple: to form my
own family and be happy.

Two years ago I felt in love with a man who tried to limit my
interests and habits. But I cannot say the same about him. He used to
meet another girls and keep back this fact. I could not permit him to
betray my trust anymore. He went to me, fell to his knees and asked
forgiveness but I decided that I must find a man who will be honored.
I do not want doubt I want to trust. It is very important for me.

I hope you will understand me. My feelings were broken and I decided
to find my love in another country. It does not matter that you are so
far away. I think if our feelings are real the distance will not be a
great problem. I am ready to change my town, my country, my culture
for love but I must be sure in a man with whom I will be build my
future family. It is very difficult to learn English in my country but
I will be find the way to do it. It would be wonderful to meet each
other in a real life. We will be able to spend a great time. I told my
relatives about you and your life positions. My mother think you may
be a good man but she cannot say exactly because she has never met you
in person. But I am sure that one day we will meet in person and never
be apart. In my imagination we spend out time together, speak about
our future life and try to form our relationship without
disappointments. You will take my hand, embrace me without words and I
will feel warmheartedness and caress.

I think my relatives will understand me. They wish me only happiness
and good relationships. They do not want to see my disappointment. My
uncle thinks that there were no difficulties which I could not overcome.
He is a very clever man and I believe him.

I do not know how I can explain it but I feel that you are very
sincere, understanding and considerate man. I hope we will find mutual
interests and paint our life in bright colors.

I impatiently wait for your letter.

Subject: From"Kontakt".
Dear Sir,

We bring to your attention that Tatyana has been using our Internet
and translation services but now unfortunately she cannot reply to
your last letter due to the lack of funds. She wants to let you know
that she is very interested in you and your further correspondence. If
you have a wish to continue your correspondence with Tatyana we can
send you all the information about our services and prices you need in
order to proceed with your future communication. If you are not
interested to use our services please, inform us about it and do not
give out the information given from Tatyana as it is personal and

Principal of "Kontakt"
Victor Belousov.