Scammer Goryachkina Irina

Chelyabinsk Russia

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Hello my darling Darrell!!!I am very happy to receive the letter from you mine dear!! I am especially glad,because I did not receive letters from you yesterday. I worried a little, buttrusted, that you are borrowed or on rest and consequently you did not write tome. Any by now I am happy to receive the letter from you again!!My darling I am very happy, that you want, that I was with you on the maximalterm of the visa. It is very pleasant for me because I really wish to be withyou as it is possible longer. It will be remarkable time for us my darling. Wecan really spend fine time together!! You will show me your city and it will bevery interestingly and pleasantly for me!! I should thank you.But my darling I should be assured, that for you it will not deliver problemsto help me with this. I learn tomorrow about the maximal term of the visa. Ithink that it nearby 5 or 6 months. But I think also me afflicts a little, thatit to cost much more expensively. Mine dear, I spoke you, that the visa of onemonth to cost approximately 250 pounds sterling. I think, that it much expensivelyvisa of 5 or 6 months. I think it 800 pounds, if will cost approximately no more.Darrell, I do not wish to create a problem for you because for Russia it is veryhuge money, at least for me. To earn this money to me it is necessary to work6 months and to spend nothing. Even more than 6 months. You have told, that youhave the good salary, but it very much big money all is equal. It is not convenientme before you a little wash dear Darrell.I think, that together with the ticket to England which to cost approximately 350 pounds,it will cost more than 1000 pounds. My darling all in your hands. I wish to tell,that I am ready to arrive to you for long term because it is my dream and I am assuredof you, that you will take care of me. If you are ready to help money which arenecessary for long term of the visa I with great pleasure to arrive to you!!! AndI shall be grateful to you up to the end of my life. All my relatives will be gratefulto you, mine mum will be happy. All my family thanks you already that you givehappiness for me!! And I am grateful to you more everything because I really seein you the good and kind and understanding person who always will help with adifficult situation!!dear I wish to speak mine about this tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall go to agency tolearn completely about everything, that it is necessary for me to arrive to you.About the visa it is exact and about the ticket precisely. I learn about cost ofthe ticket to Moscow. I learn about all and I shall inform you my darling, well?My darling I wish to tell, that I wish to be right now near to you!!! I want, thathave more likely terminated these all campaigns in agency and official registrationof papers. I want, that this all has passed more likely my darling and that therewas a ticket at me already and I only waited for my flight to you my darling!!!I really want this and I hope, that soon it happens also we shall be together!!My darling all documents are made from 7 till 10 days. And if to start soon andto pay to agency I think, that on November, 4th we shall be together any by!!dear Darrell I shall finish mine now to write the letter for you unfortunately.I shall wait for your letter tomorrow very much!! I shall receive the lettertomorrow from you. My darling if it is convenient for you that I have told alsoyou can help me tomorrow I shall go to learn the full information. Also I shallinform you my darling, well? I send set of gentle and strong embraces for you mine Darrell!!!
With love your Irina!!!
P.S.: It is remarkable!! New Year my favourite holiday!! New Year people celebrate all!!! It is really fine, that we together with you shall meet!!!