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Comment #949

You can write me on the following e-mail address:

My  Mysterious  Stranger,can  you  guess  who  is writing to
you?!The  Warmest  and  Sincerest  Greetings  from Anya from
Ukraine!!!!!I know that you will wonder who is this Girl and
why  she is writing to me,right?! Smiley))I'm ready to answer on
this    question    ahead...before   it   will   come   from
you!!!!!So,I'm  just  an  ordinary girl and like everyone of
us,I  just  want  to  take  a  Little  Piece of a Big Pie of
Happiness  in Life :)The I-net is a new thing for me and I'm
a  new person here and,to say the truth,I have never thought
that  I will look for My Personal Happiness Here...but,as we
all  know,life  is  life...and  sometimes  it  can be really
unpredictable...all  can  happen.  So,here  I'm  writing  to
you,Mysterious  Man  :)I'm calling you like this cause we do
not  know  each  other  yet  but  if  you decide to write me
back,we  will  have an opportunity to get acquaint with each
other  and  know  us better :)My Mysterious Man,hope it's ok
for  you  if  I  call  you  like this for the moment... :)As
people  say,I'm  a  nice  girl  with  kind  heart and also a
devoted  friend  and  a good daughter...I prefer not to tell
about  what  kind  of  person I'm...I think that it's better
when  people  can see what kind of person I'm by themselves.
Also  I  can  say  that  I'm a serious girl with the serious
intentions and this means that I'm not here for playing some
games  cause it's not for me at all and I'm not such kind of
person.  My  Mysterious,you can write to me without any fair
and  I'm  sure that you will not regret and we will see what
we can share together,do you agree with me?! :)My Mysterious
Man,you  will  make me Very Happy if you write me back after
reading  this  little  and lovely letter from me...I will be
waiting   for   your   Reply   with   a  Great  Anxiety  and

With Best,Warm
and Sincere Wishes...
Comment #950
Privetik from Anya from Ukraine!!!! Smiley))

Dear  Benny,Nice  to meet you!!!You have such an interesting
name!!!I  like  it  a lot!!! :)how are you today?How is your
mood?Thank  you for your kind letter. Was so happy to get it
from  you today. Thank you for taking time and writing to me
back.  Dear,I'm  not  a Great Writer but I'm writing from my
Heart  :)Benny,Dear,could  you  be  so kind to write me more
about yourself and how your life is going,OK?!I'm so Curious
to  know  you  Better  :)You  can  tell  everything you want
to,Ok?! Smiley

If you like someone, tell him, because you may find out that
he  likes  you  too.  That is why I tell you: I like you. To
make  you  like  me  more I will give you all the grounds. I
will  tell  you about my family, my hobbies and passions, my
intentions  and  I  will describe you my personality. I will
show  you  my photo album in order to have not only a mental
connection  but a visual one as well. In this letter we will
start  our visual contact. You will get my pics and you will
be  able  to  appreciate  my eyes, my features, my smile. Of
course  I  wait for your comments. And I will be thankful to
receive  as  many of your pictures as possible. I need to be
sure you like me too but if you don't, please don't leave me
now.  Just wait until the end of the show. Why do I tell you
about the "show". It's because I do everything depends on me
to  make  my  life like a show. I study and work at the same
time.  I'm  struggling in order to become someone. You know,
"Show  must go on". I study at the Trading Lyceum and at the
same  time  work as the Manager at the restaurant. Maybe you
will find me too young but please remember that I'm 24 years
old.  Maybe  you  will  find  me  too  childish and innocent
judging  by  my  photo but you are mistaken if you think so.
I'm young, maybe I'm naive but I know exactly what I want. I
want  to  marry  with the One man for me and I don't mind if
you  are  older. I like this mixture: young looking girl and
experienced   man.   Please  don't  ask  me  about  our  age
difference.  This  question  is  over cause I'm stable in my
desire to connect my life with an older man. Also I'm stable
in  my  desire  to take English classes. Yes,I learned it at
school  but  it was a long time ago...That is why I'm helped
by  a qualified interpreter now. But my show goes on and one
day  you will discover "Anya speaks English". If it is meant
to  be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if
our  Hearts melt together so will our Bodies and Souls. Then
every  word  and  every touch will fuel our passion flame. I
will be Yours, you will be Mine, and we will be the One Smiley

A  Girl  from Ukraine is waiting for your reply with a Great
Impatience...  :)Have a Wonderful Day,Dear!!! :)Can you send
me a couple of your photos too,Ok,Dear?! Smiley

Have a wonderful start of a new week,dear Benny Smiley)

Sweet Kisses from .
Comment #951
My  Dear  Man,My  Dear  Benny!!!!!Sweet  Anya  from Ukraine
writes you!!!!Do you remember me,My Dear?!

My  Dear,I've decided to write to you today cause I have not
heard  from you for some time....I'm sincerely interested in
you  and  so  much  want  to  know as more as possible about
you!!!!My  Dear  Man,I'm thinking about you all the time and
you  are always on my mind and do not want to lose a contact
with  you for sure. I was so happy when you wrote to me back
for  the 1st time...and I'm willing to continue knowing each
other  for  sure cause I think that Destiny gave us a Chance
to  meet  not  accidentally but for some reason for sure and
that's  why  I'm  writing  to  you with a hope that you will
write  me  back  today or tomorrow and that we will continue
knowing   each  other!!!!Will  you  reply  on  my  letter,My
Dear????Are   you   still   interested   in   me   and   our
communication????If   you   write  me  back,this  will  mean
"YES"!!!!So,My  Dear,do not think for too long and give me a
sign  from  you  as  soon as possible!!!!I'm waiting for the
news from you with a Great Anxiety and Impatience!!!!

With a Great Interest and Big Hope,.

P.S.  My  Dear,hope that you will like a picture I'm sending
you today. Personally,it's my favourite one Smiley)
Comment #952
Warm,Sweet  and  Sincere  Greetings  to  my Dear Man,My Dear


Dear,I'm  really  so sorry to disturb you today. I'm writing

to  you  cause I'm still interested in you a lot and so much

hope  you  too  and  would be happy to hear from me :)Do you

still  remember  me,My  Dear?!Dear,I'm  willing that we will

stay  in  touch with each other. I'm sincerely interested in

you  a  lot  and  want  to  know  as  more as possible about

you!!!Dear,please,let  me  know  that  you are still with me

cause  your  keeping silent hurts me a lot and I just do not

know  what  to do. I'm a little bit upset cause there are no

news and letters from you. But,if you write me back,my grief

would fly away from me immediately and your letter would put

a  Smile  on  my  face for sure :)Dear,please,do not keep me

waiting for the news from you for too long cause if you want

to  continue knowing us you would write me back soon,right?!


Ok,My  Dear  Man,I  do  not  want  you  to fall asleep while

reading from me that's why my letter will be short.

Wish  you  a  Bright  and  Spectacular  Day!!!!!Take Care!!!

Waiting for your reply with a Great Impatience!!!!

Sweet Kisses from <>.