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Comment #922
Hello! I am glad that there is the chance for me to write you. I want
you to know that I am rather active person and it is the reason that I
did not wait when someone would pay attention at me, I decided to act.
So I would like us to get to know each other better and I hope that
you will not mind. Please, let me know your e-mail address and as I
have already taken the initiative I will be glad to write you my first
message to your e-mail address. Thanks beforehand. Tatyana!
Comment #923
Hello Dear Quackers!

Such  a great chance appeared in my life and I appeared at that dating
site  and I got the letter from you with your address. Of course it is
the start and of course it depends on us both only how everything will
be  developed!  So  for this time we are like strangers for each other
and  be  sure  that for me it is difficult to start this letter and to
try  to write something about myself that would make you be interested
in me as I really wish it for so much! I do not know what you like and
what  you  dislike  and  for  me  there  is  nothing to do like to act
according  to  my  intuition!  So  my  name is Tatyana and I am simply
Ukrainian  woman  who is looking for her only one! I can tell you that
right  now  when  I  am writing you this my letter I have a great hope
that destiny decided not to torture me any more and may be you are the
only one for me, who knows! I think that it is really important for us
to  try  to be attentive to each other, to our merits and demerits, to
our  wishes,  hopes  and  dreams.  It  is  the  only one way for us to
understand  if  we  are  compatible or not as only heart and soul will
give  us this realization and no one horoscope will help with it. Hope
that you will agree with me! So what should I tell you about myself in
order to have your respond to me.... I do not know but I hope that for
you  my  nature  and inner world is important as my appearance you can
see  with  the  help  of my photo. Ha! Just if only you could know how
difficult  for  me  it  was  to  find  the  right photo to send you!

(You think this is the "right" photo?)" alt="Grin" border="0" />
I understand  that first impression comes from the photo and I wished it
to show me as good as possible. So I hope that I managed with it. So I
propose  you  to  go on knowing each other better and I propose you to
have  our  communication  as everything is simple - you write me and I
answer  and we will see what it will be then. For one more time - I am
looking for serious and stable relations. I really wish to be loved by
my  man  as I am ready to love and I think that I will be able to give
happiness  to my man! I will wait for the answer from you impatiently,
my heart is beating fast now as for this time when you come to the end
of  my letter you are ready to make your decision to answer me or not.
So I hope that your decision will be positive. Of course you can write
me to this address exactly as this address is for our communication.

with all my heart,