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Yoshkar-Ola Russia

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BUT! Today my boss informed me that I will
have a vacation approximately in 2 or 3 weeks. I have been pleased.
But I did not expect that I will receive a vacation. But schedule
constituted by accounts department not change. I have begun to cry,
because it means that I cannot write to you. I cannot use a computer.
Then I have found out that lady which gives me to use her computer,
maybe will receive a vacation right after me, and if it will take
place I can not use a computer two months. I have imagined that I
should spend my vacation in my apartment, between four walls. I will
sit without an opportunity to read your letters, I will sit in
loneliness and to think of you. I will aimlessly wander on streets and
every night fall asleep with tears on eyes. I waited my vacation the
whole year and now I receive them but it do not bring to me pleasure.
I have imagined that I should spend some months without you and in my
heart has appeared awful emptiness. All world around became
uninteresting for me. And I have told to myself: "NO! It not for me!"
Last night I thought of us. About you and about me. About us together.
I couldn't fall asleep. I thought what I can do to see you. I decided
to spend this vacation with you. I thought what can I do to meet you.
Simply to meet. It's all that I want now. For what to be at you to me
would tell, that I should visit many establishments. Dear Grant I really
want you to meet. From your letters I see, that you too want me to
meet. But only I should you tell, that I have no money of what to
arrive to you. Now, when at me holiday, I at all do not know, that to
me to do. I cannot borrow money of what to arrive to you. I still has
only one hope. It you my dear. To me so not dexterously about it to
speak, but nevertheless I should make it. You can help me with the
visa and the ticket? As soon as I can receive all this we with you we
shall meet and we shall carry out the best time in our life. But in
fact nobody knows that waits for us tomorrow. Maybe such opportunity
will not be presented any more. I have opened to you my heart and
soul. I speak what I feel. I am not confused by my feelings. I speak
straight and openly. The loneliness has made me courageous. You can
think that I hurry events. But I have found new feeling which never
had. I am happy right now. I seem I has found what searched for long
time. In Russia speak: "under a lying stone the water doesn't flow".
It mean that it is necessary to do a step onward to achieve something.
I am afraid to lose an opportunity to communicate with you because I
cannot eternally use office computer. But I will receive soon a
vacation. During all my life I spent my vacation in my village or
traveling across Russia. But now I can spend my vacation with my
friend, with you! It is big happiness. I should use this opportunity.
In my heart never was such confidence and feeling. And I am afraid to
lose it. Maybe I hurry events, but I am afraid that all will be
terminated, and then I will go mad. You my dear friend, and friends
meet sometimes. I shall receive a vacation, it's my vacation and I
want to spend it with my dear friend. I think it will be wonderful. I
apologize, if have offended you. I hope, that you do not regard my
words as impudence. I simply want to meet and spend some happy days
with you. What will be after, I do not know. But all people meet. The
distance does not frighten me. But without a meeting there can not be
a continuation. I hope, that your feelings to me have not changed
after that. But I want to see you to slightly becalm my tormented
heart. Tell me please, can you meet me? Tell me please, you will be
glad to meet me? You will be glad if I will arrive to you? I believe
and I hope that I have not angered and have not offended you. I
believe and I hope that you have feelings to me. I believe and I hope
that you want to meet me. It can be outlined in advance by destiny. I
sincerely hope that my letter has brought pleasure to you. And I
sincerely hope that you want to meet me to spend some time together.
And I sincerely hope that you would be happy to meet me. Would you be
happy? Much tenderness from Nadezhda !!!
Sannikova Nadezhda
28 June 1980 Year
Republic Mari El
City Yoshkar Ola
street Lenin Str. 38-57
Index 424020.