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Comment #972
Hello!!! My name is Maya.М&am p;#1085;е 26 years. Having seen your biographical particulars, I have decided to send you the small letter in hope to get acquainted with you. I hope you not against our acquaintance? Here I hope to find new friends for creation further serious relations. I think, that any person is intended which for what in this life. Therefore it is necessary to aspire in before. I love pets and to walk on the nature with friends. If I have interested you write to me on mine email [email protected] I I hope, that your letter soon will arrive to me, and we will start to communicate!!! I will wait for your letter!!! Maya.
Comment #973
Hello dear!
I am very glad, to begin dialogue with you. And so it is pleasant to me to get acquainted with such pleasant person, as you. I think, that we can find the general themes and our acquaintance will be pleasant for both of us.
When I have seen your profile you me have involved at once with something me in you. I wish to get acquainted with you more close. My name is Maya. To me of 26 years. I live in such country which name Russia. Our country very huge and to you it will be difficult to find probably on a card such city, as Sovetcki. But if you try, can find it. If you write me that to me also it will be pleasant to learn about you and about your city.
I work in hospital as medical sister. My work very much is pleasant to me. The girlfriend here works For me and to me it is very pleasant. We communicate every day and we can help each other with work.
From languages I know only Russian and English. But at once I will tell that my English not so it is good and consequently at once I apologise, if I write to you incorrectly. Ok?
Now I will tell to you about the character. As you have already understood by my first words I am the romantic girl. I despise lie and insincerity. For me it is always very pleasant to communicate openly, without secrets and lie.
Now I will try to tell to you a little about my appearance though you will see much from my photo which I will send you. My growth of 172 centimetres. My weight 67килограммов. I have blue eyes. My hair colour the black. My figure harmonous. Tell to me in the letter on your impression. Also I want that have told about myself, about your work?
Except work at leisure I have a small hobby. I very much like to read books. In the house library I have read already all books when studied in 8 class. But after already so much time, my passion to books has not decreased at all. To me it delivers weight of pleasant emotions, for me there is no more pleasantly a rest, than to esteem the book. Earlier I read a lot of fiction, encyclopaedias. But now at me more and more gravitation to romanticism, to various novels. Tell you like to read books?
Also I love pets. I have a favourite cat whom call Matros. When I am houses he on a step does not leave me and constantly rubs about my feet. And when I read it jumps on my knees and so lays until while I will not rise.
I will well finish the letter and I will look forward to hearing from you very much. Do not forget to write to me! I very much would like to know about you as much as possible!
Yours faithfully Maya from Russia!
Comment #974
Hello mine Benny!!!
How you today? How your mood?
I was very glad to receive your message. To me it was very pleasant and even it is joyful. Your message is very fine. It is very interesting to me to know about you more and I very much hope, that we very well can learn each other. Your letter has changed at once my mood and it became much better. Today my day very heavy m I was tired. I was so is tired, but when I have seen your letter on the mail box all my weariness and grief have passed in a moment. I waited for your letter as during our acquaintance I have found the partner in correspondence and I wish to know about you more. I hope, as you have such desire.
I very much want, that in each letter we learnt about each other more and more. If you wish to know even more about what I do not write. But in the future I will tell about myself everything about what I do not write in these letters. Cегодня I wish to tell to you about myself and the family. About myself and the work I have written to you already a little. Now, it is final if you not against I will write to you about the family.
I was born and I live in city Sovetcki. In 11 years I have lost the parents. They were lost in a road accident. I remember the parents very well. My mum called Elena. It worked as the children's doctor. My daddy called Sergei. It also worked in hospital as the driver. So it has turned out that when they have gone on the next call of first aid they have got to terrible accident and were lost.
But it was for a long time already and that terrible picture has left for a long time already my memory. Also I have my big brother whom call Peter. To it now 30 years. It has a family. They live in other city and consequently we see very seldom. We meet only on holidays and when it has holiday. But when it comes with the lovely daughters Masha and Irina it we spend perfectly time. Most of all I like my lovely nieces. They very much love me and constantly ask me to play with them. For me it is very pleasant, as I very much like small children. In the future I also very much wish to have the same family, the beautiful husband, lovely children.
Now I write already about the present, when I already adult. And earlier after death of my parents we with the brother were sheltered by my grandmother Valya. It became for me the present mum, she very much worried and cared of me. It did not have a present family. Therefore we became for it the present family. It carried out all our whims and desires. It was divine and for me there was a big happiness, that I have not got to a children's shelter.
So there passed all my childhood, then I have left school and have arrived in local university and in 5 years I have ended it. Then I have arrived in one university, but there I have not studied up, as there have then come heavy times. My grandmother was ill and more it could not provide me with all and consequently I have started to work honey as sister.
Now I very much want, that you have written to me about yourselves and the family, about the childhood.
I will wait very much for your fast letter! In total you kind kind and fine mood! Do not forget about the girlfriend from light city Sovetcka!
Comment #975
Hello my the friend Benny!!!
How you today??? I am very glad to receive your answer. I hope, that
you precisely also concern and express the same emotions when receive
my letter. You like what I write to you? Benny I wish to tell to you,
that you write very fine letters. But it is impossible to judge the
person, to beauty of his letters. The main thing for me that you write
to me about yourselves. As you write sincerely or try to embellish a
little the history, the character and other. But after several letters
I understand, that you very serious person and with you it is possible
to discuss more frank and serious themes. And in general you give the
chance to me to learn more and more about you and your country, about
your traditions. In general it would be final to me very perfectly to
learn about your country more, and it is even more about your city!
Now I wish to tell to you about the country and about a city in which
I live. As I already wrote I live in such country as Russia. I very
much am proud of the country. Probably you even have some hostility to
my country, but I think, that you simply badly know it. If it is fair
at me also there is such feeling when you do not know the country you
think, that it bad. In the childhood when I studied history I hated
all countries which were at war against my country. Then I was such
the patriot, and a children's head such thoughts are easily driven in.
But when you become more adult, you understand that you did not live
in those days and simply do not understand that life. You understand,
that so it was necessary. And the most important thing that in it such
simple people as we are not guilty! Well and so in our country it is a
lot of cities and various subjects. In our country there live many the
various people, different nationalities. But most of all in this
country I like such nice city, as Sovetcki. I very much love this
city. This city has given me all. It has given me a life, it has given
me my fine childhood, my first unforgettable school days, good
formation and work. But the most important thing it has given me very
fine family in spite of the fact that I so early remained without
parents. But my grandmother for me was both mum, and the daddy. Benny
you happened sometime in my city? And in general happened sometime in
Russia? My city has a history. Earlier my city was called on another.
It named Vyatka. It has been named under the name of the river which
proceeds near to a city. It is the most beautiful and pure river. Here
I often bathe in the summer. Sometimes I even bathed in the winter. In
Russia there is such holiday as the Christening which mark on January,
19th. And for this holiday many people bathe in an ice-hole to be
healthy and strong, and the main thing to wash off all religious dirt.
In Kirov there are many entertaining centres, attractions. Earlier I
am constant on the target spent a free time here. We had a rest here
with the family. Also here there are many various theatres, museums,
cinemas, schools and educational institutions. Our city and our area
are famous for such craft, as manufacturing well-known dymkovskich
toys and products. You heard about this craft? Also our area is famous
for such outstanding artist as Victor Vasnetsov. Benny I very much
like my city and I will never speak and recollect my city from the bad
party. My love but sometimes I am bothered with such monotony when
every day you see one and too. You probably get tired of my sad and
monotonous story about my city, about my country. But I say at once to
you, that the more know, the is better you represent this person. I
very much want, that you have written to me also about the city! To in
total you kind! Do not forget the girlfriend from Russia. I very much
wait for your letter, do not keep me waiting long as you have very
much interested me! Kisssssssssss
Yours Maya!!!!
P.S. I send you one more photo and very much I hope to receive in
exchange yours! I hope to you my photo is pleasant. And if it is
pleasant, do not forget to write!
Comment #976
Hello my the friend Benny!!! How are you?? I am very glad to receive
yours sincere and the gentle message. To me that you write was very
pleasant. Tell to you my letters like. In the letters I try to tell to
you about me everything that you knew about me all. Today I had a good
mood as today I very well slept, the fine dream has dreamt me. My
childhood as we walk with parents has dreamt me. Very bright and warm
sun shines, the easy breeze blows. This day was the day off. We walked
on park. When we left on the main and long avenue suddenly my parents
have disappeared and already I went one. Suddenly time as though was
carried by with such speed, that I already became adult, that I
already am in the present. I still for a long time went one and sang
my favourite song and I have noticed, that on other end there is any
young man and also sings a song. He did not notice me. It was very
beautiful person, but his faces I did not see. I began to approach
more close and he has suddenly noticed, that someone looks at it. He
has sharply turned back and I have woken up from it. When I have woken
up, to me became so interestingly, I wished to fall asleep once again
to look at this person. Understand at me there was such interest only
because recently I have got acquainted with you. Probably on it I had
such feeling and such pleasant dream has dreamt. Then I have woken up
and have made to myself a small breakfast. Since morning I very much
am lazy to prepare. After a breakfast my usual day begins. But now
days became more interesting to me. I often recollect you, I wait for
your letters. It is very interesting to me to receive your letters, to
learn a lot of the new. You know probably ask yourself such question:
Why this girl from Russia writes to me? I give you the answer. I write
to you as you have liked me also your profile has very much interested
me. I do not have young man. You understand that to me 26 years and I
have such desires how to find the favourite person, to create the
family. Then probably you have other question: Why I cannot find the
guy at myself? First you have liked me. And secondly I had a bad case.
Before 3 years ago I had a young man. Mы have got acquainted with it
at university. At first it has very much liked and has seemed to me
such kind and lovely person. He has started to invite me at cinema, to
walk on park. So there has passed one month. Except me it had new
friends who abused alcohol, drugs and smoking. I constantly spoke to
it, that it did not contact them. But they have involved it in all in
it. After a while we have left, as it became absolutely other person,
it became malicious, reticent, and once it even has stolen at me money
to buy drugs. To me was so hard to see as the person whom I so loved
also it to me liked, became absolutely to another. I it did not
interest any more, it has broken my heart. I still for a long time
thought, that it will be corrected and then we will have a new life,
but soon it has got with the friends to prison. After that I still for
a long time suffered and cried at night, it so liked me, it was such
clever and beautiful. Since then I any more do not trust and I do not
trust. All young men at us are easily tempted to drugs and alcohol. I
do not wish to suffer and trust in such people more. When I have got
acquainted with you you have appeared at once before me absolutely
other person. Cleverer, more serious person who never will force the
girl to suffer. Tell and what interests at you? Whether there was at
you a love earlier? I will look forward to hearing from you very much.
For me it is very important. I always look forward to hearing from
you, therefore write!! I send warm both gentle KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!
And the photo!! Yours Maya!