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Mykolayiv Ukraine

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This is her second letter...
my dear did you get this letter i send to you?

Hello my dear XXXXX!!I love your's soul!!! Thank you for letter! I so
glad!!! I will tell to my mother and she will be glad too!!! I knew that
I would meet my destiny because I was in a grand pa house-he is a prist and
I asked him to pray for my happiness and you as a present came into my
I will tell you some more about me, I want to love and be loved, to
the love from your partner is i think a wonderfull feeling, I have to
admit that i am a very romantic woman, i am passionate and gentle and
very caring,i want to be able to look into my loved ones eyes and see his love
for me and i want his to see the love in my eyes and to feel the love in
my touch.
I belive that the family is a very important thing and should always be
of love.
I want my husband to be my best friend,my passionate lover,someone wants
share everyhting with me good and bad.
For a relationship to last there has to be
trust,honesty,love,care,affection. I want to tell you what is in my
I like fantastic;) I like Stanislav Lem "Solaris"
I like this book!! I did not seen the movie..But I like more read than
But..I like some movie wery much it is name:K19" with Garrison Ford!!Did
you seen it?It is great!! I has been cry in the and;) I like to cry whan
wach sad movie;) For example "Romio and Juliett" Inglish produsing (not
Our life consists not only from pleasant things as a rule.
Although without any trouble whatever we could not appeciate our
victory and could not be stronger.
My sister is a creator of overstrained atmosphere im our family.
She is 16 y.o.and this is really dificult age for parents:)But she knows
her aim in life,she is clever...and big tedious:)Yesterday I and my
family saw my favorite movie,called "Adams Family"I can watch it
often:))) That's a little bit of the life of my family.
I have to go my dear because I use I-net caffe,it is seems to me that I
can write to you for hours!!!I dreaming to have the computer at home with
the veb camera for to be able to see you my dear!
I feel to much tender to you !! I so alone in this litle sity!!
I want to be happy with you!!!Soon will be my birhsday and it is very sad that you are so far away from me!It will be 19 December.
Kisses to you
YOurs Vita