Scammer Sidorova Anna

St. Petersburg Russia

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Writes letters deepening friendship. Declares love. Asks for money to get visa and tickets. Western Union or Moneygramme.

Hello .

To me it is very pleasant, that you have written to me. I was very much surprised. Because I did
not expect from you the letter. More precisely I wanted, that you would write to me, but I was not
sure, that you will write to me. But I nevertheless am grateful to you for the letter. I have no
words what to express everything, that at me in a head. I at all have no representation about what
me to write in this letter. I am sorry if I that has not correctly written that. I do not know
about what to write. But I shall write to you slightly about myself. I like your photo.

My name is Anna. As you already know. I live in Russia in city of St.-Petersburg. You probably heard
about this city much, probably it is possible you there even were. Did you visit Russia? I live together
with my parents. I shall send two photos. On one I with mum, and on another I with daddy. I hope, that
you will like these photos. I work Dj in dancing club. But I do not do while music. I put music of
others. I like my work, but I for all the day very much get tired at work with music, that from time
to time at me the head hurts. I like tasty food and to have a pair of free minutes to sit in cafe and
to drink coffee. I dise like alcohol (vodka). I do not smoke. To me do not like bad guys.

I would like to find out slightly about you. I was possible for backs to you some questions. As your
full name. In what country you live? You like your city? Whether you had before the relation? I hope,
that it is not difficult for you to answer these questions.

I with impatience wait for your letter. With hope for fast reading of your letter. Anna.

Hello my friend . I hope, that you resolve me so to name you my friend. It is very pleasant
for me to have such friend as you. Because at me it is not a lot of friends. There are friends, but
I can not communicate with them, because I have few free time. How are you my friend? I am fine.
Only it is very tired. I was glad to see your photo. At you very lovely person. Many thanks for the
send to me are photo. But I hope, that you on it do not stop to send a photos. With impatience I
shall wait for new photos.

I spoke today about our correspondence with parents. They are certainly glad for me because I except
for you can tell there is nobody to communicate, because I have no brothers and sisters. And parents
have told, that I can study so better English. they have transferred you hello. Today in
Russia fine day, but last night it was cool. Also it is already felt, that soon there will come an

I am very glad to your letter because with each letter I shall find out more about you. And I want
to thank you for that that you tell about yourselves. I do not imagine about what to write to you
because I did not correspond more with anybody. Probably you already corresponded much. And you know
as to write and about what. I think that to us still early to speak about a meeting and an exchange
of telephone numbers. I do not want to hasten. For me this correspondence is important. And I am
sorry if I that that I shall write not correctly or I shall not answer on your what be a question. I
am slightly tired and at me the head hurts. You know as there is no such person who will meet me
from work and will care of me.

I heard much, that there are many programs. With which help it is possible to communicate in an
alive chat. But unfortunately I at work can not communicate through these programs. Because at work
it will be difficult for me. But as soon as it will be possible, I shall inform you. I work in
St-Club. I like to work here. I in general wanted to tell, that it is pleasant to me and not
pleasant. I do not love a deceit, I do not like when me oder about, I do not like when shout. It is
pleasant to me fair people, tasty food, rest on a nature. And many other things. I shall not list

I long searched for persons in agency with whom I can correspond and I have chosen you. I can not
assert why. But you have liked me . I at all do not look to people at external beauty, it is
important for me what he inside. My growth 5,5 - 5,6 my weight 120 libs. I never was in other
countries, except for Turkey.

To me one question about which I seriously is very important wanted to talk. There are people which
consider, that if the girl does not write about sex. That it means, that it is not pleasant to her.
I should tell, that sex is pleasant to me, but only in that case if sex on love. And I should admit,
that I protect the honour for the loved person. And I shall enjoy with him. But I would not want
that we wrote on this theme in letters. I do not want to speak about it. I want to find out about
you and your relatives better. About your parents. Also tell to me, where also as whom you work.
With impatience I wait for your letter. Yours faithfully Anna.


Hello . I am very glad to your letter. Because through your letters I see your relation to me.
I see, that you are very serious and careful to me treat. Many thanks for your letters. How are you?
I am fine. Today all was as always. But one me pleases each day. This new letter from you. Because I
every day shall find out about you more and more. I studied at institute. I should say, that I did
not search for you on the Internet I will try it today.

I wanted to ask for you a pardon if my questions in the last letter have afflicted you. I did not
want to afflict you. Simply my colleague at work has told me, that in the Internet it is a lot of
deceit. He has told me, that the man may want only sex and write such beautiful letters. But now I
know precisely that you not such many thanks to you for the answer to those questions. I as heard,
that in the Internet as it is a lot of girls who deceive men. But I want to tell, that I not such I
want to have own family. I want to tell, that we should not hasten with our relations. Because it is
important for me, what the person who for me is important, that he would trust me. I think, that
very soon I can call to you. But to be necessary for me your full number (with a code of city and
the country) and your full name if you will give working number. And as soon as I shall have an
opportunity I shall call to you. ok?

I once again wanted to write to you my growth and weight. Probably I in the last letter was mistaken
in what that, but I hope, that now you will understand it. My weight of 56 kg. My growth of 168
centimeters. I hope, that you will understand it. Martin as I already spoke you I work in St-Club. It
is small club. It is made specially for youth. That there it would be possible to dance. And it is
good to have a rest.

I wanted to talk to you. And to ask you. What you consider under word family? What is for you family
? For me family this most important. I think, that it as a wall collected from set of bricks.
Each brick is a member of family. And depending on that what relations in this family, from that
hardness of a wall also depends. And this family will sustain all vital impacts. I in the future as
want to create family. Also that my wall would be very strong. And how you think?

I shall be glad to hear from you answers in this my opinion.

With impatience I wait for your letter your girlfriend Anna.