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Hello, Lorne!

Thank you for your attention to me and your beautiful photo. It's a big
pleasure for me to communicate with so handsome man like you:)

Your letter made me happy, because I saw that I'm not alone! But I want to
know more about you, my Prince. Hope to see some information about you in
your next letter. And as for me...

I was born on the 1st of April, 1983, in a small provincial town named
Gorks. It is in the east of Ukraine and it isn't noteworthy by anything
except number of coal-mines. All my childhood I was rather secluded child
and some people even thought I was unsociable, but I only was very tender,
romantic girl who lived in her own world. When time came I finished school
and as I did this with excellent marks I decided to live a small town and
to enter the University in the region center.

Now I am a student of Lugansk Pedagogical University and in summer I will
get a diploma of teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. Being a Slav
philologist, I devote much time to Ukrainian and Russian language, we even
learned Old Slavonic language, but unfortunately English wasn't included to
our program. Shame on me, but now I need to communicate with you through
the third person - translator. But for me it's only one way out to find
normal man. I'm so tired to be alone...

The older I became the more I suffer from being alone. Being a romantic
girl I was always afraid of indecent proposals I have from men, from
alcoholics or pugnacious fellows. Once my heart was broken by one guy and I
decided not to repeat such an experience again. I really suffer from being
alone, my tender soul wants to find calmness and love... This lasted for
some time until the day when I became really tired of crying in the
pillow.... I decided to change everything, so... here I am. Maybe for you,
because in spite of drawing my Prince in my dreams, he never had an exact
appearance, age or profession. He was just loving and tender, caring and
understandable, being able to cover me love and safety.

Maybe you recognize yourself in this portrait? If so, let' continue,
because for me it is impossible to write a happy love novel about two
people alone, I need one more person and if your soul is also tired from
incomprehension, maybe we will help each other to get rid of it? I will
wait for the next page of our first chapter and will gladly read everything
you will write me.

From Eugenia
with hope for understanding.

Hello one more time, Lorne!

As for my name, it's ok. No problem:)

Thank you for finding time to write to me and telling about yourself. For
me it's very interesting to read about your life. And I want to tell you
one thing - you should visit your mother. Remember, that she will not live
forever and I'm sure she needs to see you. So don't make mistake and visit
her as soon as possible and you will see you will become more happier and
make happy your mother. Think about this.

Anyway I am very glad you found time to reply me and I liked your letter.
It was of a big importance for me to get some new information about you.
Our book is continued and it is very nice:)

Now I have already known about some your goals. And as for mine...Let's
dreams away and imagine us together... what it will be? I see us living in
one home and take care about each other. I'm waiting you returning from
work every day. Of course, during your absence I'm cleaning the house and
cooking the dishes, I also do it after my work. Every day I'm meeting you
with a smile and a good mood, of course. I know my dear that when we are
together, I'll always have a good mood. All the weekends we'll spend
together. We'll go somewhere to walk, and when the weather is bad, we'll
stay at home, and I'm absolutely sure we'll find what to do
together...:-))))))) Do you agree with me? You see how badly I want to
realize my dreams, to live a happy life with my the only beloved... So, in
my plans for nearest future is the development of our relations and growing
them to something more and the realization of my dreams. And what about
you? Writing your next page, please, tell me about your plans for future
and your dreams, OK? I will wait.

Have a nice day,

Hello dear Lorne!

Yes, I use translation service. I don't know English. I'm not ashamed of
it, as my work isn't connected with other languages, and among my friends
I've no those from abroad... For sure, it would be interesting to learn
one, - but I don't need it so far... So, I have to use a Translation
Company service, you see... I tell it to you also, for you to know that,
probably, I won't be able to answer to you on the same day, as I don't
write my letters at home or at work. I am to come to the company to read
your letter, to write mine to you, and only then it'll be translated and
sent... Sorry about that, and do hope, we'll still, will correspond! Now I
think you understand all you asked about.

Thank you for writing me, it is really nice to feel that I'm not alone and
I am glad we have already exchanged our dreams and plans for future and now
we know what do we both want. But we also must know the ways of the
realization of our dreams.

So what do you think about this? What should be the first steps for the
realization of our dreams? I think that first we must continue our
correspondence and continue knowing each other. The better the better:-))
sorry for tautology:-)) I am sure that our correspondence will be very
interesting, because we are interesting persons and we have lots of
interesting things to tell each other, right?

But right now it seems to me I've been knowing you whole my life. In every
your letter I found a lot of similar thoughts like I have also and day
after day my desire to meet with you face to face is becoming bigger and
bigger. What do you think about this? I want us to meet like close persons,
very good friends, maybe more... I'm tired to be alone, to live alone, to
walk alone...When you are alone, it's very hard to look at numerous
lovey-dovey pairs, which are everywhere you could imagine. Do you
understand me?

So I would like we will meet. It's so exciting and important event for both
us. How do you imagine it? Where it will be for the first time in my or in
your country? When is the best time? I will be glad to know the answers to
these questions as I want our meeting to be well planned and for this we
need to exchange our opinions....

What else should we do in order to reach all the goals we have? I am sure
that we have enough powers for everything and the only thing is necessary -
never give up each other, solve all the problems in a good discussion,
speak, understand and be understood.... I hope I didn't ask too many
questions, I am simple very much interested in you:-) I will wait for your
reply with impatience and hope to hear from you soon.

With best thoughts about you,

Good day, dear Mr. Lorne Rauch,

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