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I received the same letters, almost word for word, that "Irina Surnina" wrote to "Les" in February-March 2007. Here is the text of the first one.

Hi James!!!
I to wish to write to you the the letter what we the nobility each
other have got acquainted.I to wish to speak you that my electronic
box has broken also I cannot renew it{him} write to me the good
letters to me on my new box I wait yours for well letter!!!!!!! I do
not do Know, just during that time when it, to explain, but I did not
think, that you to me Write And now I at all do not know what to start to write to you The letter.Give so, I shall tell a little about myself
and if I shall be really interesting to you also you ask to me the
questions and I shall answer them. I want to tell to you, what in this
first letter to you I shall tell about myself, it is good James? At
once I want to tell, that I have been warned by that people from the
Internet get acquainted with young girls that this girl has sent them
the naked photo. Understand, that I am very serious in creating our
relations with you and I never I shall send a naked photo to you. I
shall be frank in all letters and I shall demand the same relation to,
on the equal rights of the man and the woman. I hope, that it is clear
for you James!fill these questionnaires and have not correctly
written, I from Russia! Well I shall tell to you a little about myself
and that I present as the person. To me of 28 years and my day a birth on April, 15 1979. At me blue eyes. My growth of 171 centimeters. I want to tell, that I the open girl for all conversations.I never was for the husband and now I want to get acquainted with you for this purpose, to understand as far as we approach each other. My former relations with the man from Russia were short, I was disappointed in it. To itself the man on the Internet for my acquaintance also has decided to look. I work as the doctor and my work takes away from me a lot of time and forces. So, that I ask to be patient with me as I shall write to you time to 1-2 days. Even at the work I constantly watch the taste and I try to be always in the form and a tone. To go to work as the doctor to me it was necessary to study at university and only having finished university I began to work from hospital.
Also to pay my university to me it was necessary to work much to pay my study. I sold ice-cream, I was the croupier in a casino. Understand James, that I had not to choose in work as my parents could not pay my study and I had to work independently. At school I 5 years was engaged in volleyball and was at city competitions. I am able to be pleased lives, in the life I had to meet a deceit much and consequently I shall not allow to deceive myself. I heard, that it is a lot of people on the Internet deceive and consequently are afraid to get acquainted. I do not know even how to explain, but I for the first time on the Internet. I do not know as you on it will react, but I would like to know your opinion on this account. On it I shall finish the letter James and I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
Therefore as you have woken in me hope, that we can be special to each other. If you it is valid so consider, I wait for your letter on this box.My old box of mail had breakage and I not to know as it to restore so it is my new mail box!!!!

[email protected]

I shall wait, that you to me write, yours faithfully Anna!

P.S. I want to tell only, that my knowledge of the Internet are very
small. I hope, that you see it. Also I ask you ask the questions in
your letter do not hesitate. I am very much interested in our
relations. Would like to know your full name also!