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One of her letters:
My cheerful smiles and best wishes to you, my dear Mohamed!

The new day shows me that you are still interested in me and moreover
that your interest is growing. You know the same as you I do not know
exactly why but your letters make me really happy too.

How was your day? Anything exciting? I am rather in philosophical mood
today, I should say. There were two pairs of philosophy studies this
afternoon that is why lots of the thoughts are running in my head. As
far as I understood from you previous letter all in all I succeeded to
win your attention, and I hope that will lead us to the fantastically
exciting world of knowing more and more about one another, right? So,
let me remind you what I have already told you that friends are very
important to me, but what is friendship? You may ask.

To my personal opinion friendship is like love when you have the unity
of your hearts beating in unison and the common understanding. That is
very important and is equal in its importance to honesty and
reliability! Only the one who trusts you and is open with you can be
called your real friend, whom you can ask for a helping hand is really
worthy of being called your friend. I am quite sure that you are such
for me as I feel something hinting to me inside, that is correct, I
always trust it, my intuition ? Can you call me to be your friend or
do you need more time for that?

Thank you for telling me more about your biography, you have travelled
much in your life and you seem to be the All Cultures in One Man,
Morocco, France and Ireland... was it difficult for you to absorb the
power of three religions and traditions? I wish I could travel the
same getting the knowledge and experience of the world.

By the way, I want to tell you what I absolutely forgotten to tell you
the last time but what is very serious and urgent, that is the matter
that I do not speak English. I keep to the idea that everyone does
what he has the abilities to, I am a good waitress and I know almost
everything in this profession. Someone speaks foreign languages so
they become translators, that is simple. So I decided to address the
specialized translator agency which helps me with Internet resources
(I am not a computer’s best friend) and in passing you the
and ideas. Frankly speaking, I do realize at the moment that it was my
drawback to loose the time to master the language. But I will if my
ignorance about the matter troubles you. Just let me know, ok?

I think that we have already moved one mountain back by todays
talking, now we feel more open and trustworthy of one another. I wish
you the best brightest day, my friend Mohamed! As usually that was
nice to talk to you, stay safe and sound! Hope to hear from you soon.
My tender waving kisses and friendly hugs, philosophically oriented
lady Liliya.

This I receive at the end:
*** UniversalTranslations,Co ***

Account Status

Dear Sir Mohamed,

We are to inform you that the client you are corresponding with , lady
Liliya, can not answer your messages now. The lady is using our
service to correspond with you but unfortunately her account has ran
out. We can not continue translation till the account is refreshed.
Till the payments are done the lady's mail box is blocked and she has
no access to it.

If you are interested in further correspondence with the lady you can
assist her in purchasing translation service. But this decision is up
to you and we do not involve with it. If you are interested in further
correspondence with the lady inform us about this and we will provide
you with our service options and price list as well as instructions
how to fill in account for the lady on your request.

If you have any questions concerning our service or the lady you
correspond with you can contact us on this number:

+3 8 095 4338927

Sincerely yours,