Scammer Logvinenko Luba, Lubov, Lubochka

Luba, Lubov, Lubochka
Luhansk Ukraine

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My, Honey!!!
I am so happy to hear this, I called in some agency, They said that everything will do quickly it's about 7 days, you can write to them also and ask, they said that they will do passport, and about visa, that it will do this to me, when I will be in Turkey, in airport, when I will come, I can be with you from 20 of december and till 1 feb. Or how do you want or can... Passport - 200$, visa 30$, but anyway write to them and ask everything, and I can come to you.
I want to ask you for how much will be tickets from you country, if you will buy, and I will know about here, ok, write me
I am very happy, I want to be with you, I love you
Kiss you
A lot of kisses

Hello Luba,
I called up you yesterday around 19:30. But I cannot talk with you. someone speaks with me,
anyway is this number true?(+380 681 656 430). Is it your mobile phone or not?? If yes, why don't
you speak with me?? What's the problem??
Secondly, Do you have to work with agency? Why do they help you? And what's the name of this agency and webpage?
The cost of tickets are from kiev $407, from donetsk $453, from Dnipropetrovsk $382.
But you don't pay any money for tickets, just show your identity card and get it.
Luba, can you explain the situation between agency and you? How works goes there?
I'm trying to understand your circumstances. please explain this clearly. Is it ok, honey?
Lastly, can you arrange online talking over msn or skype with microphones?
Or, when will I phone you? I want to talk with you.
I've asked lots of questions this time. Sorry for that. I really wonder about what happen there.
see you Lubochka, kiss you

Hello, my honey!!!
I understood that you called me, but I didnt hear you, it's my number, but I didnt hear, sorry, I dont know why, I wanted so much.
I dont work in any agency, I use some agency for writting letters to you, internet and English (If I dont know smth, I ask), I pay for this, that's way they help me, is it clear?
Next, I called in some travel agency to know some info about trip to Turkey, so, They said me that they can help me with passport and viza, and it will be cost 200$- passport, 30$-visa, they can do this about 7 days
And about tickets, The best way will be if I wwill buy tickets here, it cost 320$ - 2 tickets and + Sale, I dont know how much %, What do you think about this?
I am so sorry, that We couldnt speak yesterday, I wanted so much, sorry..
I want to see be with you, to feel you, and spend the best time in my life, Miss you Kisses

Hello dear, how is your day? How is school going?
Wednesdays are so tiring for me, I have so much work.
Anyway sweetie,
Can you send me the webpages of the agencies that you use for internet? I want to learn this.
Then, what's the name of travel agency that can help you to take your passport and visa?
Is this agency working with any travel agencies in Turkey? can you learn this.
Don't think about the tickets honey, I can buy them here and you can take them by showing your
identity card at the airport. But send the photocopy of your identity card to me. You can e-mail it.
And say me which is better for you? Donetsk or Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk?
I'm missing you Lubochka, love you..

Hi, honey!!!
I was thinking about you.I called in this agency, I wanted to know the webpage of this agency, but they dont have, only this e-mail and tel.number, and that is all, But anyway I have to passport, it costs 200$ and visa 30$, I have to do this now. Ok, tickets you will buy, a you agree do like this?
My name is Lubov Borisovna Logvinenko, city - Lugansk, Ukraine, it's enough for Western Union
Kiss you, I miss you
Love Lubochka

Hi my baby,
I thought about that traveling a lot. I decided to send you enough money for passport,visa and ticket
also some money for the travel. I thought to send you 700 dollars. Is that enough for everything?
However I need the name of the agency and its phone number. Also I dont like that Western Union,
would you give me an account number from any international bank in Ukraine? It will be easier for me really.
Missing you every second more & more and will be waiting for the day I will look into your eyes.
I am so sure that you will bring the heaven to my life, so my angel's name will be Luba or Lubov??:)

Hi, My Love!!!
Oh, my god, you know that today is the best day!!!! I came here, and saw your letter, and couldnt control myself, I was very happy to know this infi, Of course, I will give you the name of agency and number (+380642 32 55 32, agency "Chayka tour"), You can call, and ask everything, They know english. My aunt used this agency 1 year ago, She was glad.
That is enough for everything, I thing, I know that I will and you will not forget this time, I am so happy.
You can send money, as you like, of course, but with Western Union I will recieve the money in that day, which you will send, and with account number i will recieve in 3 days, but it's not a problem, I will start to do all from monday.
I said to my father this, he is happy too, like me.
About my name, Lubov and Luba and Lubochka and so on are the same names, You can say me anyway. My father says me - Lubochka, My friends - Luba, in university - Lubov, so.. And you? How do you want to speak say me?
I will add to this letter my account number (26206615961), ok, you can call there, so, what else?...
I am happy, I feel so good, I need you, I want to be with you, you know...?
I want to spend this time with you, I want to kiss you
Love Lobochka