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Just one example:

...But the fact that I need to pass the Russian customs house all
over again about which requirements I spoke you.
My Walter, I understand you and your friend. he I count you crazy.
understand also your friend. Can he never had such situation.
I think, that he will be itself crazy when we shall be before him
You speak about type of the visa. I can tell to you about all types of
the visa as I studied it. Also chose the most necessary.
Types of visas to Italy in çàâèñèìîcòè from the purposes of stay in
territory of the country: the business-visa, tourist, guest, working.
Also there are types of visas to Italy on time of stay for territories
of the country - short-term and long-term. Some short-term types of
visas allow to be till 90 day. On quantity visitings types of visas to
Italy are subdivided into unitary visas and visas with the right of
repeated entrance. Also exist group and private types of visas to Italy,
and also transit - for travel on territory of the country.
Here all types of visas. And I have chosen the long-term visa that I
could be with you longer. But that I with this visa shall come to you
again is possible also. You spoke that I cannot remain first time with
you for ever. And here I then can go with same visa to you without
problems already. And I then will not need to have means in customs
But I for the present have no this visa. I will need to take away it in
You speak that I should send you copies of the visa and the passport.
I shall not be in time aboard the plane then, while all this done.
My Walter, I have for you a copy of the Russian passport. I today
managed to photograph it the usual camera. And then to me developed a
film. It has turned out not so clearly. But it has turned out.
Be not dared above a photo as it is a photo it has been made when to me
was 21 year. Then I have received this passport.
It is a pity to me, that I tomorrow cannot speak by with you to phone.
But I can soon hear you in a reality. And not only to hear:)
Today I cannot give you the exact information on flight. Only tomorrow
in the afternoon. And tomorrow late at night I will need to leave in
You spoke about bank. I did not think of it still. I do not think, that
in Moscow it will be safe. It is possible to make as well as last time.
Though, all depends on you. I only want to have more safety.
my dear Walter, I finish the letter now.
I tomorrow shall write to you in the morning. Good night, my dearest.
Yours for ever Irina