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Anastasiya was sincere in her writing over many months to the point it appeared we established an honest relationship. She was to come to the uk as we talk of furthering our relationship. I sent her money for the passport, Visa and airline ticket and fare to Moscow to pick up the ticket of which on the day of going to Moscow she said she was mugged and had the travel documents stolen. She then returned home to her vilage in Kazen and then after four weeks of silence advised her Mum was dying. I asked for a copy of her new passport of which she said she would obtain althoughshe became irrate as she felt i did not trust her however a copy was emailed to me and therefore reinforced that she was true. She has made no attempt to contact me in two months and not responded to emails and therefore i can only assume that she is a scammer. I am not concerned about the £1800 but the emotional torment was akin to grieving for someone who had entered ones life and died. Unfortunatley the legitmate girls will loose out as with agencys. The Russian embassy has a report of the details and i have numourous emails and photograghs of Anastasiya. My advise is not to send any money no matter what the story and not allow emotions to rule your head no matter how real the person appears.

I have over 30 comunnication fron Anastasiya , to many to list however these are the last two.

Hello, my love Chris.
My love Chris, excuse me what to not write to you so many days. I wish to explain to you why I could not write to you. I wrote to you, that I shall try to write to you every day. But I could not. And when I to come today to the Internet of cafe I have read through all your letters. First your letters have been filled love and care. When I to read your letters I to cry, that so long could not come to the Internet of cafe and read through your letters, and to me have calmed down. I to think of you every day. But here only a few days I could not think of you because I was on the verge of a life and death. My mum lays in hospital. Two weeks ago mum to make operation on heart. Operation has passed well as doctors have told. And health mum became better. I was happy, that a little more mum will be healthy. I shall ask to take mum the sum of money of bank and to arrive to you, my love Chris. I came every day in hospital to mum. And approximately in a week mum it became bad. Doctors with the brother spoke nothing to us. I was in a panic and did not know what to do. I very strongly to experience. After hospital I to go home. I to go and cry, because I did not know that to me to do. I thought that mum be fast can not. I to go to church to ask the god to not take away mum. To me it was simply heavy on a shower. I love you, Chris. And I never shall forget you, my love. You always will be in my heart and I shall always love you. Chris, I could not write to you because after mum I became bad also nothing to speak doctors to go home. In my head something was created, my heart mum badly was broken off on a part from a pain, that, I one in this world and you am far from me. When I to go home, I thought of you and about mum. I did not notice anything around and did not notice even where I to go. I to pass road to green color, I have started to pass road and the machine has not stopped also I has got in failure. I laid in hospital one week. I had damage a head. Yesterday me have written out from hospital. In the hospital to take away me the brother, I at once to ask as mum. And the brother of anything did not answer me. I already to think that all mum has died. My brother has told to me all when we to come home. The brother has told, that mum will long not live. When mum to do operation on heart doctors mum to put the valve that heart could work. Also that doctors to make a mistake. Mum is necessary there was a blood. Mum to do blood transfusion. Doctors long could not find blood such, as at mum. At us with the brother 3 negative, and at mum 3 positive. Doctors long searched for blood, and I in horror shouted at doctors, that they to take only money and to do nothing for mum. I shouted, that they to make operation, and that during operation mum to lose a lot of blood only on fault of doctors, that they could not make anything. Doctors to find blood. But have told, that are necessary money to pay for blood and for transfusion. At me remains a few money, but I did not wish again and to give money to doctors again. As they already to take money much, but to do nothing and all only in empty. But I had to give money as I do not want that mum has died. Mum to transfuse blood, and all was good. Mum again to go on the amendment. But here only then I was brought down with the machine. And yesterday I to ask the brother that happens. The brother has told to me, that when doctors to search for blood mum, they to not check at all blood. And now my mum is sick and is very serious. Mum to transfuse blood with disease Spid. I think, that you know that this such. Now mum cannot long live.
My love Chris, you to send me a photo. I long to consider a photo, and to think, that will be fast at us with you wedding. That I shall put on a white dress, and to go with you to marriage. I love you, Chris. And I very much do not have you, and your care. My love Chris, I should finish the letter as I am am hurted very strongly with a head after failure. The head hurts every day, and I do not know, that to me to do.
I love you, Chris.
I to come to the Internet of cafe tomorrow. I shall be happy to receive your letter.
With love, for ever yours Anastasiya

Mine Chris!!! Thanks you, your letters and your care is very necessary for me, to me really it is easier, when I to read your letters and words of tenderness and love!!!
My love Chris when I have read through your letter. I at once have started to write to you the answer. I to think of you, that you now beside with me. And I to speak you everything what to write in the letter, as to realities. My love Chris, why you have told what to write to you about work, about your life, also long letters it is senseless. Is not present not to me senselessly to learn about you, than you are engaged, that you do, as your work. I want, that you told to me all and to write to me long letters as was earlier. Now I likely cannot come so often to the village because the trip from Kirov in my village costs now for me many money. As money I to spend all only on mum. I shall search for the Internet of cafe in city Kirov. When I to find the Internet of cafe, I shall write more to you and I shall try to come to the Internet of cafe every day or in a day. Because my feelings to you such as were earlier. My love in my heart will be always, and my feelings to you, are full of emotion. Here only the feelings and emotions I cannot describe all to you in the letter.
My love Chris when I to call to you. I to wait some seconds, and then when you to take a tube my voice a little to shiver and I a little to experience. But then when I to hear from you your warm words, to me it became much easier. To me was so pleasantly to hear again and again your voice. Your words of support, a word of love and care were very necessary to me. I was happy what to speak by with you to phone. Then after conversation. I long to think of you. I to think of, why we now not together. Why the destiny to play with us. Our love with us can play, check our feelings. I long to think, but to not find the answer to this question. My love Chris, I wish to ask as your mum. Because your mum it and my mum. Because we shall be together, and we shall be one family. Tell to me about yours mum????
My love Chris, I wish to ask you, I can take your money for my mum. By mine mum will soon do operation. And now mum should prepare to operation, and mum medicines are necessary. I now have no money. And I do not know, that to me to do. I to not touch your money. As I know, that it not my money and I have not the right to it. If you to tell to me yes, you can take money. I shall be very grateful to you for your help for mum. And as soon as mum will be healthy to return I to you of money. To legalize again all papers and to arrive to you. My mum can sell an apartment in Kirov. I on this money I to legalize all papers to arrive to you. And to return all your money. When I to arrive to you, we with you shall be happy. We shall create family. Our love never will leave us. I love you.
My brother to borrow money, and to buy a medicine mum. But the medicine is very dear. And mum it is necessary to prepare to operation. I every day to cry and to not know, that to me to do. I to borrow money from neighbours where there lives my mum. I should repay them and buy medicines for mine mum!!! When I to arrive to city Kirov and to see mine mum in hospital I to not have almost any money for a medicine and I at once to run, borrow money from different neighbours! Some people to understand mine to mountain and to give me money, other neighbours to close before me a door! In Russia is a proverb: " The friend is learnt in a trouble " and when the trouble comes to the house many friends to turn away and you to understand, that they not the present friends!!! You to support me a difficult minute and I am very grateful to you!!! I love you and I shall always love!!! I to return to you all of money when mum will be healthy also we we can sell ours an apartment in city Kirov!!! Now all my ideas and care on mum, but in the evening I always to think of you as strongly I love you!!! As strongly I wish to be with you as we shall be happy together!!! We to get married and there will be many children at us, I wish to create with you amicable and strong family, I shall be good mum to our future children and the tender, gentle wife for mine Chris!!!! Now I again to write to you from city Yoshkar - Ola and soon to go to city Kirov, then to go in hospital and to visit my mum!!! I shall try to write to you often, but not every day!!! I shall constantly sit in hospital and care of mine mum!!! But I to not forget you never!!! I love you, yours Anastasiya.