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Name : Kristina - mail : [email protected] - City : Yoshkar-ola - Profil :

She contacted me last week at asking me to reply at [email protected] (and she has contacted another french profils)! I have asked any questions in my replies because i was sure that "she" was a scammer and she sent me pre-written letters with photos with each mails (i never asked photos). I answered back telling her that she was a scammer, but she wrote back with the next pre-written letter like a robot.

I am very pleased to have the answer from you.
I have written to your structure on a dated site , but I did not think,
that it will work.
But now I have the letter from you, and I am really pleased about it.
First of all I would like to tell to you a little about me.
So you will know, with whom you speak. You know, that my name -
Kristina, and I live in Russia.
I live in city Yoshkar-ola, probably you heard about this city.
This city of 800 kilometers from Moscow.
I have been given birth on February, 08 1979. I - 5 ' 7 " and 110
I have white hair and grey eyes. I am single and I have no children.
I work in the Boarding school for orphans.
I have many various hobbies such as sports, external actions, a
camping, dance and many others.
I - very sincere and romantic person. I love all romantic things:
candles, flowers, nights, the moon, and romantic dinners.
I think, that you want to know, why I have contacted your announcement.
I want to find my love, my soul mate and second half in this big
I am one woman of the person , and I want to find one person to whom I
shall be capable to give all my life, love and care and who will be a
share with me all happy and sad moments of a life.
I am new in the Internet, and I do not know, whether it will work. I
hope, that it will be. I also want regretting for my mistakes in English.

I have skills in it because I have studied it at university. But you
know, that it - not my first language.
I think, that I should allow to you to go now. I send you a picture of
me in this letter so you can see how I remind.
The hope you will love it. I understand, that is difficult to write all
about me in one letter.
I hope, that we shall be capable to know more about each other in our
following letters if you would like to continue to write.
So I with impatience wait to receive news from you. Care and have good
Your new friend Kristina.

Hello dear ***!!!
How are you doing? It - I again. I am pleased to have the letter from
I hope, that to you do not bother with me. As to me I find our
correspondence rather interesting.
I think, that you want to know more about me so I shall go at the
You know, that I live in Russia in city Yoshkar-ola. I lived in Russia
for all my life and never was in other countries.
The city where I live, is rather small, but it is very beautiful.
We have very remarkable character here. There are many beautiful lakes
and the rivers here.
Here there passes the main river of our city, his name which is
I have studied and diplomaed university with the diploma of the worker
of home nursing.
Now I work in this city in a boarding school for orphans and I raise
children of orphans.
I have written about it. This work is not paid very well, but I do not
I love my work because I love children very much. I want to give all
for their future happiness.
But it - is enough about my work. I have a cat. I shall write to you
more about my interests .
I am rather active person, and I love external actions.
I like to break camp very much, and I try to spend my free time with
my friends on character . I also similarly to sports meets.
I love sports meets also, is especial sports. Within winter I like to
ski and skate.
We have a lot of snow here, and I can ski very much frequently.
If I have no opportunity during active time of the charge, I like to
read the literature. I like to listen to music very much.
Most of all I love slow structures and ballads. They help me to relax.
But I can listen to various music.
I am sometimes exact just as to listen silence. As to my hostility I at
all do not know, what they.
I do not similarly to lie and dishonourableness. I do not like to play
with feelings of other people and to not like, when who - that plays
with my feelings.
I have written, that I am a romantic person. I believe in destiny and
in love on the first site .
Probably it is unusual, but it - I, type I. I assume, that you can ask,
why I search for whom - that in the Internet.
I precisely do not know why. My last attitudes were not good. I have
met one person here. It was very good and kind.
I suffered failure in love with it. All was good, but then it began to
drink much, and I was on the second place for him.
I have transferred some time from his attitude, but once it amazed me,
and I was not capable to remain with it more. So I have left it.
It forces me to feel a pain, and I was in depression during some time,
but now I begin my new life, and I have decided to try to find the
correct person who will be capable to love me and care of me in a global
I do not know, whether I shall be capable to make it. Only time can
show it.
Probably it is strange a little, that I write to you such things and I
do not know you more likely well nevertheless.
But I want to be fair and open with you. Hope you estimate it and will
be fair with me also.
So you know still the some people about my life and me. I do not know
that precisely you think of me, but you can always tell to me about it.
I also would like to know more about you, your life, yours loves also
You can always write to me about it if you want. Well I should go now.
I write to you from cafe of the Internet.
I have no computer with phone of a house because I have no an
opportunity for this purpose.
It is not so far from a place where I work. But it borrows some time to
get home from here.
I should take the bus to get home. I have no automobile, you know.
I shall go now, well. I shall think of you, and I shall wait for your
letters with the big impatience.
Sincerely yours Kristina.

Hello my dear ***!!!
At last I reach to cafe of the Internet and I can write to you. How -
you these days
The hope all is fine. As to me I am rather good. It is really raised,
that I have met you.
I do not know you very well, but I really find our communication very
interesting and delightful.
I do not know that has precisely forced me enter contact to your
announcement. Probably it was some intuition.
I am really pleased, that I have written, that you and I hope, that
this intuition will not lie to me.
I think, that you want to know more than things about my life here. You
know, that I lived here for all my life.
I spend I all my childhood in Yoshkar-ola city. I do not like to
remember that time.
I explain you why. I am an orphan, and I have no family. I at all do
not know my mother and the father.
I have been lifted in a boarding school for orphans of children. You
know what not happily to live without parents.
I wanted to find my parents when I have lifted but then I have
overlooked about this idea.
For this reason I have decided to work in a boarding school and to
allow all my love and care to children who have no love from parents.
Now I live with two my girlfriends. We rent a room together. Their
names - Tatyana and Nadezhda.
We know each other from the childhood. We were together in a boarding
school, and they love my sisters now.
They influence a textile factory . We spend we a lot of time together.

I think, that any person can have only a few real friends.
I have such friends, and I know, that I can always hope on their help
and support.
I also have some friends from my work, but we do not spend we a lot of
time together.
I think, that it - because everyone has her or his own life. But
sometimes we gather and go for picnics or cinema.
Most of all I like to observe comedies and romantic films.
What can I tell to you about me
I believe in the God. I am a Christian, but I think, that the main
belief is in heart and not only in movement to church.
There are many people which go to church only for representation or a
I - against such belief. You know, that I love romantic things. I love
I love all flowers, but most of all I love roses. It - flowers of love.
My favourite color is dark blue.
I had one dream in the childhood. I wanted to sea Dark blue Ocean. I
never saw ocean.
The hope I will be capable to see it once. Now I have more serious
You know, that I want to have my own family, my own ìèêðî the world.
I live with my girlfriends now, but I want to have the close person who
will understand me in all.
I want to divide all moments of a life with it. I want to have the
beloved person who will love me and will care of me.
I dream of presence of family and to have close friends, to gather and
spend a vacation, to have picnics, to leave together.
It - dreams again. I hope, that they will be carried out once. I think,
that I should allow to you to go now.
I have written to you a lot of information on me in my letters.
I spend I a lot of time of the letter of the letter because I have
printed very slowly. The hope my skills of printing will be better during
some time.
If you want to know that - íèáóäü, that you can always ask me about it,
Probably it is strange, but I thought of you. You know, that I very
much am interested in you and our communication.
The hope all will be fine with it.
Well, I should be closed here.
I should go, but I shall think of you. I already think of you much.
I with impatience wait to receive news from you.
Your friend Kristina.