Scammer owusuaa Anita Comfort

owusuaa Anita
Accra Ghana

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viewlady00: Hello
viewlady00: How are you doing?
acsearch4: Hello to you too!
acsearch4: Im doing fine how are you?
viewlady00: I am okay my dear
acsearch4: What is your name?
acsearch4: Mine is Tony.
viewlady00: I am here
viewlady00: I am also Comfort
acsearch4: where is here?
acsearch4: Helooooooooo Comfort!!!!!!!
viewlady00: I am here
viewlady00: so where are you located?
acsearch4: Im here where are you?
viewlady00: I am also here
acsearch4: : where is here?
viewlady00: But i ahve already told you about my Mum and Dad
viewlady00: You busy?
acsearch4: what abut your mum and dad?
viewlady00: But i told you i am now living with my Mum here in Ghana
viewlady00: ANd what about you?
acsearch4: A bit busy how about you?!
viewlady00: I am now
viewlady00: not
acsearch4: Can you send a photo of you please?
viewlady00: Okay
viewlady00: wait
viewlady00: Okay
acsearch4: Ok Im waiting
acsearch4: :">:));)
acsearch4: R U Still there?B-)
viewlady00: Yes
viewlady00: I am loading the pictures
viewlady00: Okay
viewlady00: I think you can see me now
acsearch4: WOW thats a very nice photo of you do you have any more?
viewlady00: I have only two
viewlady00: Can you also add your pictures too?
acsearch4: Yes my dear
viewlady00: I am waiting
viewlady00: wowowow
acsearch4: did you get them?
viewlady00: Yes
viewlady00: wondeful pictures
acsearch4: your are too
viewlady00: Thanks
viewlady00: So what do you do for living?
acsearch4: I teach people to drive what do you do?
viewlady00: Nice
viewlady00: I am also a hair stylist
acsearch4: what was that key for around your neck?
acsearch4: is it the key to your heart:-*
viewlady00: It is my mum who gave it to me
acsearch4: thats nice
viewlady00: Yes a key to my heart and i am now looking for some one who can open it
acsearch4: what do you do in your spare time?
viewlady00: I normally go to the national gamme park
viewlady00: what about you?
acsearch4: how old are you?
viewlady00: 33 years
viewlady00: And you?
acsearch4: you dont look that old
acsearch4: Im 46
viewlady00: Really
acsearch4: yes
viewlady00: Well that is what all my friends use to say
acsearch4: what is the national gamma park?
viewlady00: a place where you find lots of animals
viewlady00: where you come in touch with nature
viewlady00: you see alot of natural things
acsearch4: what like a zoo?
viewlady00: yes that kind
viewlady00: but very big
viewlady00: where they even have a game restaurant
acsearch4: that sounds cool
viewlady00: sure
acsearch4: have you ever been to England?
viewlady00: have you ever been to a game fuffer restaurant before??
viewlady00: no no
viewlady00: why??
acsearch4: would you like to?
viewlady00: in the future
viewlady00: l will have to convence my mum
viewlady00: and let her know that l will be very safe over there
viewlady00: not now
acsearch4: no iv`e never been to a game restaurant
viewlady00: Oh i see
viewlady00: Are you busy
acsearch4: r u a Guarnian or from an other country?
viewlady00: what is GUARNIAN?
acsearch4: some one whos nationality is from Ghana
viewlady00: So i am a mix race
acsearch4: do you talk to many guys on here?
viewlady00: Oh i am new on the computer
viewlady00: no l dont
viewlady00: l am very new
viewlady00: up here
viewlady00: l am looking for a man to spend the rest ofmy life with
acsearch4: so am i the first one?
viewlady00: second one
viewlady00: a man who will be my husband
acsearch4: what happened to the 1st one?
viewlady00: treat me like a wife and queen
viewlady00: and l will treat him like a king
viewlady00: in my onw world
viewlady00: well he was not serious
acsearch4: That sounds like the sort of lady i am lookin for you look lovely.
viewlady00: Really?
acsearch4: yes Really!!!
viewlady00: have you kids?
acsearch4: 1girl of 16 years
viewlady00: Nice
acsearch4: do you like kids?
viewlady00: YES VERY MUCH
acsearch4: I do i used to be 1 ha !ha!
acsearch4: thats very true
viewlady00: U KNOW
viewlady00: ?
viewlady00: I AM HERE
acsearch4: so where in Ghana do you live?
viewlady00: ABEKA,ACCRA
acsearch4: oh iv`e herd of Accra. is it a nice place?
viewlady00: yes it is cos its the capital of ghana
viewlady00: do you know any body here??
acsearch4: yes i do guess who!!
viewlady00: who?
viewlady00: how many people do you chat with??
acsearch4: Can`t you guess?
viewlady00: nop
acsearch4: just you my dear.
viewlady00: hahahahahahahaha
acsearch4: that was good
viewlady00: Oh yes
viewlady00: that is nice
viewlady00: wowoow
acsearch4: what annimals do you like?
viewlady00: dogs and monkeys
acsearch4: yes i like dogs too
viewlady00: but l dont have one now
viewlady00: mine is dead
viewlady00: it was called spike
acsearch4: i always had a dog when i was growing up
acsearch4: mine was called Ringo and toto!
viewlady00: hmmm nice names
viewlady00: so are they still alive?
acsearch4: not any more
viewlady00: hmmmmsad for u
acsearch4: would you like to see a picture of my daughter Angelina?
viewlady00: yes yes
viewlady00: who one day may become my daugther
acsearch4: slow down slow down!
viewlady00: on what?
acsearch4: we havent meet yet
viewlady00: l know that
viewlady00: but you know all my prayer is to find some one you know
acsearch4: did you like the photos?
viewlady00: whos?
viewlady00: yours or which one
acsearch4: the 2nd on is at stamford bridge she was sitting in the managers you know where that is?
viewlady00: no pic on here dear
acsearch4: Angelinas ones
acsearch4: didnt you get them?
viewlady00: no
viewlady00: no
viewlady00: no
acsearch4: ill try sending them again
viewlady00: ok
viewlady00: please acceapt
acsearch4: did you get it?
viewlady00: no did you accecpt?
viewlady00: so l can see them
acsearch4: i think you need to accept them you end
acsearch4: how did you send them it`s not working now
viewlady00: ok
viewlady00: so click on photos so l will accecpt
acsearch4: did you get them yet?
viewlady00: no dear
viewlady00: dont know how you did it
acsearch4: She likes football
acsearch4: did you see them
viewlady00: yes one that she folded her harms
viewlady00: she is nice
viewlady00: does she play soccer??
viewlady00: okay
acsearch4: yes me too
viewlady00: then hope one day she will paly a national team
acsearch4: how about you?
viewlady00: talking of games?
acsearch4: what hobbies do you have?
viewlady00: travelling
viewlady00: spending time with kids and the aged
acsearch4: yes i like traveling too
viewlady00: most of all watching movies with my partner yeah
viewlady00: one day l will want to visit dubbai
acsearch4: what is your faviouite movie
viewlady00: no retrate no surrender
acsearch4: dont think iv`e seen that 1
viewlady00: hmm
acsearch4: when is you birthday?
viewlady00: so what is important to you in relationships?
viewlady00: hmm coming up pretty soon
acsearch4: i asked first
acsearch4: when
viewlady00: november 8
acsearch4: so your a Scorpio then
viewlady00: what is that?
acsearch4: honesty reliability,love and devotion thats whats important to about you?
acsearch4: and that is your star sign your a scorpio
viewlady00: love trust and companionship
acsearch4: i am a taurus!
acsearch4: and also agood sence of humor sexy!!!
viewlady00: whiah one is that?
acsearch4: they are flirts just above where i write the text
viewlady00: ok
viewlady00: so what makes you laugh alot?
acsearch4: try this one. do you have sound on your computer?
acsearch4 (12:00:21 AM): i told you i will tell you when i see you ok
viewlady00 (12:00:23 AM): l wish l had enough money l would have done every thing on my own and come to you
acsearch4 (12:02:37 AM): dont worry i understand you havent got much money and hair dressers dont earn much money out there.
acsearch4 (12:03:17 AM): you can earn more money with your job once you here
viewlady00 (12:03:39 AM): from infancy l have been tought to live an honest life
viewlady00 (12:03:50 AM): so l will live long on earth
acsearch4 (12:04:20 AM): i havent had an easy life either
viewlady00 (12:04:56 AM): unfortunately good people fall in the hands of bad people
viewlady00 (12:05:03 AM): some times
viewlady00 (12:05:16 AM): they become victim of bad things
acsearch4 (12:06:12 AM): i think that you are honest and special and i just hope and pray to God that you are honest to the end
viewlady00 (12:06:48 AM): what else do l need in life than a man to love and care for me
acsearch4 (12:08:03 AM): I hope that we can be together and live a happy and trouble free life.
viewlady00 (12:08:14 AM): Amen
acsearch4 (12:08:43 AM): dont you? yes Amen to that too.
acsearch4 (12:10:19 AM): England beat Estonia today 3-0 did you know?
viewlady00 (12:10:27 AM): no dear
acsearch4 (12:10:33 AM): yes
viewlady00 (12:10:39 AM): l will listern to bbc radio later on
acsearch4 (12:11:12 AM): do you love me?
viewlady00 (12:11:32 AM): oh my love more than you have ever been loved
viewlady00 (12:11:36 AM): more than that
viewlady00 (12:11:41 AM): you are my soul
viewlady00 (12:11:44 AM): my light
acsearch4 (12:12:20 AM): well i love you more than that.
acsearch4 (12:12:50 AM): To venus and back darling!!!!!
viewlady00 (12:13:07 AM): no l do love you more than yo do for me
acsearch4 (12:13:55 AM): how do you know that?
viewlady00 (12:14:15 AM): well the feeling within me
acsearch4 (12:14:45 AM): i want you right now come here now my lovely!!!
viewlady00 (12:15:46 AM): my love it wont take more than a week to get the visa if l have the money,but now l dont have the money,l even dont know what to do
acsearch4 (12:17:28 AM): i think that you should find out how much the flight will cost 4 a 1 way ticket
viewlady00 (12:18:01 AM): well it all depends on the kind of airline
acsearch4 (12:18:15 AM): can you family help you with the costs?
viewlady00 (12:18:19 AM): and the agency will be the best for that
viewlady00 (12:18:34 AM): huh who in my house nobody
viewlady00 (12:19:04 AM): l was rather working taking care of my mum and aunty
acsearch4 (12:21:09 AM): just get the cheepest flight you can i think most of them are quite similer, i will help you with the expenses ok.
viewlady00 (12:22:21 AM): l must get back to the agency so they will sout that out for me
viewlady00 (12:24:42 AM): dear l need al your help
viewlady00 (12:24:53 AM): and moral support
viewlady00 (12:25:02 AM): and prayers too
acsearch4 (12:25:19 AM): can you pay for the visa the $320 and i will help to pay for your flight which will probably be more money than that?
acsearch4 (12:25:56 AM): dont worry i will give you all of my support and more
viewlady00 (12:27:02 AM): hmmmmmmmmmmmmm dear l wish l could but,please if you will help me please do in total,because l will have to continue taking care of my mum who is not working now
acsearch4 (12:29:29 AM): it`s just come at a bad time for me cause my business is a bit slow and i have been trying to get a mortgage and move to a new flat, i really dont have the money to pay for every thing.
viewlady00 (12:29:54 AM): yes you never told me of the work you do?
acsearch4 (12:30:17 AM): how much can you afford?
viewlady00 (12:31:08 AM): l can afford the passport and the travell insurance
viewlady00 (12:31:55 AM): pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
acsearch4 (12:32:32 AM): didnt i tell you that i am a driving instructor?
viewlady00 (12:33:09 AM): yep but what work again is in the house ?
acsearch4 (12:34:01 AM): IF you can afford $160 i will send you the rest for your passport.etc
viewlady00 (12:35:55 AM): :-?
acsearch4 (12:36:00 AM): then i maybe able to pay for your flight which will probably be about $600
viewlady00 (12:36:39 AM): have you checked any air fare now
acsearch4 (12:36:43 AM): 8->
acsearch4 (12:37:01 AM): not yet why?
viewlady00 (12:37:13 AM): yes we need to know
viewlady00 (12:37:20 AM): am going on google now
viewlady00 (12:37:32 AM): l guess its british airways
viewlady00 (12:40:51 AM): :-?:-?:-?
viewlady00 (12:41:08 AM): :-S:-S
viewlady00 (12:45:10 AM): have you found any cheap flights?
acsearch4 (12:46:16 AM): no have you?
viewlady00 (12:46:25 AM): nope
acsearch4 (12:48:00 AM): well can you afford to pay what i said my dear?
viewlady00 (12:48:13 AM): :-?
acsearch4 (12:49:20 AM): how much do you earn a :-?week in your job?
viewlady00 (12:49:40 AM): hon please pull up for me please
viewlady00 (12:49:46 AM): its not fix
acsearch4 (12:49:53 AM): hey you never mined :-?
viewlady00 (12:50:09 AM): l have to pay those two people l work with aside other tarriffs
acsearch4 (12:50:21 AM): whats do you mean fix?
viewlady00 (12:50:46 AM): not an exact amount
viewlady00 (12:52:30 AM): l hope this monetary issue doesn't ruin our relationship and dream
acsearch4 (12:52:49 AM): well just give me an average amount you get
viewlady00 (12:53:13 AM): a week $50
acsearch4 (12:55:31 AM): i hope it dosent either dear
viewlady00 (12:55:51 AM): am :-? too much
acsearch4 (12:58:11 AM): look at this price darling it`s in $ i nearly fell of my chair!
viewlady00 (12:58:38 AM): which price?
acsearch4 (12:58:58 AM): Price





Operated by


$ 971.00

1 of 1

23:30 29 Oct

06:40 30 Oct


Heathrow (London)

BA0078 British Airways

viewlady00 (12:59:22 AM): hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
viewlady00 (12:59:27 AM): oh my God
acsearch4 (1:00:31 AM): yes i know forget BA we must ge able to get it cheeper else where
viewlady00 (1:01:13 AM): ok dear so please check others now
acsearch4 (1:02:23 AM): i will do it tomorrow its to late now, what time is it there?
viewlady00 (1:02:41 AM): 000 am sunday morning here
acsearch4 (1:03:24 AM): well its 1am here and im knackered how do you feel?
viewlady00 (1:03:54 AM): still want to chat and finish with this issue
acsearch4 (1:06:14 AM): well what can you comit to?
viewlady00 (1:06:31 AM): dear $100usd
viewlady00 (1:07:48 AM): :-w
viewlady00 (1:08:42 AM): please dear
acsearch4 (1:09:28 AM): well we can wait a bit longer wile we save up more together ok
viewlady00 (1:10:19 AM): dear that will delay alot
viewlady00 (1:10:55 AM): l will sell one dryer
viewlady00 (1:11:08 AM): to get the $150
acsearch4 (1:12:38 AM): ok darling thats a good idea what ever you have to do
viewlady00 (1:12:59 AM): so when will you send your part dear?
acsearch4 (1:13:11 AM): it`s worth it is`nt it?
viewlady00 (1:13:23 AM): yep
viewlady00 (1:13:26 AM): it is
acsearch4 (1:14:28 AM): did you open the file its a leanne rimes song?
viewlady00 (1:14:46 AM): still opening
acsearch4 (1:14:49 AM): can you listen to it?
viewlady00 (1:15:09 AM): nope dear no head phone on here
acsearch4 (1:15:13 AM): it a beautiful song its for you
viewlady00 (1:15:29 AM): thanks dear
acsearch4 (1:15:49 AM): its called how do i live with out you?
viewlady00 (1:16:08 AM): ok guess its very nice
acsearch4 (1:16:57 AM): yes it is
viewlady00 (1:17:17 AM): ok
acsearch4 (1:21:21 AM): look if you can give me the phone number of the place where you get your pasport from then i can talk to them to help you get your passport sorted out first then we will sort out the flight after.
viewlady00 (1:21:49 AM): dear that is the passport office
acsearch4 (1:22:17 AM): well you went there didnt you today yes?
viewlady00 (1:22:38 AM): then you will still have to first send $170 so l can use that to apply for the visa
viewlady00 (1:22:56 AM): nope that is the travell and tour agent
viewlady00 (1:24:03 AM): it will take only a day to get a passport done
acsearch4 (1:25:09 AM): yes i know if you can get me there phone number then i will do all i can to help you get your passport and help with the payment ok my dear
viewlady00 (1:25:22 AM): k
viewlady00 (1:25:32 AM): but l dont have that yet
acsearch4 (1:26:57 AM): thats ok just get it when you can next week,we cant do much at the weekend anyway
viewlady00 (1:27:14 AM): ok
acsearch4 (1:27:57 AM): :-*:-*:-*
viewlady00 (1:28:28 AM): ok l have a paper here with this number on it guess you can try that and talk to them so by monday then they will work on my first
acsearch4 (1:28:44 AM): :-?:-w
acsearch4 (1:29:53 AM): but also i really want to speek to you on the phone soon,did you get the phone card darling
viewlady00 (1:30:12 AM): 00233-246-309276
viewlady00 (1:30:31 AM): nope dear l will buy one and call you dear
acsearch4 (1:30:40 AM): whos number is that?
viewlady00 (1:31:04 AM): now its part of this same money that l am going to contribute
viewlady00 (1:32:19 AM): l said this is a number l did write from the television from their advert
viewlady00 (1:32:27 AM): thats the passport office
viewlady00 (1:32:38 AM): try that and see if any one will pick
viewlady00 (1:32:41 AM): up
acsearch4 (1:33:05 AM): are you sure its the passport office?
viewlady00 (1:33:38 AM): dear thats a number from one of their adverts
acsearch4 (1:33:52 AM): not now dear its too late i will call them on monday ok?
viewlady00 (1:33:55 AM): when you call and its a wrong line you will know
viewlady00 (1:34:03 AM): ok
acsearch4 (1:34:45 AM): what do you mean a wrong line is it there number or not?
viewlady00 (1:35:58 AM): yep it may go through or it may not
acsearch4 (1:36:42 AM): why do you say that?
viewlady00 (1:37:22 AM): you try it later and see
acsearch4 (1:38:02 AM): why do you think it`s wrong number?
viewlady00 (1:38:46 AM): hon l dont think so but you know l have written this down for a while now
viewlady00 (1:38:51 AM): thats why am saying so
acsearch4 (1:40:14 AM): its no good if it is wrong number. What is written on the paper you have?
viewlady00 (1:40:44 AM): 00233-246-309276
viewlady00 (1:41:13 AM): Inbound
Accra - London
Previous day
Next week

viewlady00 (1:42:02 AM): Previous day
Next week

acsearch4 (1:43:21 AM): thats flight info isnt it?
viewlady00 (1:43:33 AM): yep dear
acsearch4 (1:46:13 AM): hang on dear im looking for something
viewlady00 (1:46:21 AM): k
acsearch4 (1:49:02 AM): im back
viewlady00 (1:49:06 AM): k
acsearch4 (1:51:12 AM): well you`ve gone quiet
viewlady00 (1:51:36 AM): nope you were checking something to tell me
viewlady00 (1:51:48 AM): l tought so
acsearch4 (1:52:28 AM): come here and give me a big kiss you!!!!
viewlady00 (1:52:38 AM): :-*
viewlady00 (1:52:41 AM): :-*
acsearch4 (1:53:06 AM): not that again it looks nothing like you
acsearch4 (1:54:15 AM): are you ok?
viewlady00 (1:55:08 AM): what does not look llike me?
viewlady00 (1:55:34 AM): my acount is blinking
acsearch4 (1:56:16 AM): :-* that dosent
viewlady00 (1:56:32 AM): what?
viewlady00 (1:57:24 AM): wembly stadium l guess
acsearch4 (1:57:27 AM): look Wembley stadium!
viewlady00 (1:57:33 AM): yep
viewlady00 (1:57:40 AM): very nice
viewlady00 (1:57:58 AM): was that the community shiled match?
acsearch4 (1:58:01 AM): tats right were Chelsea Beat Man united this year
viewlady00 (1:58:16 AM): k
viewlady00 (1:58:44 AM): when do we chat again?
acsearch4 (1:58:59 AM): what do you think of the photo?
viewlady00 (1:59:10 AM): very nice
acsearch4 (1:59:44 AM): how about tomorrow afternoon say about 3pm
viewlady00 (2:00:30 AM): in the whole world
acsearch4 (2:00:55 AM): whats that dear?
acsearch4 (2:01:20 AM): about the whole world?
viewlady00 (2:02:00 AM): l said l have the most handsome man in the whole world
acsearch4 (2:03:08 AM): can you please give me the phone number of the shop were you are i may be able to ring you there soon.
viewlady00 (2:03:33 AM): which shop dear?the internet cafe?
acsearch4 (2:03:34 AM): i look better in person anyway
acsearch4 (2:03:44 AM): yep
viewlady00 (2:04:08 AM): yep very nice man,l thank God for having such a nice man
viewlady00 (2:04:21 AM): nope no phone here dear
acsearch4 (2:04:26 AM): who me?
viewlady00 (2:04:31 AM): yes
acsearch4 (2:05:45 AM): what no phone what sort of stupid shop is that with out even a phone?
viewlady00 (2:06:37 AM): thats the line which is been used for the connection
viewlady00 (2:07:02 AM): we will have time to talk some time soon
acsearch4 (2:08:20 AM): ok then good night darling im falling a sleep here i cant find the keys any more.
viewlady00 (2:08:44 AM): sound sleep
acsearch4 (2:09:58 AM): your the sexest woman in the whole world with the coolest guy in the world and dont you forget it ok?
viewlady00 (2:10:25 AM): :-*
viewlady00 (2:10:29 AM): ok dear
viewlady00 (2:11:20 AM): :-h
acsearch4 (2:11:22 AM): ok nite!nite! darling a big kiss for you XXXXX
acsearch4 (2:11:45 AM): :-h
acsearch4 (2:12:01 AM): Ar youve got it tooooooooo
viewlady00 (2:12:24 AM): :-h