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Comment #924
Dear Quackers!

Thanks  for  the  short message that you sent me, I got it without any
problem  and  I  do hope that it will be possible for you to resend me
that  long  letter for the next time! You say that it was rejected, so
please, try again!

Comment #925
Dear Quackers!

What  a  miracle!  Oh! Just I would like you to be here now and to see
how happy I am to have your answer. Yes, you know that last time I was
rather  nervous  to write you my letter first, but I really understood
that  there  is  no  any  time  for  me  to sit and wait and if I feel
something special inside it means that it is time for me to act! So it
was  the reason that I wrote you my letter last time! Frankly speaking
I  do  not  know  why that problem appeared and why the letter was not
delivered  to  this mail box. Anyway I think that it is the mistake of .  And  please, do not worry about the impression that you made
on  me,  I think that the impression is good since you did not give up
but tried to coop with the problem! Thanks that you told me about your
work,  I do understand that you have limited internet access and it is
the  reason that sometimes it is impossible for you to answer in time.
Do  not  worry  about  it. I understand this situation as sometimes we
really can not control some things! Thanks that you shared with me the
reason  of  your not dating with English women, you say that they have
changed.  So  it  is nice that you decided to try with Slavic woman! I
would  like  to assure you that Ukrainian women have it in their blood
that  they  should  have  a family and it is of high priority for each
woman,  unfortunately  Ukrainian men prefer to be more independent and
they  would  like to stay free and not to have any responsibility like
children  and  family, I think that it is the main reason that lots of
Ukrainian  women  are  looking for stable relations from abroad! It is
the  same  about  me!  I  do understand that you communicated with the
woman  from  Moscow, you say that you even wished to come to meet with
her,  but  unfortunately she lost her interest in you. I think that it
is  possible because even in real life people can live together for 20
years  and later they lose their interest in each other and they start
to  look  for  someone  else.  I think that sometimes it happens and I
think  that  it is ok that you discovered everything right now and not
later  when you are married and when you have kids! Hope that you will
agree  with  me! As I asked you to try to be as more attentive to each
other  as  possible  I  wish  to  be  attentive  to  each  side of our
communication and of course I understand that it would be impolite for
me  to  leave  you  without some facts from my life as we are here for
knowing  each  other better. So I am the lonely woman and I am totally
alone  because  unfortunately I did not have any luck with men here as
we  do  not  have  the same approach to this life. But I would like to
start  from  the  very  beginning. My birth was a great holiday for my
parents  and it happened on February, 1. Rather windy and snowy day it
was.  I  know  about  it  for  sure  as  each  birthday my mum sat and
remembered  how  everything  was that day and each time I saw tears in
her  eyes  as I hope that those tears are the tears of happiness. I do
not  know  what  woman  feel  when  she  bears a baby as I do not have
children  and  I have never been married before, but I am totally sure
that  it is some kind of happiness and I love children a lot. From the
early childhood I dreamt about working in kindergarten, but it did not
happen! My life was not easy at all but as usual I was strong until my
17  years old when my father died. It was awful day as I was at school
that  day  and my class teacher asked me to leave the lesson and to go
out  to talk to her... as you understand that talk was not easy as she
informed me about my father's death, it was heart attack and ambulance
was  not  in  time. Since that time I realized how man is important in
family  and I think that it is impossible to have complete family when
you  do  not have male example of wiseness, brave, courage, will, wish
to  take  care  about  his family and of course love for his woman. Of
course  I  mean  real man. So it is the way I would like my man to be.
Hope  that it is not too much for you and I hope that you see that all
the  features  that  I  told  you  about  shows  only  seriousness  of
relations.  I  am  sure that when man is real and serious he would act
only like that. And what do you think about it? Of course I understand
that  woman  should give something in return and I am ready to give my
heart  to the man who is ready to be the real man with me as I will be
able  to  help  him  with  it.  I do not want to be with rich man only
because  he  is rich or something like that. I am ready for being with
the  real man and together we will be able to achieve anything we wish
and  dream about as I would like to be the right hand for my man! Hope
that  it is ok for you. So I really would like to get to know what you
expect  from  the  woman  who you wish to be with you. I think that we
should  be  sincere in this issue and we will see how we match to each
other. I will wait for the answer from you impatiently and I will hope
that  we  will  continue!  For  me it is really so important! I have a

with all my heart,
your Tatyana
Comment #926
Dear Quackers!

Again,  again  it is the same! If only I could be like a puppy I would
wave  my  tail
(Please don't, dear - you'll frighten the neighbours) ccjawdrop
 from  knowing  that there is the letter from you! Smiley I
waited  for  it  and  I even crossed my fingers for the sake of having
news  from you last night! Smiley I am glad to see that you were attentive
to  everything that I told you about in my previous letter and you are
totally right that I had to go through lots of awful moments during my
life. Anyway I still hope that everything positive is in the future! I
am  sorry  to  get  to  know about your parents and I was shocked from
everything  that  you  told me, I am sure that it was a great lose for
you.  I am so sorry! It is good that your company did not leave you in
that  situation and that they gave you lots of support. It is pleasant
for  me to read the way you see your woman. I think that it is perfect
that  the  main  thing for you is that your woman should be YOUR woman
and that she should be the right person for you, you say that you wish
her  to  be your soulmate and this word means a lot for me. I cab tell
you  it is almost the same about me and I would like my man to love me
for  my  inner  world  and  to  understand  me in everything me and to
understand  him,  I think that it sounds like a harmony, but I exactly
wish  to  have such relations! Yes, you see that it seems that we have
the  same  thoughts  about  relations  between man and woman! So we do
understand  that  we should be supportive for each other and we should
stay  frank with each other from the very beginning. There is the only
one thing that lies heavy on my conscience. Frankly speaking I did not
know  that it was of great importance but after letting my best friend
know  about  you I was told that for this time lots of men from abroad
do  not  wish  to  deal with Ukrainian or Russian women if they do not
know English language and that last talk was like a hard hit for me as
unfortunately  I  am  from  the  list of those women who does not know
English  almost  at  all  and unfortunately there are only a couple of
simple  phrases  and words that I am able to speak and I can not write
English  at all. I do not know what you think about it and I hope that
you  will tell me your thoughts for the next time. I hope that you are
not the man who is afraid of difficulties, moreover I think that it is
not  a problem at all. Nowadays this problem can be solved rather fast
with  the help of English classes or some kind of lessons on CD disks,
I  heard about such way of learning language. If it is ok for you that
while  we  communicate I will start classes we will act like this. But
of  course  it  will be so if it is ok for you for this time that I do
not  speak  English  and  that translators help me with it." alt="dunno" border="0" />
Just if to look  at  this problem from another side. I think that it is much more
difficult  to  find the woman for your heart and soul than to find the
woman  who  knows English, moreover if the woman is not your soul mate
you would not be able to correct or to change it, but language problem
is  the temporary one and it will be solved in a couple of months that
we will be able to use for our communication. Hope that you will agree
with  me.  But  I  think  that  it  is  your  time to think about this
situation  as in spite of realizing that it could influence negatively
to  our  relations  I  decided  to  be  frank  with  you from the very
beginning,  hope  that  you  also  have  this  phrase  as  "Confession
mitigates  a punishment". So hope that it will not be a barrier for us
at  all. I will wait for your decision again and it seems that it will
be  rather  difficult  for me to wait as you understand that now it is
you  who  decide  what  will be with us! I will cross my fingers and I
will pray for the best!

with all my heart,
your Tatyana
Comment #927
My Dear Quackers!

Thank  you  for  your  letter. Yes, as I expected it seemed to me that
time stopped as it was so difficult for me to wait for your letter and
to  get  to  know your thoughts, but I think that I acted right when I
told   you  everything  from  the  very  beginning!  Thanks  for  your
understanding  about  the fact that for this time it is impossible for
me  to speak English and you are totally right that you are understand
that  it  is  a  temporary problem and moreover I have a great wish to
start  English  classes  as  soon as possible, so please, do not worry
about  it.  I  was  really  surprised  to  read  that  you had lots of
questions to me, but you asked me only about the place where I live. I
live  in the city Vecelenkaja, it is at the Eastern part of Ukraine.
hope  that  you  will  be able to ask me anything you wish as I really
want us to stay open to each other! You say that you wish to know if I
am  able  to  cook, so I wait for the chance to cook something special
for  you  as  I think that it will be the right answer for you to this
question.  All  my  friends say that I am a good cooker and moreover I
want  you  to know that I even visited courses for special cooking, so
please,  do  not worry, you will be delighted when you taste something
that was cooked by me! Smiley You say that tomorrow you will have to leave
for your platform, I understand that you will have limited opportunity
to  write  me, but anyway I hope that you will have the chance for it!
Unfortunately  last  time  I  lost  the chance to write you more about
myself, I mean some simple facts. So I want you to know that I work as
a  secretary  for this time. I would like to have another work as I do
not  like  to  dig into papers since we still do not have computers in
our  office,  but  unfortunately our firm is not a rich one and due to
the  financial  crisis  that  happened all over the world we lost more
that  50  workers  and  for  this time we have only about 25. So it is
rather little firm but it was big. I hope that soon everything will be
changed  for  the  better  and  moreover soon we will have President's
elections  and  here it is the real mess. I live alone in rented flat.
My mum lives far from me as 5 years later after my dad's death she met
the  man  for  her  and she started to live with him and unfortunately
that  guy does not like me at all, I think that he loves her a lot and
he simply does not wish me to appear in their life as he does not wish
my mum to remember about those times when she was with my father! I do
not  know  why  everything is like this, but you see that I am totally
lonely without any family support. Of course I have my friends, but we
meet rather rarely as one of my friend born a baby and she has no time
for  me and another one dates with Ukrainian man and I am really tired
to  see how she lives with him as he humiliate her all the time and he
even  beats  her  rather  often. I hate such relations. So I am really
tired to tell her that it is awful even to look at their situation and
I  stopped take part in it at all as I think that may be she likes the
way  she  has  everything  in her life. But the only one person who is
with  me  now  is  you.  As  you  understand  my mind is occupied with
thoughts about you because I hope that you could be the man for me and
that  we  would be able to plan Quackers something serious for us as I am ready
to  leave this country, unfortunately no one needs me a lot here and I
do  not  need anyone here as well! Darling, I hope that you understand
my  position  for this time and I hope that you will not refuse to try
our  being together. The only one thing that disturbs me a lot is that
today I was informed that funds at the translation department would be
ended  soon
 and  it means that I would have to make the payment, I am
not  sure  if it will be possible for me to take care about it soon as
it is will be long time when I have my next salary and unfortunately I
have  used  my savings for this correspondence already. So if you want
to  help it could be perfect and we would not have any break. I do not
ask  anything for my personal needs or to help me with my life, just I
simply  ask  you to think about our possible being together and may be
to  take  care  about  it  for this time... I think that we should not
leave this chance at all. So please, allow us to continue! I will wait
for  the answer from you impatiently and I hope that you will not stay
indifferent to my request. Hope for the best!

with all my heart,
your Tatyana.
Comment #928

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Mr. Quackers!

Thank you that you paid attention to this informational letter. We are
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