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St. Petersburg Russia

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Hello! I was very happy to read your answer. I can maybe tell you more
about myself. I have spend most of my live in St. Petersburg city, a historical
town here in Russia. It is a nice town with a lot of museum, park's,
old building and Kremlin. There is also our Russia
parliament where our government is. I have 1 sisters ( one in
Saratov), and my mother lives in the suburb. My father, who is
divorced, lives in St.petersburg. They are both of them on their pension. I was also married
at an early age, 20 years old , it lasted about 3 years, but we split
apart having are own problems with life. The man in Russia don't like
work and want many things without work. Alcohol is problem here else.
I live in St.petersburg, in a nice apartment alone with my dog Tekila. I work
for Reals estate Consulting, we buy and sell any real estate in many
countries. I was in many countries by my work including USA and
Canada. I have been with my company for 6 years. I really like my job,
having a lot of fun doing it. I have spend a lot of my time in my
work, making homework, so I have not been able to meet a man with who
I would have like to live with, so I have been alone for a while. Like
you, I am looking for someone that will be loyal and thrustful,
someone to talk, to take care of, to go out and have fun with friend.
The man I have been on dates were nice, but are looking mostly for an
adventure. I like adventure like anybody else, but I am now interested
in having a long term relationship. I really think that love can come
at what ever age so I am confident. I am strongly against drugs use, I
do not smoke. If you somebody smoke around me this is not problem for
me. With my friends, we go to happy hours after work on Fridays for
fun. We do drink beer or wine from time to time but not too much.
Since I am writing this for my work, I'm sending photo of me to
you, they was made in photo studio. I will be hopefully waiting for
your letter to write a little more to you. Yours Anastasia!