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Hello Gabriel, I am Kate. I am very glad you wrote me.

I am 24, I live in Lugansk. I work in the secondary school as a

teacher of drawing. I fond of fine art, like ancient things and


They say woman is an eternal secret every man tries to solve in his

own way. I want you to be one of a few persons finding the solution in

me. For some reason if they talk about woman they always mean a man

she is nearby. Meanwhile I have no such a man now. I love my parents,

they are an example of honesty and family life for me. I have 3

sisters, we have a large family with a lot of kind and merry

tradition. I try to enjoy life, to learn life, to be cheerful in any

situation! I put more attention for light sides of the life, dark

sides show themselves rather clear without it.

I don't lose optimism because God created us for happy life.

I keep God in my soul. I belive all earth and heaven strength will

come to help me in hard time!

Gabriel, I want to support and complete you. And even if you are far apart

I want you to know and feel me existence very moment, I am always with


They say during a life every person must fulfill 3 things: to breed a

son, to plant a tree, to build a house. From all that I did just one

thing - I planted so many trees that it would be enough for some

another persons. And now I want to go ahead and to create a family.

Well, if I won't build a home I think it isn't the most awful sin in

the life!:)

Gabriel, what about you? Tell me about your plans for future!

Take care,

yours Kate

Hello, my dear Gabriel!

Thank you writing some words in russian. It was very pleasant. I can help you with studying English.

Gabriel, my English ability is not that great, on the scale 1-10 if 10 is fluent,

i would say i am 3 or something like this. Unfortunately, i have no any practice

at all, and i have to study it by myself, without any assistance,

though i am trying to do it very hard. My salary is not very high also and now,

the majority of it goes to the translations, and i am afraid i will not be

able to pay for it for a long time, i think i need to look for the second job

to pay for this services, because i am afraid i have no another way to cover it,

though i really have no idea for what job i can get, but i also have no

any desire to put up with the though that i will not be able

to pay for our correspondence and lose you... Gabriel, i don't know how

to ask you for this, but maybe you could help me with the payment for the translations,

I have been speaking with the manager of the Internet cafe which services i am using

and she told that they have a service of month unlimited translations for 98.99 US dollars a month,

It seems to be cheaper than i pay now for every single letter,

but, i don't have so much money at the moment. And if i would have another

opportunity to cover it, i would never ask you for such a help, i hope you understand this.


your Kate

then she asked me again to pay the internet fees in which i replied if she would send me a naked picture then I would pay the fees :))) The naked picture of her to confirm she is a real person and not someone else. Of course I won't pay jack, but I can't wait to get the naked picture:))))