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Hello ,Ivan!!

thank you for your support!!

I really appreciate it a lot!!

How are you??

How was yourt weekend??

what did you do?

did you relax?

Im spent it all with mother, supported her, we were in the cementery!!

not very optimistic weekend!!

Hope you had better one:):):

Take care

Kiss you


Hello ,My dear Ivan!!!

I woudl like to congratulate you with St. Nikolas Day!!

I would like to wish you the best wishes!!

did you find any presents under the pillow???

You asked me about my father!!he had cancer, but I did not know about it till his last week of lidfe!!hr kept it in secret!! and even when he told it to me, I did not believe!!

I miss you

Ivan ,I woudl like to be with you!!

I would like to hold you tight!!

Kiss you


Hello,MY DEAR Ivan!!!

thank you for your support, good letters!!

In Kremenchug there is no airport, so it is better for you to fly to KIev!!!

I would like to congratulate you with Christmas, I wish you to be happy in all sences of this word!!I want you to be healthy, because it isd very important!!

I want you you to be not alone:):):)with me:):)

Kiss you

Merry Christmas!!


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter, and your rose!!!

I would like to congratulate you with New Year!!

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

I would like to wish you to love and to be loved!!

I wish you to celebrate next New Year with me)::)):

Kiss you

Your Albina

Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter, for your worryings!!

I enjoyed my New Year, celebrating it with my Mom!!!

It was sad, that we were alone, but at any case, i WAS ALSO SAD THAT I was without you:(:(:(

You are right there is an Aotolux bus from Borispol, but it is very slow!!!

Ivan, the hotels are 50-....dollars per night, but it seems to me that it is beytter to rent a flat, the price is 40-45 dollars but I can come to you without a problem, nobody will look at me like at an prostitute!!it seems to me that flat is better, what do you think???

I can help you to book it, but I need to know the exact dates of your coming???

I miss you,What was your New Year day??did you get any presents??

I miss you


Hello ,My dear Ivan!!!thank you for your letter!!

Ivan I have found you an apartment,it costs 50 dollars, but I asked the histess of the flat to reduce the price till 40, she agreed, but in the case if we pay in advance!!!

Because from February the prices will rise!!!so ,you decide!!if you want, you can send money straight to the owner of the flat, I will give you her name and surname and you will send money to her via Western Union or you can sendmoney to my Mom, because my passport is in the passport office, after my father`s death I decided to make a foreign passpost to myself, maybe I will need to travel soon:):)so,you decide!!!Tell meI can write you the name of either of this one person!!!

I will be with you all days on days off, and on other days after wotk, if I can take a vacation, I will try, but i DO NOT WANTTO PROMISE!!If it is ok to you!!!

I kiss you

what is your Mother`s favourite perfume???

miss you

Kiss you


Hello ,My dear Ivan!!!

I am writing you to inform the name and the surname od the hostess!!!Vorobyova Anastasiya!!

We agreed on the 380 dollars, if she is apid this week, if later 400 dollars!!

I think that the price is ok!!!do you agree??

My favourite perfume is Lacoste!!I like all od them ,also I like Dkny APPLE!!WHAT IS YOURS???

I asked the hostess about the shops and the supermarkets she told that there are some!!

Do not be afraid you will not be hungry:):):)

I miss you, iVAN!!TAke care


Hello ,My dear Ivan!!!thank you for your letter!!

I called Anastasiya and asked her to give me her Id naumber, you see it is noy usual for us to ask for such things, she is not a businesswoman, that is why she has such a prices!!but she agreed to give me her Id number, it is КC 297345!!!

Why did you ask for it???

You will send money via wESTERN uNION!! you need to write her name and surname and the amount of money.

She asked you to do it tomorrow because the day after tomorrow is Saturday and then we have a great holiday Christmas!!!

I have never heard about your perfume!!hope I will like them!!

Kiss you


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter!!!

it is ok, if you thik that you can book apartmentin Kremenchug yourself, ok, no problems!!but in Kremenchug, not Kiev, I live in Kremenchug!!

I do not undertsand your mistrust to the hostess, but if you do not want , ok, not problems!1

I am so, as can be a person who lost her father!!

I would like to have some hobby, or start having English classes to be able to ocmmunicate with you, butm, unfortunately, qwe spent toomuch money on unerals and so on and so forth, so that I am not able to have English classes, can oyu imagine I was not even able to go and celebrate New Year with the people from my work!!can you iomagine??all these money!!

But at any case, I am very happy that you are coming!!

Miss ou, kIss you

Have a nice day


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your lette!!

I called Anastasiya today, and I asked her about this, she told that you could do it, but the price will be 50 dollars per day!!you can pay fro one or two days, as you wish, but you must try to do it as soon as possible. Ivan, you must understand me also, it is not comfortablse to me to call her several times to tell her either yes, or no!!

decide and tell me ,plz, your desicion!!

Thank you for your flower!!

I like flowers vey much!!

How are you??

How was your day??

today my friend invited me to go to sauna, but I refused, do not have money(:(: and soon is a holiday, Christmas, I am blue(:(:

Kiss you


Hello, Ivan!!I am fine,Anastasiya called me and we decided to go together when you send money, thik that oyu will be more confident if I am with her when she received money!!When are you going to send it???Ivan, you can sens 50-100 as you wish, but I do ask you to send it today and as soon as possible, because tomorrow is days os and the days after tomorrow because of Christmas is day off too!!

The quickestway to get here will be via taxi,I know one taxi driver, she is my father`s good friend, so I can talk to him and ask him about the price!!

I know that the bus from Borispol is 6 housr and I do not know if there is any right after you arrive!!it can take you to wait for 2-3-5... hours til there is a bus!!

Abnut the train, the airport is in Borispol and the train is from Kiev, so to go by train, you must go to Kiev, and wait till train comes!!!

Of course I will be with you, if you want to go to Kiev, we will!1

I am looking forward to yourt letter with namber of Western Union, becauae I promised to Anastasiya!!

Kiss you

hello,Ivan!!!you sent money too late, today the banks worked till midday!!

What did she need to tell them??

Why did not you send them by western Union???

What does she ned to show them???

Tell, plz, the amount of money!!

How are you, Ivan???

What is new???

Did you get my letter with the info I sent you???

I miss you, kiss you



I am so angry!!first, I am so cold, it is minus 10 degrees, i called Anastasiya, made hr go and receive money ,we went to the Western Union, and the code is invalid there!!!there must be 10 figures!!

Ivan, I do nor know why did you behave in this way, I found a person, asked her for a reduction of money, and then you refused, then you decided to agree, I called her again!!!!

Then you were aSKED TO SEND money by WEstern Union!!!and agrain misfortune!!I go every day to the agency ,I apay money ,I try to make afforts11I try to help you!!AND you even can not do what you are asked to do !!!

I am not confused by your age!!!

it is ok!I alike mature men!!


Hello ,Ivan!!!thank you for your letter!!

Thank you for going back to find out what happened!!

I also want to meet you in person!!1have you decided about the way how to get to Kremenchug from the airport???

What were your weekend???

Take care

Miss you,


Hello ,Ivan!!!thank you for your congratulations!!!

thanks a lot!!

thank you for the flower!!!

Ivan, I have called to the driver!!!His name is Vitaliy!!he told me to go to Borispol is 380 km snd the same is back!it would cost 200 dollars, but I asked him to reduce the price, and he agreed to do it for 175 dollars!!!

I calledto different taxi services and the told me 250-300 dollars!!so, I think that Vitaliy told us the good price!!!

I found out about the adres of the bank, it is situated one hour from my place!!can oyu imagine???awful!!!

I apologized before Anastasiya!!!

How are you??

Tell me about this holiday Three Kings!!! plz!!

how did you celebrate it???

Ivan ,what is the problem with your throat???

I miss you, my dear Ivan!!kiss you


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your lette!thank you for your explanations aboutyour holidays!!

Probably they are very interesting!!!

How is your throat???

Ivan I am not sure if you understood me correctly, but 170 dollars is not two way price, it is price one way, but the taxi drivers they charge two ways, because they go two-ways, he goes from Kremenchug to pick you up and then he goes to Kremenchug with you!!did you understand????

My mother is not fine, she is very upsetm she is thinking aboutmy father all the time!!

Ivan, when are you going to buy tickets????

I miss you, Kiss you


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter and again for changing your decision!!I have already communicated with Vitaliy and he cancelled a trip with his other client because I asked hm to do it!!but what shall I tell hime now??

Anastasiy called me today, she was furious!!because of the bank, of the service the service you used is contact!!!never use it again!!!

She told me that they told her so many bad words because she did not take her Ukrainian passport, she brought her foreign!!!

She was in the bank for 2 hours!!I thought that she would kill me!!

How are you??

I am very happy that your throat is better!!it is good!!!

I miss you,take care


Hello ,Ivan!!!

I understand you totally, but you must understand me either!!First this situation with Anastasiya, then Vitaliy!!!

I could not understand where did you take this amount 600 dollars!!it is 340 dollars!!ytwo ways!!from the airport and to the airport!!did you understand!!170 dollars you will pay on the 13th of February and 170 dollars you will pay on the 23th od February when you are leaving!!

You can go by bus to the airport, but in the evening it is better to come by taxi and Vitaliy will drive you straight to your apartment, I will tell it to him!!if you do not want to go to the airport by taxi, then we will find you the bus!!

Anastasiya got the money!!!with a lot of difficulties!!

Have a nice day!!

Take care


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter!!!

I am very happy that you have already bought a ticket!!it is good!!!

Perfect news today:):):)

It is rather good, I will call to Vitaliy and tell hima about the exact time of your coming!!!


Ivan, I can not believe that we will meet in almost one month!!it is really great!!

How is your mom??

does she know about your ging to Ukraine??

Does she know about me???

I miss you, my dear Ivan!!

kiss you,Albina

Hello ,IVAN!!Thank you for your letter!!
it is very sa dot hear that your mother was so bad, sometimes something bad must happen for people tp understand that they have bad habits!!!do you agree???

It is good that your mother has given up smoking!!

Today I have a day off!it is good, because I need to do a lot about the house and to go shopping, I need to cook!!today the weather is nice, sunny, and my mood is ok!!!

Have a nice day!!

Kiss you,Ivan!!

Hello ,Ivan!!!thank you for your flowers:)):):):

It will brighten my day:)):):

What did you print abut your trip???

I miss you

Kiss you


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter!!!

I think that it is vry important to be bale to communicate!so, what I suggest is I will find a translator for some days, and then I will try to communicate myself!!!ok??

I think that it is the best way at first!!

of course we can communicate via the dictionary, but it is very difficult!!do you agree???

Yes, i have phoned Vitaliy, he agreed.

Anastasiya is ok, by the way, it seems to me that she told that she knew Englisj n a good way, I wil call her, maybe she will agree to translate to us!!

What do you think about all this??

I miss you, ivan, take care


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter!!

I was very happy to receive it!!

Ivan, I spoke with Anastasiya today,she knows only English, she lived in Englsnd for some time, and sje worked as a translator, so she can help us!!I called to all language scholls, we do not have Spanish translators!!!So,i thnk that the best way to have a good communication is to use Anastasiya!!

I called to language scholls, and sked about the prices, and they are 120-150 dollars per day!!

But Anastasiya told that she can charge 100 dollars!!if it is ok to you!!!

I va, on-line trans;lator it is ok, of course, but can you imagine pout communication not in the internet club!!or do we have to be there all the time??

Do you agree???

Ivan,I do want you to come so much, so I try to help as much as I can!!!

I miss you, Ivan!!!tell hi to your mother!!

Miss you


Hello ,Ivan!!thank you for your letter!!yes, I totally GREE THAT Anastasiya is the best option!!and her pice is very good comparing with others!!

How are you??

What is new??

Yesterday it ia s a holiday here, we calabrated New Year for the second time, we calabrate it according to tw calendars!!it is on the 1st of January and on the 13-14th of January!!

We sang carols!!it was rather interesting!!how are you??how is your throat??

I miss you

Kiss you



i HA SOME PROBLEMS AT WORK OUR SHOP WAS ROBBED AND WE HAD TO deal with all htese problems, to count Cds, to communicate with police!!

I miss you a lot!!how are yuo??

Ivan, Vitalii knows that he is picking you up form the airport!!

He will hold a table with your name and surname!!ok???

I miss you, my dear!!

DID YOU MISS ME AND my letters???

Kiss you


Hello dear Ivan,

this is Albina. I have some trouble with my emailbox. Somehow the password of my [email protected] address was stolen. And they have changed it. I think it was someone from the agency I used to be with. When I met you I refused to go on correspondance with the other men and in the agency they told me I would not communicate with you too. I left this agency and now I have problems with my mailbox. So please do not reply to any letter from my previous address or block it.and from eLENA`S models also!!I no longer beong to them, thay can just use my profile, so if somebdy replies to you, know that this is not me!!I called to Anasatisya and asked her to help me to translate letters to you, so I am with you again!!I had so many problems last time, father, shop, andthen agen y ,I hope that it will be in past!!!

How is your Mom??

How are you??

Hope that your throat has totally recovered:):):

I miss you very much!!

I am looking forward to your letters!!

Your Albina

Hello ,Ivan!!!

thank you ofr oyur letter!!Thi is not Elena`s!!this is agency which represented me here!!They were bad people and not were, they are!!

I am happy that now we are able to communicate!!Kiss you


Hello ,Ivan!!I am fine, thank you!!

I am sorry that I could not answer you earlier, because I hD VERY BUSY weekend, I spent itall in the shop, we asked witnesses, and we cleared there everything!!!

It was rather tiring!!

Yes, Anastasiya does great job to us, she helps us now, and she will help us soon!!

Ivan, you asked me about the weather, it was very cold on Friday and on Sarurday, and on Sunday it became warmer, and it was snowing heavily!!


I am very happyh that your throat is fine, I want you to be safe and sound!!!

Ivan, can you, plz, write me your details of your arriving!!The date, time and your full name and surname!!ok????

I will help Vitaliy to prepare the paper to meet you oin the airport!!ok???

Ivan, can you believe that I will meet you in 3 weeks???

I miss you, Ivan!!

Ivan, tell me more what would you like to see,do you like museums, what is your favourite cousine, I will think where to take you !!

I want you to get pleasure formthis trip!!!

I miss you

I wish you a good daY!!

Kiss you


Hello ,MY DEAR iVAN!!

I am very sprry that I could not write you earlier and that I can not write you every day .Sometimes I can not come because of work ,or Anastasiya is busy!!

Ivan, I am also like a child who will meet his beloveed actor or an actress in less than 3 weeks!!

I miss you a lot!1

I wil take you to a very good restaurant, and we willhave a good time, yuou will try deruny, vareniki, pelmeni and othe things!!ok??

Hope thatvyou are fine!!

Kiss you


Hello ,My dear Ivan!!

thank yoyu for your letter and for the flower:):)

Yes, I have all necessary information!!

I have already printed it on the paper and this wekend I will meet Vitaliy and give it to him!!

How are you???

How is your work??

I miss you a lot!!I am looking frward to our meeting!!

Youir Albina

Hello,Ivan!!as far as I remember the price for 2 trips is 340 dollars!!yes??

I remember this price!!!

Do not worry all boses are like this!!

they need to cry and to punish because they are boses!!Ivam do you get a good salary??I know that it is not a good question, but bevertheless???

Have a nice eve!!Albina

Hello ,My dear Ivan!!

this is me, your Albina)::)):

Did you miss me??

How are you???

Can you believe that only 16 days are left till we meet??

I can not believe in that!!

I am counting the days!!

Vitaliy knows all the information,Anastasiya also knows!!

Ivan, I adore his novels!!


What about you??

Do you have time to read??

Ivan, how was your weekend??

I missed you, I went to the skating -rrink with my frineds, it was very funny!!

I miss you, Kiss you