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Comment #3869
Subject: Hello my dear !!!
> Hello my dear !!!!!!!!!!!!
> How you? How mood? I think, that at you all is good. I want it very
> strongly. I shall ask the god that you were healthy and happy.
> I have a pleasure in a life these are your letters. Well, I wish to
> tell to you, that my heart began to fight more often when I think of
> you. My heart fights so when I think of you!!! Your letters help me to
> feel your presence by a number with me. I wish to feel you, your
> gentle sight, your smile, your hands. I so require heat and care and I
> think, that I ask not so much. I to search pure love and romanticism
> in attitudes. I to love, when all beautifully, perfectly, gently and
> romantically!!!
> I wish to have the beloved beside, feeling care and constant support a
> difficult minute, here to what to aspire each person in a life and I
> too. I was close fortunately in the past, but my trust to break my
> heart. I should trust the person with whom I shall be all life. To
> trust its each word, gesture, a sight, a smile. In the world now so it
> is a lot of meanness and deceit that it is necessary to concern to
> people whom to surround you very attentively. I to not speak you, that
> it is necessary to concern about mistrust to everyone, just necessary
> to know the person so that to be completely assured in it. I the
> nobility you not long, but I can tell, that you very fair and opened
> and it very much to involve me and to allow me to trust, that I can
> love and be favourite!!! My mum to learn me, that I should be always
> open. I to tell to it, that our attitudes to develop successfully, and
> it is happy for us. It to dream, that I, at last, there was not one,
> and to have family.
> We are far apart. But it does not stir to our dialogue. Though I
> already thought, that through the Internet it is not absolutely enough
> dialogue to understand each other more strongly. What do you think of
> it? I would like to see you not only on a photo. But I do not know as
> it probably, because we very much far apart. You to like me and I
> think, that our attitudes can be deeper. I do not know how to explain
> it words. I simply feel it. Your letters do my mood high. To me it
> becomes joyful on a shower. I wish to ask you to write to me your
> address, probably, I shall write to you the letter. I shall wait your
> letters, and I hope, that you will write to me soon.
> I think, that sometime we with you shall meet. I would like to arrive
> to you, to meet you, to look, as you live. I want it because I start
> to understand, that between us to appear something greater, than the
> friendship to seem to me, that this feeling of trust each other, to me
> to seem, that it is love, me to seem, that you too feel it. I now very
> much to wish to talk about you! I so to wish to share with you
> pleasure personally when I to see your eyes and a smile because, that
> I am pleased. I to wish to see your pleasure and to divide it with
> you. I to wish to know what to do you happy? And I shall try, that
> everything, that I to make was the present happiness for you. Please,
> give me chance to make it!!! Give me chance again to feel the
> favourite and loving woman.
> I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise, that I shall think of
> you each minute.
> Your Natalya.