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Many letters which eventually left some discrepancy...
Heres one...
I aspired to receive your letter. I like to read

Your messages it is a lot of. And your photos to me very pleasant. I like to study more about you. You interest

I much!!! I want, that we were more close to each other for this reason I

Want to tell to you about very important part of my life, about mine

Family. I have rather small family. I have Mum, the aunt and the grandmother.

I have no daddy, he have died 3 years ago of impact of heart. A name of my mum - Katerina,

she worked in hospital earlier as the nurse, and now she on pension.. she has chosen this career because

whe wants help to people, and she loves, care of people who

Require in her the help. I have photo of my parents when still the daddy was alive.

And I want, that you have seen them on a photo. My aunt - Tamara, her 45 years.

she has no family. her the life has not developed successfully. She is a seller in shop.

It is very firm to her to live one. I thank

The god, that I have such family!!! I love them to death.

We spend sometimes time together, and we never argue. I so am proud of mine

Family. It is a lot of time, I give to my work. I work as the teacher at school.

Perhaps, it - not top of dreams, and I can make more, but I very much love this work,

I love my colleagues. I love children. And I like to look as they grow and grow wiser.

Any ways do not think, that because of my work I have no time for

My family or friends. The some people as I am able to go for walks with

My family and friends. We go, skiing and skatin in the winter and we

Usually go, floating in the summer!!

My mum wants, that I was happy and to find the person whom I shall really love

And who will love me also.

About, excuse me, it is probable boringly to you to listen about all to it.

I hope, that you did not yawn, when you read it:)

If it is fair, it was pleasant for me to read through your words in Russian to me.

You have correctly written. I not one in a life. At me it is a lot of friends. But the person so heart is close to mine while is not present. You have the son? And how call him?

I shall wait history of your last love, I then too shall tell to you about the.

Your question on preparation of meal, I can answer with confidence, that it to me very well turns out and is very tasty.

I have not been married, there was time when I was very close by a marriage.

I was born on May, 9, and I have a sign taurus.

I have no children.

I live in Osinki, I live with mum and the aunt. Phone in our apartment have disconnected.

And I cannot give you number. It does not work two years.

My address: Lenin's street, the house 56, an apartment 8.446237.

I cannot recollect now what exactly has involved me in your structure. Your parameters and answers to questions likely.

Well Ossie, I do not wish hasten a case, but I have some questions to you.

These questions are very important for me. I would like you told to me about it, whether that you are realy, looking?

Tell to me how you see your happy life how you see your future woman?

I have family, I very much love my mum. But I wish to have my own family.

I wish to have the house and the husband. This house would become for me a silent harbour, entering,

Which I could forget about all troubles and problems.

I during long time wish to find second half of my soul.

Well I should go. But I really hope, that we shall not stop to write

To each other!! I have so much to tell to you about me directly and

I want to study much more about you!!!:)