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Samara Russia

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I have been in contact with this person for about six weeks and have received dozens of e-mails from her and about 15 photos. She is already listed on your site. She picked me up off of the dating service. This is someone extremely clever and the photos very beautiful. This person is dangerous and should be stopped. Their objective is to pick up money for the use of internet services in a café, the need for money to go to Moscow to pick up a Visa, costing around $1,400 dollars, and also money for a used computer, about $500-600 dollars. She claims to have no telephone in the house. She states that she is a primary school teacher and also the school psychologist. There is a photo of her in a school with flowers. Some of the photos used are quite provocative. She states that she is 34 years of age, but some of the photos are of a much younger woman. She has been doing this for a long time.

First Letter from Irina

I was very pleased to read your last letter! I am very much lifted on our dialogue.

I hope, that you will understand everything, that, that I wish to tell to you.

I think, that you have fallen the same mixed feelings of pleasure, happiness and fear and doubts.

But I think, that all these doubts will disappear, when we shall glance to each other eyes.

I speak you all this, and I am afraid a little, that you will not understand me Bari.

You probably think, that I am a naive woman.

There can be it the truth, but it is that way is similar, I feel, and I wish to be frank with you.

All people pay attention to age when start to get acquainted with the person. But I do not think, that the age can be an obstacle for serious relations. I understand, that we have a difference in the age of, I too any more have not enough years. And I would not like to have games, at me not that age already. Though everyone speak me, that I look more youngly much more, but I can accept it only for a compliment.

My city to be in the Samara area it is the south of Russia. It is small city for this reason you could not find on a card. There should be city Samara. to me from this city is specified is necessary to go 2 hours by the bus up to my city. I hope to you it became clearer where it to be.

In vain you think that is necessary for me young. At me already bitter experience with young was and I do not wish to be with young. They like to walk, look on young after that there is a change. I do not want to suffer more.

Excuse but I do not know the name on a site I badly I understand in it spoke that to me my girlfriend did. I the remote person in this plan.

In any way, we can understood, whether we have made to each other, only if we learned it is each other better. I shall tell to you more something about me. I hope, that it will be interesting to you readable about my hobbies.

I think, that people who wants to know better each other, should

Have some hobbies in general. But actually it is not bad if they

Do not make, because it - always an entertainment, that try something new! Make you

Agree with me Bari?

My favourite hobby dances!!! I like to dance!!! And I

Dance, each moment I have a free time:) it could sound amusing

To you, but it is true!!! I have made the Russian dance of people and

Ball dances when I was at school. I a part of the tool in

Various competitions of small fry and we frequently took all over again places.

I was in the habit do ballet when I was a little, but I not do it

It is more: (it is kind with pity. I still do ball dances

Though. You like to dance? If we meet each other the some people

Time we will dance for certain!!!

Also I like to make sports meets much. I played football at school.

Now I have no time for this purpose also. But I still do skiing,

Skating and floating. But it happens not frequently. And I

Like to observe football!!! For the first time I observed on TV

It not do any sense for me. Then my friends have explained

Me a rule and I become to love these sports. I have no

loved command or something I in the same way as supervision of people

To compete. I have been interested in the last year aerobics. I do it

From time to time. But sports and dance - not mine are unique


I like to read, listen to music and to observe various

Cinema. I strongly wish reading the Russian classical books is similar

" A crime and punishment " Dostoevsky, and " war

And the world " Tolstogo. They - my best books!!!

The first speaks about the poor student who has no money

To exist, he tries learn to children to earn money, but it

There is still not enough, so he kills the old woman and plunders her.

Later he feels like guilty and goes to police office and

Admits in him a crime. Also this book - about difficult

Life of poor people in Saint Petersburg. The second book

Is about war 1812, and relations people

During this war. I love books about love in general since then

I like to dream of true love!!!

I like to listen to various music. I love classical music, a jazz,

Firm and soft rock. I love " a sonata of a moonlight " Beethoven.

My favourite Russian orchestras - "Chizh", "Chaif", and "Splin".

Besides them I love Eltona John, Aerosmith and some other groups

And singers. From classical music I love Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert.

I observe many cinema. It receives more and more good Russian

Cinema in the course of time, but Americans - still the best! I am valid

Think so. For example the last year I have been taken cinema about

The Christ with Mel Gibson, staring. I cried almost

The whole cinema! The Christ suffered for all people so, him

Died for us. And I do not understand, how some people not do

Trust in him!!! Very sadly, when people are not religious!

In my opinion each person should have the God in heart!!

Well, it - only my opinion, can be other people, think in another way.

There is other cinema, I love much. It has named " Wood Gump ".

I can speak very much about this film. It probably best film in my life.

One of my hobbies - the foodstuffs! I like to eat the delightful foodstuffs.

I prepare for me well (I think so:)!!!! I like to prepare very much!!!

I frequently invite my friends on my house, and they usually speak

That all I prepare for very good tastes. I love our Russian traditional foodstuffs also.

I like to prepare bliny, borsh, the Russian potato salad. I love fruits

Most of all, because they - the most healthy foodstuffs, are a

It is a lot of vitamins in them. It is a pity, but they very much dear in winter.: (

Well, it - about it my preference in music, cinema and the foodstuffs:)

So I finish. I hope, that you loved my e-mail:) and I want

To know it is more about you!! I hope to hear fron you very soon.

Each your letter resembles a holiday for me!!!